Humility Is a Challenge- Benjamin Franklin

Humility presents the greatest challenge

Humility Is a Challenge- Benjamin Franklin. Franklin had a list of twelve values in his autobiography. Being humble was not in there. Then a Quaker friend told him a distrubing fact: People thought of him as proud. Franklin then added being humble to his values. It became number thirteen. It was such a challenge that Franklin said: “It is so hard that even if I could conceive that I had completely overcome it, I should probably be proud of my humility.”

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How’s this for being humble? A one-half penny postage stamp. Ironically, Franklin would have been proud of it.


My source for the following is The Wisdom of the Hebrew Alphabet by Rabbi Michael L. Munk. The 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet is the smallest. The “yud” is barely larger than a dot. I have it larger below just for illustration. It alludes to God as One and Indivisible. Rabbi Munk discusses how although the Lord’s attributes seem limitless: “They all flow flow from a unified purpose and existence.”  Here is what the Bible states on our feature subject in Numbers 12:3: “The man Moses was exceedingly humble, more than any other man on the face of the earth.”  “Yud” is a  symbol of humilty. It is the smallest Hebrew letter. It is also the symbol for number ten. Could we not conclude the following: There are 10 commandments. Therefore, does not humility provide the frame by number for the commandments. Also, 10 plagues were visited by God through Moses on Egypt. The Pharoah’s heart was hardened. He was not humble. The ten plagues made the Egyptian ruler humble. Then after they were visited upon him, he set the Israelites free.

Humility is the essence of the letter "yud." It is large here for illustration. In reality its a little larger than a dot.
The most humble of the Hebrew letters.

I cannot but help to comment on the following parallel: Franklin cultivated humility. Moses was also most humble. The Tao brings all into focus:

                                                  “The sage puts himself last and becomes the first.”

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