Personified Seasons by an Indian Spirit

personified seasons

Personified Seasons by an Indian Spirit. Ah, the Catskill Mountains. So many poets and artists got their start there. Most recently several episodes of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel were filmed at a Catskill resort where I worked.  My extended employment was over 15 Summer seasons. The resort, Scott’s Oquaga Lake House, is definitely enchanted:   

personified seasons
Personified seasons by an American Indian spirit is to be found at this remarkable place. The Summer of filming at Scott’s of the Marvelous Mrs Maisel was magical. You can watch the series on television and see Scotts including a big fireworks display.

Seasons Personified  By an Indian Spirit

“The poet’s on the prowl, looking for his prey, seeing which subject he’ll write about today.” – These words pretty much summarized what happen over two summer seasons. This spirit, a female of the Lennie Lenape tribe, talked my ear off. Her poems had a definite format, quatrains in triple meter. At one time this tribe had dwellings around the lake. As a matter of fact, hearsay says the owner, Ray Scott, is part American Indian! The Scott family had great respect for the pristine land and lake. It was a pleasure to work for them. Also, they loved their entertainers. At the end of the day, around 11:00 pm, they’d always always indulge their entertainers in Perry’s ice cream in the parlor. They always made you feel special.

From “Fingers of Fog”

This spring fed lake is enchanted
As such water bodies are.
I actually saw its essence
While viewing the morning star. 

Scott’s has a sign as you entered from the steep mountain drive into the parking lot.  It reads:  You haven’t experience Scott’s until you’ve experienced the fun. The fun is non-stop. People actually fall asleep with smiles on their faces. Here is the excerpt from the featured poem and picture: This tree can be easily be found  in early September on the east side of the lake.

September’s maple tree
Has spiraled leaves in red.
So intense in tone.
It looks as though its bled. 



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