Common Time is Anything but Common

common time

Common Time is Anything but Common. The time signature (also known as meter signature,[1][2] or measure signature)[3] is a notational convention used in Western musical notation.   Time signatures specify:

  • How many beats (pulses) are contained in each measure (bar). 
  • Which note value is equivalent to a beat.
  • The common signature (C) is an abbreviation of 4/4 meter. 

Yet, when written for piano, which has a bass staff as well as treble, something unusual happens. 

You see 4/4 for the treble staff; then you see 4 /4 for the bass staff (or common time for each staff). Subliminally that becomes four sets of four. What does that infer? Music draws on the 4 x 4 number square of Jupiter pictured below. The perimeter of numbers around the central four has four numbers in each direction of the compass. 

Common Time Becomes Four Sets of Four 

Where in antiquity do we find four sets of four?  In the “magic square of Jupiter”. Jupiter, in astrology, is the bearer of good things as success in business and abundance. 

common time
Music has the ability to cure, expand ones viewpoint and create financial success. 4 x 4 explains this.

Here is an ancient picture of the 4 x 4 number square. Note that four numbers are located on each side of the number square. Common time, as written for piano can be expressed by four fours: 4/4 and 4/4. At the center are four numbers: 7, 10, 6 and 11. The core of four creates the totality of of this magic square in a most special way:

  • Cross multiply the central numbers: (6 x 11) + (7 x 10) = 136 
  • Next, add all the numbers in the number square from one to sixteen. They also total 136. 
  • Now for a peek at a future post: add 136 to 136. The sum is 272. That probably is the most important number of all ancient civilizations! Plato refers to it as the grand number of harmony in antiquity.  Revival of this knowledge is also a goal of




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