Banner for a website certainly served a useful purpose for us.

Cleopatra talks of the possibilities of togetherness and love in our opera, Octavian and Cleopatra

Banner for a website certainly served a useful purpose for us. It brings focus into diversity. My wife and I have written numerous historically based musicals. The above picture is of our 1st banner. Rabby May plays Octavian. Sharon Lesley Ohrenstein plays Cleopatra.  Except for the ones we are currently working on, all our shows have seen full production. Also I have numerous samples of piano playing. The problem was: They were all scattered all over the youtube. The banner allows information to be housed under one “flag.” It also allows for quick and easy response. For example, for A Date with Debussy contact with my agent is accomplished with a click of the button.

Our original opera octavian and cleopatra as a front page banner on
A Complete and Professionally Made Libretto Book for our opera.

We currently have three banners. More are in the works. They are:

  1. Our full length opera in English: Octavian and Cleopatra. Fine singers from New York (Catskill Mountains)  to Florida (Sarasota and St Pete) have played leading in the roles. Have you heard the expression, “Great Caesar’s Ghost!” In this picture he is baritone David Powers standing on the right.

Our banner with The ghosts of Antony and Caesar to Octavian, "Carpe Diem!"

    The ghosts of Antony and Caesar to Octavian, “Carpe Diem!” Dan Hoffman as Octavian, Joe Fast (left) as ghost of Caesar). David Powers (right) as ghost of Julius Caesar). Enjoy their trio on the front banner page.

2. Elizabeth of Russia an operetta in English: We collected many elements for this banner. They include Russian folk dancing by principle members of the           Sarasota ballet. Rubinoff plays his Stradivarius violin. Although I accompanied him, the particular recording on the banner by Rubinoff was made earlier in Carnegie Hall. Jeff Rudd made a beautiful combination of my picutres with Rubinoff and highlights from his life as he plays on youtube,  “Dance of the Russian Peasant.”

Logo3. Me playing selections from my Debussy repetoire at the Glenridge Performing Arts Center in Sarasota, Fl. The samples are professionally done and finely edited. My agent, Jay Goodley Group Inc, has been able to get me quite a number of bookings with the “Date with Debussy”. My oldest son, Abe, made the banners. He is quite gifted and very paticular. Enjoy the banners on on the front page.


Oh yes, finally, I have a few openings for piano students in Sarasota until my season begins.

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