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The Ghost of Green Gables at Scotts

The Ghost of  Green Gables at Scotts: Ghosts are known to haunt old places. Scotts has had no shortage of ghost sightings. It began at Scotts in 1869. The ghost at Christie Inn is already well known. She liked the top floor of the building. At one time Christie Inn was a ski lodge. Scott’s ghosts make for good stories. At Scotts and around Oquaga Lake they actually did terrible things to people that they did not like. Several movies could be produced based on actual happenings.  Sharon and I also stayed for several seasons at Green Gables (No picture is available yet). The apparitions in the featured photo above, however,  are from our opera, on the products page, called The Cup of Cleopatra (formerly Octavian and Cleopatra). Joseph Fast on the left plays the ghost of Marc Antony. David Powers plays the ghost of Julius Caesar. It length is two hours and the music is incredibly melodious and memorable.

Dozens of people witnessed the ghost at Green Gables in action. It happened during an after show party by a large dance company. Green Gables was our home away from home for many years.

Back to Green Gables. The Scotts had hired a night watchman who was a little  less than personal. Without getting into specifics, he also upset the ghost at Green gables. On a particular night, the Mitzi & Ed Waring Dance Company from North Olmsted, Ohio  were partying downstairs. They had just put on a spectacular show of dances from around the world. Check out their website. The audience loved them.


I had just entered Green gables to retire for the night. Suddenly I heard a continuous, loud crashing  noise that shook the entire large building. The entire party ran to the stairs. It was the night watchman. He managed to get up, but shortly afterwards, was to seen no more. I’m sure the Green Gables Ghost did it. The last I saw, the black marks from one of his boots are still over the banister-all the way down. The conclusion:

  1. Be careful which party you choose to crash!
  2. Beware of ghosts!
  3. Please, only go to a party if you are invited!


Sharon and I worked over two years, full time on our entirely sung musical. We produced the show ourselves  at the Palladium in St. Petersburg.  The presentation is on DVD. Our piano score is neatly and professionally written on Finale computer program. The orchestrations are almost finished. If you are or know of a producer who would like to make a positive contribution to the arts, please contact or have them contact us through DSO works.com. You may sample  contents of “The Cup”, free, under products on the front page of DSOWorks.com. We have the following:

  • A Ladies trio entitled “It is Time to Say Good-bye” sung by Cleopatra and her two ladies in waiting.
  • A mens trio:” Go Back to Her” sung by the two ghosts and a reluctant Octavian
  • A duet between Cleopatra and the captain of the guard called “Come to Me”. The audience goes wild.
  • Everything is in full costume and set as per our budget at the time

Sharon and I believe that quality and meaningful musical productions are at least one way to better society for all of us. We will even dedicate the work to significant donors. Finally, please, share this with friends. Thanks.










Vast Ancient Temple Plan is the Backbone of the Bible

Atlantis is Also Based on A Lost Temple Plan

Atlantis is Also Based on A Lost Temple Plan. The Indian, female, Oquaga Spirit of the Lennie Lenape tribe gave me a vision. It was a blueprint that Atlantis used the dimensions  of the Temple of Poseidan.  The exact spot of the vision: I was hiking by the concession stand near the 1st tee of Scott’s Oquaga Lake golf course. It is the highest elevation at Scott’s. One fine summer day the Oquaga Spirit illuminated the vision that you are witnessing in the featured image.   It does the following:

  • It lists the tones by numbers that translate into vibrations per second of the Greek diatonic scale. A-440, E-660, F-352 and others.
  • The diameter of the central circle was given as 352 in the vision. It defines the diatonic tone “F”.  In Hebrew this is the gematria of “milk and honey”.חָלָב, וּדְבָשׁ. The next 6 words of Judaism’s  key prayer define the oneness of God for Israel. When the holy name is spelled in  the Hebrew prayer books, it has a double “Yud”. Taking diatonic “F”  352 as a diameter, the circumference is 1106. The opening six words of the most sacred prayer 9n the “Siddur” also equal 11o6 by Hebrew gematria.
  • It is basically a solidified blueprint of musical tones of the ancient scale. Temples, for 1000’s of years were conceived by this plan. They will be the subject of future blogs, God willing.
  • File:Athanasius Kircher's Atlantis.gif
    The Temple of Poseidan, on the sunken island of Atlantis, uses the Ancient Temple Plan. On the Oquaga Spirit’s featured image, NT + OI = 1830. On Atlantis, complex was 610 x 3o5 feet. giving a perimeter of 1830 feet. The Oquaga Spirit’s Temple Plan specified the numbers to be used, not the units. The units used belong to the given culture. Only the numbers had to be true. The temple uses the 2:1 ratio if length to width. That ratio defines the perfect musical tone of an octave.


