Lepenski Vir, 11,000 years ago, used a Number Square

Lepenski Vir Proves the Ancient Use of Number Squares

Lepenski Vir is Proof of the use and understanding of an Ancient Number Square.  A Mesolithic site on the Blue Danube used the codes of the square of three.  Lepenski Vir (Лепенски Вир, Lepen Whirl) is an important Mesolithic archaeological site located in Serbia in central Balkan peninsula The latest radiocarbon and AMS data suggests that the chronology of Lepenski Vir is compressed between 9500/7200-6000 BC.

Lepenski Vir used the square of three for the guiding light of peace.
The Lepenski Vir Museum in Yugoslavia

I learned of these codes from  a spirit. I call on her by the name, Oquaga Spirit. She was of the Lennie Lenope tribe.  They dwelled around Oquaga Lake. I worked for years at Scott’s Oquaga Lake House at my profession- a piano player. Below is an excerpt from my book, The Staff of God Volume One, ref. pg. 306.

The ruins of Lepenski Vir in Yugoslavia
The dimensions of Lepenski Vir prove Mesolithic knowledge of the 3 x 3 number square’s hidden codes.

The entire foundation area  (not all in the picture) is framed by a roughly rectangular shape frame of 185 x 55 yards. Over 1000’s of years the same dimensions have been used for many construction projects.  Some examples:

  • 185 yards equals 555 feet. George Washington’s Monument is  555 feet tall.
  • The blueprint of the Great Pyramid of Egypt dates back to 2,750 B.C. It is formed by interlocking two circles center to center. They each are 555 feet feet in diameter.

These two interlocking circles are at the heart of sacred building. These circles form the vesica piscis (vessel of the fish). Lepenski Vir mainly demonstrates understanding of the 3 x 3 square’s hidden mathematics. Here is some samples of how to find the 555 code: Take two sets of three opposite numbers. Add them together. Then divide them by two for an average: Examples are 492 + 618 = 1110. Divided by two = 555. Another example, 834 + 276 = 1110, Divided by two = 555. Ths simple number square is also the most complex. The builders its ancient foundation in Yugoslavia totally understood this.













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