Welsh Mile, How and Where to Find its Measure

Will our bagpiper walk a Welsh mile?

Welsh Mile How and Where to Find its Measure. Numbers of many measures dating from the Neolithic landscape come from the simplest of number squares. It is called the 3 x 3 number square. In its basic  simplicity we find ultimate comlexity.  Here is the traditional arrangement. When the library at Alexandria in Egypt was burned down, we lost our understanding of the magic square. For today, it can be a guiding light to show us the way to peace. I, blogger David, was shown its secrets by an Indian spirit on Oquaga Lake. Many of my currently over 250 blogs have been about this square of 9 numbers. Every civilization had its own take on it. First, the Welsh mile. Then I will feature one of the spirit’s poems. She symbolized the number square as a red lantern to show the way. I must first ask my reader to note, the square has no number 10. It consists only of the first nine digits. This is because 10  was a synthetic number: Any two of the opposite digits total 10. These include 4 + 6;  3 + 7;  2 + 8; and  9 + 1. Zero was not considered to be a freely existing number for that reason.

The Welsch Mile Comes From the Same Magic Square as the Chineese Lo Shu
In a former unified world view, the 3 x 3 number square also gave rise to the Welsh mile as well as Oriental  philosophy.

Modern representation of the Lo Shu square as a magic square

So Where is the 5760 feet of the Welsh Mile?

Numbers of this square were typically divided into two sections. They were the corner of 4 numbers and the left over Gnomon of 5 numbers. Different civilizations used different corners and gnomons. For the Welsch mile, remove the 4 number corner of 9,2,5 and 7. Then multiply the left over  gnomon as 4 x 3 x 9 x 1 x 6  = 576. For the tenfold number of 5760, a synthetic zero was added. This number as the Welsch mile was given measure the English 12 inch foot.  My source for the Welsh mile is Ancient Metrology by John Michell. Here is the spirit’s poem: One Red Leaf.

The Oquaga Spirit on Oquaga Lake revealed the Welsh Mile
Canoeing on Beautiful Oquaga Lake

One red leaf
Dangles from a tree
Like a little red lantern
With a message for me.

One red leaf
Among thousands of green
What is its import?
What can it mean?

A single red light
Will glow from afar
Colorfully lighting the way.

Like a light from afar
Wherever you are;
As long as you remember to pray.


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