    Atlantis is Also Based on A Lost Temple Plan. But, the Oquaga Spirit Speaks names the book of poetry she dictated to me to be available soon on the products page of DSOworks. com, It can even be enjoyed by children. Watch for it. Any day now, I hope.

    Oquaga Lake
    “Perhaps when the wind changes the folks will catch the scent; of fun waiting to be had, whether in cottage, hotel or tent”. Words spoken by the Oquaga Spirit to appear in her upcoming words of poetry “The Oquaga Spirit Speaks” on DSOworks.com
    In the rhymes of the Oquaga Spirit in her book of poetry entitled the Oquaga Spirit Speaks: “Perhaps when the wind changes, the folks will catch the scent of fun waiting to to be had; whether in cottage, hotel. or tent.” Sing a song and enjoy life on the famous Scott’s Show Boat of Song which “Gives lake house guests a melodious afternoon break. ” Keep checking DSOworks.com  on products for date of posting. 




Ahav and Love. The Sign Over Scott's entrance states Love is Spoken Here

“Ah”- A Most Wonderful Syllable

“Ah”- A Most Wonderful Syllable. “Ah is the sound that summarizes the world’s religions. With its sound comes release and relaxation. Hold it up to a mirror and you have: “ha”. That’s the syllable of joy and laughter. Combing “ah” and “ha” and you have “aha”. “An “aha” moment brings enlightenment: Relaxtion, joy, enlightenment…from a tiny syllable. Can the answer to life’s difficulties be resolved so easily? Yes. Finally, let’s add a vibrating “v” sound to aha. We have “ahav”. Ahav  (אָהַב) is the Hebrew verb for love. It vibrates joy, love, laughter and an enlightened atmosphere into the cosmos.Very appropriately, Rabbi Michael Monk in his Wisdom of the Hebrew Alphabet calls the “v” sound and its Hebrew double, “Beis” which is the “b” sound, the letter of blessing.

Religions that Use the “Ah” Sound to call on God

  • The Hindu “Brahma”
  • The Muslim “Allah”
  • The Christian name for Jesus, “Yashuah”
  • Buddhist “Buddah”
  • The Shinto goddess “Amaterasu”
  • Hebrew “Yahweh”
  • Zoroaster’s “Ahura-Mazda”

An Excerpt From A Treatise Inspired by the Oquaga Spirit

The sign posted over the door at the entrance of Scott’s Oquaga Lake House simply states: Love is Spoken Here. Almost of of my thoughts and ideas you are reading on these blogs came from the female, Indian spirit from the Lennie Lenope tribe. At Scott’s she made love become a reality for me as she has for multitudes of others.

I consider it the greatest honor of my life to have worked for and with the Scott family for so many years. They are wonderful people. I feel that going there is more than a vacation. It is a destination place for everyone. Come back from this pilgrammage feeling refreshed and renewed after communing with the Oquaga Spirit. This Indian spirit  from the Lennie Lenape Tribe is really there!
Related image
This seemingly insignificant song book from Scott’s has given more people more pleasure than you can ever imagine. The Oquaga Spirit goes with you on the ride. She tells you: “This celebration of music, A floating hymn of praise; will stay with all the tots into their adult days.”
Image result for Pictures from Scotts Oquaga lake House
The showboat docked at Scotts. It is best described by the Oquaga Spirit who says: “Around 9 pm the night does cast a hue around the lake and hills of velvety-navy blue.” (summer solstice scene)


Watch for The Oquaga Spirit Speaks to be available soon on DSOworks.com as a product. Feel free to share this blog with your friends. Is this happy or what?


Two ancient reads from one diagram.

