Chopin Greatly Admired Liszt Documentation in a Letter

Chopin Greatly Admired Liszt

Chopin Greatly Admired Liszt as per Documentation in a Letter. I feel a special connection to both  Frederic Chopin and Franz Liszt. Thanks to a generous father, I was able to study piano under Mischa Kottler. In the 1920’s Kottler studied with Alfred Cortôt in Paris and Emil von Sauer in Vienna.  In addition to being the founder of two conservatories in Paris, Cortôt piano studied with a pupil of Chopin. Then Kottler continued on to Vienna and studied with Sauer, a pupil of Liszt.  The last couple of years of his life, Liszt sent his best pupils to different cities in Europe to keep the piano tradition alive. Sauer was sent to Vienna. Kottler had a letter of recommendation from Rachmaninoff to study with Cortôt and Sauer.

Mischa Kottler at age 93 enjoying our children and a good mug of beer at our home.

Minute Waltz (Mischa Kottler Version) – YouTube
Dec 28, 2013 – Uploaded by Joseph Beels

Source for Chopin Greatly Admired Liszt

Tad Szulc wrote Chopin in Paris; a very worthwhile book. He writes about how Chopin and Liszt had mutual admiration for each other. Liszt talks about how ” There was so much distinction in his posture. His manners had the mark of such good upbringing that he was treated like a prince.”

Chopin describes in a letter to Hiller his admiration for Liszt as he played Chopin’s etudes: “I write not knowing what my pen is scribbling because at this very moment, Liszt is playing my etudes. They are transporting me to the limits of rational thought…..I would like to steal from him his way of performing my own creations.” 

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Dec 20, 2020 – Apr 4, 2021


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