September is Spoken About by The Oquaga Spirit

September offers us colorful memories of the Autumn seasons

September is Spoken About by The Oquaga Spirit:

The bright colors of September in the autumn.
All the Colors of the Rainbow as Bright as Burning Matches

Autumn leaf color is a phenomenon that affects the normally green leaves of many deciduous trees and shrubs by which they take on, during a few weeks in the autumn season, various shades of red, yelloow. orange purple. All the colors of the rainbow. I promised on my website, to share the wisdom of the Oquaga Spirit. Here is an excerpt from her poem called, September. The complete book of her poetry is available on our website. Little by little, they will all be shared in these blogs. The Oquaga Spirit’s haunt is Oquaga Lake in the Catskill Mountains. She is a female spirit from the Lennie Lenape tribe. On my hikes in the wilderness she was my constant companion. For atleast 15 years I was called the “Summer Bard of the Catskill Mountains” because of her. I was based at Scott’s Oquaga Lake House in Deposit, New York.

September has colors that even stand out a a cloudy day in the Catskills.
The Barn and Storage facilities at Scotts Set Against the Backdrop of Autumn



The hot and hazy days
Of July and August are gone
Along with sleeping in
And lounging on the lawn.

The cottagers are closing up
Their children returning to school
September has rounded the corner
And crisp cool days now rule.

A flurry of activity
Anticpates flurries of snow…
Like a hot bed of bees.
Bustling wherever you go

Packing up belongings
Returning to city life
Shopping for kitchen and clothing
There’s traffic and urban strife.

The clock becomes the king
Enthroned over school and work.
The untimed days of summer
Are now quite jumpy and jerked.

Nature dons new clothes
Shedding her uniforms of green
In favor of brighter colors
As far as can be seen.

Seeds are ready to drop
Leaves are coming down
Twirling in cosmic spirals
Until they hit the ground.

But in nature’s flurry is grace,
Never as frantic as man.
She calmly faces each day
Unfolding by divine plan.

Image result for picture from Scott's Oquaga Lake House
Sample David, reciting his poetry,  on the front page thumbnail of Click on picture trail to purchase the book on the site.

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