Future: To Tell the Future, Look to the Past

Future: To Tell the Future, Look to the Past. Time runs in cycles. Chinese legends refer to an era of yin. Peace and harmony prevailed. Yang, describing our present era, is male. Yin is female.  Riane Eiseler pinpoints this time in her book, The Chalice and the Blade. That time was was 25,000 B.C. to 4,500 B.C. in the Neolithic goddess cultures. Metallic objects have been recovered from digs, but few weapons. Riane Eisler is a cultural historian. Her awards include:

  • 1992 Shaler Adams Foundation Award[1]
  • 1996 ERA Education Award
  • 2009 Distinguished Peace Leadership Award
  • 2013 International Women’s Leadership Pioneer Award[2


She discusses how starting in about 4500 B.C. invaders came from Afghanistan  in waves, over time. They brought down the goddess cultures. We’ve mostly been in a yang, male-dominated culture since. How may we re-enter this past and peaceful era? By implementing the 3 x 3 number square and its hidden code of numbers. The Chinese call it the Lo shu. This square is unique. It holds many hidden number codes. You will learn a few today. The codes were revealed to me by an Indian spirit. She resides around Oquaga Lake in Deposit, New York. Her tribe is called the Lennie Lenape. This spirit also dictated a book of poetry to me. It holds wisdom and joy of the American Indians. It will be available as the Oquaga Spirit Speaks on the products page of DSOWork.com: As  soon as my overwhelmed oldest son can post it. Here’s one secret way it was used. Please follow the numbers on the featured image as I describe this. We can obtain the  megalithic yard as follows:

  • perimeter-1 + perimeter-2 + perimeter 3;  divided by perimeter; then multiplied by the square root of five(the key central number of the square)  = 1 megalithic yard (2.7195… in feet taken as 2.72 feet). Here’s the specifics:
  • add the following numbers for the first perimeter total: 4+9+2+7+6+1+8+3 = 40
  • Perimeter two: 49+92+ 27+ 76+ 61+ 18 + 83+ 34 = 440
  • Perimeter three: 492 + 276 + 618 + 834 =2,220
  • Working the numbers backwards also  give the same total  which both ways is 2,700.
  • Now, divide the 2,700 total of the 3 perimeters  by 2220 (perimeter three). You get one Egyptian remen of 1.216…feet.
  • Take 1.216..feet and multiply =it by the central number, square root of 5 pictured above = 2.7195 or one megalithic yard.


Red Indian, Indian American, Girl, Female, Happy
The nobility of the American Indian
The Burg Khalifa Tower
The Burg Khalifa Tower animates the megalithic yard measure of antiquity one thousand fold. One megalithic yard = 2.7272…feet taken as 2.72 feet. The height of the Burg Khalifa is 2,722 feet.

We have the tools, the talent and the know how. Now, let’s all work together to bring peace among the inhabitants of our planet. As for the the future, everything will be wonderful!. Please do not be shy about sharing this blog.



Philo was a Greek scholar who freely read books from the library at Alexandria,Egypt.

“Truth” in Hebrew, Holds the Measure of the Great Pyramid

Truth is Hidden in Grid That Measures the Great Pyramid

“Truth” as it equals 441 by Hebrew gematria, is found in the above number square. Please follow the numbers on the grid as I describe it.  I add the perimeter by double numbers that overlap. 49 + 92 + 27 + 76 + 61 + 18 + 83 + 34 = 440. Reverse the numbers. It is the same. 440. One is added to this sum for God. The adding of one, by tradition, is called “colel”. The Hebrew spelling is below.  Aleph = 1; mem = 40; tav= 400.

Strong’s Hebrew:. אֱמֶת (emeth)


“Truth” holds the measure of the Great Pyramid as well as the Distance of the sphinx from the Great Pyramid. Read about it below:

“Truth”: The measures of the Great Pyramid  forms a symphony of 440’s. Yes, we in America tune our symphonic instruments to this numerical measure- A, 440. Here’s how 440 works. Each side of the Pyramid measures 440 Egyptian cubits. These cubits are 1,71818…feet. The distance of the Sphinx the Great Pyramid is 440 megalithic yards. A megalithic yard is 2.7272…feet. Often it is taken as 2.72 feet. John Michell points out how the pyramid was measured in three units. They are the 12 inch foot, Egyptian cubits of 1.71717 feet  and the megalithic yard of 2.7272… feet.  Here’s how we get the essential dimensions of the Great Pyramid using these measures:

  • אֱמֶת is a straight read for the the length of the base of the pyramid: in Egyptian cubits 440. One is added by “colel”

  • Pyramid the three Hrew letters of “truth”: Aleph = 1;  Aleph and mem  ( 1 + 40) = 41;  Alpeh mem and tav ( 1 + 40 + 400)= 441.  Now add these three pyramided numbers: 1 + 41 + 441 = 483. In feet, the height of the Great Pyramid is 481 feet. Allowing one for “colel”, this is a close approximation, especially when the very tip has historically been missing.

