The Zodiac: It’s Secret Code Revealed

Wheel of the Zodiac in the Sepphoris synagogue

Photo:  Mike Clark

The wheel of the Zodiac in the Sepphoris synagogue


Music of the Four Types of  Triads and the Four Organic Elements Use the Same Numbers.

Four elements were known in antiquity and recognized through the Middle Ages: Earth, air, fire and water.  In the 21st century, we laugh at this. After all, we know there are 92 re-generative and re-occurring elements. But in the process, we have overlooked a secret code: The 4 basic elements of organic chemistry are carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen.

  • The source of fire on stars is hydrogen, atomic number-1
  • Our air is mostly nitrogen, atomic number-7
  • The hardest earth substance is diamond made from carbon, atomic number-6
  • By atomic weight, our water is mostly oxygen, atomic number-8
  • Their 22 total ( 1 + 6 + 7 + 8 = 22) goes around the zodiac 3x for a total atomic weight number of 66

Let’s take a quick look at parallel this has to musical triads

  • The basic building block of triads is the single 1/2 tone, 1 half step.
  • From the first note to the last with major and minor triads we count 7 half steps.
  • From the first to the last tone of the diminished triad we count 6 half steps
  • From the first to the last tone of the augmented triad we count 8 half steps.


Next point to tie in with the elements:  God’s four letter name, called the Tetragrammaton, is a contraction of the three tenses in Hebrew.  The important thing here is that in many Middle Eastern languages, the symbol for a letter was also the symbol for a number. There were no separate symbols for numbers.  This is called by the name, gematria (a Greek word).   Jehovah in Hebrew is spelled:  yud (10) hei (5) , vav,(6) hei (5) for a total of 26.   The three tenses of time in Hebrew are:  was (hei-yud-hei) with a gematria of 20;  am (hei-vav-hei) with a gematria of 16; and  will be (yud-hei-yud-hei) with a gematria of 30. Thus, 20 +16+ 30 = 66.  As Jehovah is spelled with the same letters as the three time tenses, His existence is connected  to all time, the  past, present and future.

The same truths hold for Islam. According to Annemarie Schimmel,  in The Mystery of Numbers, 66 corresponds to the value of the sacred word, Allah. Turkish Sufis explain that Turkish art uses emblems of the tulip and the crecsent Moon respectively, lalah and hilal. These two words not only use the same letters as the Sacred Name, but also they total 66 in Arabic by their gematria.  Finally, the circle of the zodiac in Hebrew is referred to as Galgal; spelled in Hebrew gimmel- lamed; gimmel- lamed. The letter gimmel is the symbol for number 3; and the letter lammed is the symbol for 30. Thus the two gimmels and two lameds total 66. All mankind has so much tradition in common. Now let’s share peace and plenty.




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