Dance of the Zodiac Combines Modern, Jazz and Ballet

Dance of the Zodiac  is a companion to my upcoming book, Music Under the Zodiac. My fascination with the zodiac goes back to my high school days. I went to Cass Technical High School in Detroit, Michigan. There, I majored in vocational music. This incredible school had some 30 areas of major. All were college prep. They even had an airplane in a workshop on the first floor. This was for future aeronautic engineers.

The Person that Initially  Inspired Me to Write the Dance

One of my good friends at Cass Tech High School was Keith Edwards. He loved the Planets by Gustav Holst. So much- that the score to the Planets was always tucked under his arm. During lunch break we would examine the music together. Boy, was I lucky! That started me on a lifetime of connecting music and the zodiac. The zodiac can be used as 12 filters to help you interpret music. I personally do not use it to predict the future.

Background of the Premiere of the Dance of the Zodiac

The performance of the ballet commemorated National Dance Week. It was done on the Players Theater stage in Sarasota, Florida. Thirteen dancers participated from the Florida Ballet Arts Ensemble.  The jazz and modern choreography was done by Sistie Fairweather. The ballet part was staged by Lynn Winslow. Each did 6 dances. They split the introduction and finale. Distinguished dancers included:

  • Wendy Rothenbach who performed at the American Dance Festival.
  • Doug Turner with the Houston Ballet.
  • David Zimbardi, a theater major from Manatee who  did the water signs of Scorpio and Cancer.

I have had a long association with dance companies. I worked for the Florida Ballet Arts School for years. I also have worked as a rehearsal pianist for:

  • The Pittsburgh Ballet
  • The Houston Ballet
  • Ceilia Franca of the Canadian National Ballet
  • I also accompanied Eddy Toussaint’s classes in Sarasota.  He  founded the Les Ballet Jazz de Montreal and The Ballet de Montreal as well was the artistic director of The Sarasota Ballet of Florida, Ballet Eddy Tousaint and The National Ballet of Moravia-Silaisia (Czech Republic).He’s also a recipient of the Golv Medal for choreography at the Helsinki International Competition.He has choreographed more than 100 ballets worldwide. Ballet
  • I accompanied ballroom dancing in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Sharon and wrote have an new and original  ballroom dancing CD available on the products page endorsed by major dancing studios around the country. Check out our products page on It has 15 feature dances with seven 90 second cuts for competitions. Champion ballroom dancers performed to our Argentine tango on national television.

Lynn Winslow’s distinguished Background

Lynn Winslow has appeared on Broadway and at the Metropolitan Opera. She was a member of the faculty of Wellesley College and Walnut Hill School for the Performing Arts. She holds a Licentiate Degree from the Imperial Society of Teachers in London, England.

Contact me if you are interested in The Dance of the Zodiac through

The Dance of the Zodiac is perfect for companies and schools of dance. Dancers often argue over doing their own zodiac signs. What fun! I hope to place both the music and the book on the products page of  in the near future. Please keep checking. I am available after March 27, 2016 if anyone is interested. My contract at the Gasparilla Inn on the isle of Boca Grande expires at that time. Feel free to introduce yourself. There, I play their two vintage Steinway grand pianos for the benefit of their distinguished guests 6 days weekly. See upcoming events on for description.


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