An Untold Story of Liberace and Mischa Kottler

Learning piano with Mischa Kottler

An Untold Story of Liberace and Mischa Kottler. Piano lessons with Mischa Kottler had many benefits. His waiting list for instruction was incredibly long. It often took two years to be accepted. If accepted, his schedule was so full,  often your lesson would be cancelled. But, Kottler was the best instructor available by far. In addition:

  • He was the official pianist of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Often he would be touring with the symphony orchestra
  • He was the head of the staff of piano instruction at Wayne State University
  •   WWJ radio became an NBC affiliate in March of 1948. They carried only the network’s news programs. They also produced their  own entertainment shows.  That’s how  Mischa Kottler at the Piano with Detroit Symphony pianist Mischa Kottler began,
  • He taught dozens of private students.
  • Kottler told me that his piano practice was 10 PM to 2 AM daily.  Seven days a week. He played piano well into his 90’s


Liberace Museum, Las Vegas, 20

Liberace 8 Allan Warren.jpg

When Liberace was starting out, he came to Detroit to look for work. He approached WJR.  There he met Mischa. Mischa immediately knew Liberace had a flair for the stage. He gave him a recommendation to go to Vegas. Kottler thus returned Rachmaninoff’s favor. When Kottler was starting out, the big “R” referred Kottler to the Paris Conservatory. It was presided over by the famed pianist,  Alfred Cortot.

Minute Waltz (Mischa Kottler Version) – YouTube (to be amazed beyond words, click on Mischa for youtube)

What goes around, comes around. You can hear me the famous Gasparilla Inn on Boca Grande. There, I play 6 nights weekly on 2 vintage Steinway grand pianos. Mischa kept two Steinways in his studio. He always wanted me to have a better instrument. I feel like his spirit was looking after me. I’m in my 7th successive winter season in Florida. See events on for information and reservations. You just might meet presidents and heads of state from all over the world.  I feel  honored to maintain this great tradition.



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