Ahav, “love”, is a Signpost that Points to Wisdom

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Ahav, “love” in Hebrew, is a wisdom packed verb. Certain words are like signposts on the freeway. They can give you instructions or point you in a certain direction. I’ve already blogged about the first word of the Bible. It translates “In the beginning…..” One of the blogs talks about how, with its 3 letter root, “in the beginning”  could also mean,” in the net.” Of course, many of my blogs on DSOworks are about “number nets.” Ahav (love) is a very special word. It is spelled (right to left) with an aleph, veis and hei. These are also the symbols for numbers 1,5, and 2 respectively. These three numbers form a ratio called the “Golden Section.” This expresses a mathematical ratio that characterizes the development of life. By extension, we can say that love nurtures life. The formula is given below. As you can see, all three letters of the verb are represented by number.

Ahav is presented as a word to meditate on. Its meaning is here.
Ahav uses the factors of phi: 1,2, and 5,


Here’s an Excerpt From an Upcoming Book, Ahav: The Creed of Love (not yet published)

“Ahav” contains the following elements in its sound. It is like a Hindu or Buddhist mantra in this regard.

  1. “Ah” is the sound of love, caring, release, relief and relaxation.
  2. “Ha” is the sound of joy and laughter.
  3. “Aha” is a combination of love and joy which can manifest as laughter. “Aha” is also  a suddenly enlightening moment.  What is the outward manifestation one one who has found happiness?  Love, Laughter and joy
  4. Finally, “v” is the sound of vibration. It produces the sound that sends out these qualities of  love, laughter and enlightenment to the Universe.
  5. “Ahav” verbalizes the factors of the Golden Section given above. Thus, the mantra encourages healing and longevity.

Feel the love, joy and illumination that comes with this word. Say “Ah” at least five times when as you rise in the morning. Then read the comics or some jokes before breakfast for “ha” part. Say the combination “aha”.  Finally, vibrate it outward  by vocalizing the “V”. This shares it with the Universe.  “God is love” is the credo of every major religion. This knowledge belongs to all creeds of mankind. I learned what you have read on Oquaga Lake in Deposit, New York.There a felt an intense spiritual presence. I have just published a book of poetry called “The Oquaga Spirit Speaks.” It is now available as a product on DSOworks.com.

"Ahav" is love. This pictureis at Scott's in the Catskills. They have a sign over their door "Love is Spoken Here."
“Ahav” is the Hebrew vocalization of “the verb, “love”. The Scotts posted a sign over their lobby entrance:  “Love is Spoken Here.” My experience at their Lake House with this sign changed my life. Picture is from  Oquaga Lake.



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