Rubinoff Concert is Shaping Up in Circleville, Ohio

First impressions are the longest lasting.


Rubinoff Concert is Shaping Up. It will take place in Circleville, Ohio. Don’t miss it. The date June 2, 2018. Promotion is about to begin for this historical event. I am honored to take part in this event.

Rubinoff Concert Highlights

  • To accompany violinist Steven  Greenman – as I played for Rubinoff.
  • To featured a couple of our best arrangements. I worked with Rubinoff as his arranger and accompanist in the 1970’s and ’80’s. These include a medley from the Fiddler on the Roof. He was most proud of this number. He was raised in abject poverty in Russia. Victor Herbert heard him play at the Warsaw conservatory. He said to Rubinoff, “son you belong to America.” Herbert brought him and his entire family to Pittsburgh. Herbert was on a Sabbatical from the Pittsburgh Symphony at the time. Lucky me, I got to hear some of the fabulous stories about Herbert. One of my favorite was about how Victor Herbert composed his music. He had a tall night stand. He stood up as he wrote the music down. I guess conductors do a lot of standing.

Maestro Steven Greenman will play the violin. In the featured picture above, I am next to Rubinoff and His Violin. My capacity for some 15 years was as his arranger and accompanist. Joseph Rubin, will conduct the orchestra. He is also the curator of the Will Rogers Big Band Museum in Circleville.

Joseph Rubin – The Ted Lewis Orchestra – Google Sites

In his research on Ted Lewis, Mr. Rubin discovered Ted’s original orchestrations in the basement of the Ted Lewis Museum in Circleville, Ohio. They laid untouched since his death in 1971. Mr. Rubin was appointed Curator of Music for the museum in 2012. 

  • Before the June 2 performance I will give a half-hour on lecture my association with this great maestro. American loved him! He dedicated a good part of his life giving concerts for children in public schools. The United States State Department sponsored him. As such, “Rubinoff and His Violin” enriched the lives of countless American children.
Rubinoff Concert for 6/2/18.
Steven Greenman will be the featured violinist foir the Rubinoff Concert. Here the maestro is offering a souldful performance in Krakow, Poland.



Rubinoff and His Violin Archives – DSO Works

Will Rogers Plays the Violin, or Tries to with Rubinoff – DSO Works


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