Megaconcert given by violinist Rubinoff for 225,000 people

Commemeration concert

Megaconcert given by violinist Rubinoff for 225,00 people. I worked with this classical/popular violinist for abut 20 years.  He holds the world’s record for attendance at a concert. I was his arranger and accompanist. He told me his secret on how he built this large audience. The year was 1937. To get acquainted with him, view this youtube video. This wonderful treat was just posted by conductor Joseph Rubin. Click on the picture to be transported to a world of fun and beauty. This kind and thoughtful man has been encouraging me to share more Rubinoff stories. Rubinoff’s  piece, Fiddlin’ the Fiddle was published by Irving Belin. It sold a million copies almost immediately. Click on the picture below to hear Rubinoff play his nationwide best seller. Then, to hear him play 50 years later with myself at the piano , visit Click on the thumbnail, “Lost Concert Found.” It was videoed during a thunderstorm in the Catskill Mountains at Scott’s Oquaga Lake House.  At age 86 he still had the magic.

A year after Rubninoff's megaconcert his name is magic everywhere in the country he loves, America.
Enjoy Rubinoff’s Fiddlin’ the Fiddle. He and I also played it in New York-see It is on a front page thumbnail.


An priceless medallion was given to Rubinoff  by Jimmy Petrillo, the “czar” of the Chicago Federation of Musicians. It holds an 18kt gold violin. It is encrusted with diamonds and rubies. On the back is the insciption:

“Presented to Rubinoff and His Violin
The Chicago Federation of Musicians
For services rendered at Grant Park
Chicago. August 3, 1937,
Attendance 225,000”

Rubinoff, about his megaconcert would add: “They turned away 25,000 at the door.” Here is today’s Rubinoff story. In a future blog I will write about his most unique marketing stategy. Back to Florida: We gave a concert for the junior orchestra at Venice Middle School. Dave always wanted children to have enrichment through music. We did our concert gratis.


Rubinoff had an alligator skin. For years he wanted to make it into a cover for his violin case. No one in the U.S. could or would touch the project. At that time alligator hunting was illegal. Then he got an idea: He sent it to the finest tailor craftman in Germany. Indeed, the alligator skin was made into a masterpiece. What happned at the Venice Concert? The moment Rubinoff and I made our entrance, every child was silent. They all looked with big eyes at the fins on his alligator case. He pulled the Strad out. By the way, the Stradiavrius violin belonged to Czar Nicholas II of Russia. The violin had the offical seal of the Russian empire encrusted in diamonds and rubies on the finger board.  However, the fact that the violin was valued at 2 million dollars meant nothing to the kids. They were totally taken up with the alligator case. Without playing one note on his violin, he won their respect. The conclusion is “kids will be kids”. I think this blog is family friendly. Please feel free to share it. Let Rubinoff  continue to inspire children to become all that they can be. Our email is DSOworks at  Keep checking. Many more “Rubinoff” stories are in the making. -David



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