Knickerbocker Hotel Houses Rubinoff and His Violin

Knickerbocker Hotel

Knickerbocker Hotel Houses Rubinoff and His Violin. Rubinoff was in the employ of the Paramount Theaters in New York. He also worked for the Paramount Pictures in Hollywood, Ca. What a life he lived!  My connection (David Ohrensein): I was Rubinoff’s arranger and accompanist for some 15 years. 

  • On the East Coast he chummed around the big names at Harlem’s Cotton Club after conducting at the Paramount Theater. 
  • On the West Coast he socialized with Hollywood stars after filming for Paramount Pictures at the Knickerbocker.

One way he was able to tell where he was (especially after a drink or two) was by the stars in the room: If he saw his friends  Cab Calloway, Lena Horne, Satchmo, Ethel Waters, Joe Lewis- the heavyweight champion of the world-Louis Armstrong,  or Jimmy Durante” – he knew he was on the East Coast.

Dave made many movies for Paramount Pictures. On the West Coast he chummed around with Hollywood stars. What a life! THANKS A MILLION (Arthur Johnston SHEET MUSIC) from ...
The Knickerbocker was a hangout for his cast after hours.

About the Los Angeles Knickerbocker Hotel

Date of completion was 1929 when it was rechristened the Knickerbocker in June 1929.[1][2] The hotel catered to the Hollywood’s film industry. Some of Hollywood’s most famous dramatic moments took place there. For example on Halloween  of 1936, Harry Houdini‘s widow held her tenth séance to contact her deceased husband/magician on the roof of the hotel.[3]

For this section I quote from Rubinoff’s` autobiography as he dictated to his wife, Darlene:

“I was making the movie Thanks a Million with Dick Powell, Ann Dvorak, and Patsy Kelly. We had many intimate get-togethers at the Knickerbocher Hotel Grill. This hotel had the reputation for being haunted.” (see picture below) If you look at the sheet music (to the right),  Paul Whiteman led the band for the movie. Lasting fame  attached itself  Whiteman for introducing the world to Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue.  

Dead Hollywood The Lady Dicks
It seems like most fun a person can have is visiting a haunted place. This is especially true on Halloween.

Internal link to Rubinoff and the Cotton Club:    Cotton Club Rendezvous in the 1930’s


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