Why even bother looking at the Great Pyramid for “truth”? So much Biblical prophecy is based on Isaiah 19: 19-20. “In that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the land of Egypt and it shall be for a sign”. I feel that the above number grid is the source of truth. It can unite mankind in one vision of peace and harmony. It can assist in bringing  about a wonderful golden age of peace and prosperity. This grid was shown to me by a female Indian  Spirit from the Lennie Lenape tribe. They made their home in the Catskill Mountains near and around Oquaga Lake. It’s on a mountain by Deposit, New York. She dictated a beautiful book of poetry to me, word for word. It is named,  “The Oquaga Spirit Speaks.” The book is close to 100 pages of poetry and pictures to be available soon on DSOworks.com for $2.99. The book should bring joy and pleasure to anyone that reads the poems.  I’ve memorized every one.  My goal in life to recite the poetry on tour. Shortly,  I will have a thumbnail of me reciting the poetry on the front page.  This will be 100% free. Please be patient. Rome wan’t built in a day.

Folksongs -Where Did the French Folksongs in Debussy Go?

Where Did the French Folksongs in Debussy Go? Debussy, an impressionist, featured French Folksongs. He was proud of his French heritage. Nowhere is this more apparent than in his Gardens in the Rain. It gives the impression of being in a country cottage during a rainfall. When I hear most pianists play it, I feel like it should be titled: Gardens in a Tornado. I have a saying that call on  three “T’s”  Tempo should be Tempered With Taste. This is especially true when playing the French music of Debussy. So what’s the proper tempo? I have a story that can help.


Our daughter, now Kathryn Parks, attended French Immersion schools in Toronto Ontario. She started at age five. They only spoke French from day one. How did schools teach English speaking children at age five French? Through French folksongs. What a treat for the parents. Everyday she’d come home singing a new song .One day it was Frere Jacques, another day it was Alouette, then it was Alphonse et Gaston… Both Sharon (my wife) and I took French in High School. We loved it! The point being, I’m quite familiar with the proper tempo for French folksongs.

Toronto Ontario where the French Language also spoken almost everywhere.
We lived over a 2 year period in Toronto, Canada. Our daughter, then 5 years of age, attended French immersion schools.
Our daughter, Kathryn Parks, has just played numerous lead roles in Sarasota and area. Here she stars as Anna in the King and I. She attended elementary school  in Toronto.


Now, here’s the beauty of the whole situation: My wonderful daughter and her husband, Jonathan Parks, Architect, just gave me a recording session for my birthday. I recorded one hour of the piano music of Claude Debussy. You can now sample part of this concert on youtube. It will be available shortly on the products page. Having heard French folksongs, at the correct tempo, gave me an advantage.  What a family collaboration! In the video shoot,  my wife Sharon was  the official music director and page turner. My youngest son, Daniel, was the sound and lighting engineer. (He is the assistant city engineer of Sarasota). Abe, my oldest son, was the drive and inspiration behind the entire project. Kathryn and Johnathan Parks made the project possible financially. Music serves to beautify life. And yes,  it all goes back to the French Folksongs. Please share this blog with your friends. Everyone should know what wonderful things music can do for a family.


  • Singing on stage in Sarasota, mother and daughter. Dad is playing the piano.
    Our musical family: Our daughter Kathryn Parks and my wife, Sharon Lesley. Singing the Flower Duet. I accompany them in the background. Watch on youtube to hear the family do Lakme by Leo Delibes.











Four-Leaf Clover is Lucky- Here’s Why

Four-Leaf Clover is Lucky

First all of all, the Four-Leaf Clover is rare. It is thought that 1 in 10,000 clovers have four leaves. Each leaf has its own quality. All are good!   The clover brings faith, hope, love and luck. Others believe in comes with the foursome of fame, wealth, love and health. Take your pick! The four-leaf clover is thought of in this fortunate manner all over the world as well as historically.  In the Medieval Ages, children thought they could see fairies if they held the clover. Christian legends actually called it a piece of Paradise. In the Torah, Genesis 2: 10-14 states: And a river went out of Eden to water the garden: and from thence it was parted and bcame four heads. It’s easy to see how we can associated the four-leaf clover with Paradise.

