Roses, the only flower allowed in Jerusalem

Roses contain mysteries and were favored in Jerusalem

Roses, the only flower allowed in Jerusalem. What got me thinking about roses was the beautiful red rose bush I bought for my wife, Sharon, on her returning home. The cultivation of roses in Jerusalem is based on  an article by Joshua Siskin in the LA Daily News, dated 1/15/16. He mentions two sources: Babylonian Talmud and the great sage, Rashi (see picture below).

  • In Dava Kama, 82b “there had been rose gardens in Jerusalem from the days of the 1st prophets”.
  • Rashi states they were added to the Temple incense that was used twice a day. Cultivation of the roses was permitted for this purpose by the Jordan River.

I’ve been blogging on antiquity and number squares. This wisdom was given to me by the Oquaga Spirit. She was of the Lennie Lenape Tribe. They surrounded the area around Oquaga Lake in Deposit, New York. They were also a branch of the Algonquin Indians. The first two odd number squares of antiquity were the  3 x 3 and 5 x 5 (check my other blogs). The middle number of the 3 x 3 is 5. The middle number of the bigger 5 x 5 is 13. Here’s how roses relate:

  • The rose has 5 “strong petals”.
  • It has 13 weaker petals on the outside
  • In geometry there are only 5 possible regular polyhedrons. (Platonic solids)
  • There are only  13 semi-regular solids (called the Archimedian solids)
  • Number squares set the entire pattern for the cosmos.
  • 5 and 13 are central numbers on the goddess culture 3 x 3 and 5 x 5 number squares, respectively,  used in Neolithic times.
  • In Hebrew letters doubled as numbers with a single symbol. This is called by the Greek name, gematria. I have blogged about how numerous names that our Creator is referred to in the Torah, duplicate key numbers of 3 x 3 and 5 x 5 squares.
  • Related image
    The 13 semi regular solids were names after Archimedes

    Many of my 146 blogs thus far are about the number squares. All are easily accessible along with our many musical blogs.  We have concerts, shows and music- all original.  Many are on the thumbnails and can be viewed for free on  Number squares were the basis of goddess cultures. This knowledge has been lost. On my products page, I have 100 pages with the poetry that the Oquaga Spirit dictated to me. I added pictures. What is the conclusion: With knowledge, a Golden Age  of peace and plenty can be regained. I plan, the Holy Name willing, to keep blogging until that happens – David.


‘About Face’ grandiflora rose (Photo by Joshua Siskin)
‘About Face’ grandiflora rose (Photo by Joshua Siskin)



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    1. Thanks for your comment on the 5, 13 and the rose. I will continually blog about the wisdom of the Oquaga Spirit. My immediate goal is 1001 blogs. That is 7 x 11 x 13. It is so important to have something to look forward to. Thanks, -David

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