The fortune a four-leaf clover brings
Four-leaf white clover (Trifolium repens)
Related image
The four-leaf clover is especially celebrated on St Patrick’s Day


What is the source of this positive association? Can we use the source in our own lives to make them better? The answer: The source is the 4 x 4 number square; and yes.  I’ve already blogged about Elohim’s use of it in the 1st chapter of Genesis. Quick review: Any  opposite numbers equal 17. God use the word “good” to describe his Creation on each day.  In Hebrew, “good” has a gematria of 17. Any two opposite number on the 4 x 4 square equal 17. It is literally a good luck amulet. The Penguin Dictionary of Symbols says  Jupiter: “embodies the principles of balance, authority, order, steady progression, plenty and the preservation of the established structure of society.” The number square of Jupiter is a symphony of fours:

  • It is the 1st evenly numbered of the seven number squares of antiquity.
  • It not only has four squares at its center, but
  • It consists of a box with 4 squares on the length of each side. Simply stated, the four leaf clover animates this number square. I believe that it is behind the clover that gives the Irish the power of the “green”
  • Image result for Find a copyable 4 x 4 number square
    The square of numbers that Elohim used in Genesis that was invoked by the Hebrew word “tov” which equals 17 by Hebraic gematria. Any two opposite numbers total 17. 

    The Four-Leaf Clover and 17 from the above number square are both used on St. Patrick’s Day. The connections are only “good”.





phi tie crosses the boundaries of this number square

Code: Does the Tree of Life Have a Message?

Code: Tree of Life: Does the Tree of Life Have a Message? Yes. But, you have to read numbers like words. Ancient civilizations did it. The art was called by the Greek word, “Gematria”. Check it out online. Musicians have a knack for numbers. Look at how the emanations on the Tree of Life are numbered in columns.

The 10 emantions and 22 paths of the "Tree of Life" in plain view
Code: We will look at the numbers of the emanations. Then I will translate the numbers to words. This is the art called “Gematria”. This art was practice throughout the Middle east at one time.



  • Look at the vertical columns, We have 3, 5 and 8 on the left. 1,6,9, and 10 are in the central column. Finally,2,4, and 7 are on the right side.
  • Next, multiply the numbers in each column. We have 3 x 5 x 8 = 120. Then, 1 x 6 x 9 x 10 = 540.  Finally, 2 x 4 x 7 = 56.
  • My accuracy of numbers into words by gematria can be double checked on line. Or, by anyone  knowledgeable in Hebrew. Finally, by the rules of “colel” a phrase or word may be altered, in when necessary by one(1). It essence is still kept in tact. This is amply explained in the writings of John Michell. See his View Over Atlantis and City of Revelation.
  • Decoding the Tree of Life
    We will trace psalm 119’s length of 176 lines  to a measure given on the Tree of Life. Heinrich Schutz set this psalm to music.

    Tableau de Hammerh of showing a woman praying Psalm 119.

    This psalm was chosen byTableau de Hammerh for Sunday services from his Benedictine rule of 530AD.

With the above three points in mind we find that:

  • ירושלים  (Jerusalem) has a numerical equivalent (gematria) of 596 Adding the products of the middle and right pillars we have: 540 + 56 = 596 or Jerusalem
  • יִשְׂרָאֵל (“Israel“) has a numerical value of 541. The equals the middle pillar plus one allowed for the rule of “colel” as per John Michell (City of Revelation & View Over Atlantis)
  • A theme of my blogs is how holy sites were built by established vibrations per second of set musical tones of the diatonic scale.  They used the vibrations per second of these tones and transferred to the measuring unit of the given culture. Tonal vibrations  of the diatonic scale are listed by Issac Asimov  in On Physics. The sum of the products of the left pillar and right pillar set the diatonic tone E at 660: 120 + 540 = 660.
  • Psalm 119 has the most lines- 176. The products of the left and right pillars added together total 176. 120 + 56 = 176. Also, as John Michell points out in his works: The ratio of measure in antiquity was 176:175. A.E. Berriman in his Historical  Metrology also discusses this topic.
  • אָרוֹן קׄדֶש- The Holy Ark has a Hebrew gematria of 661. As Michell stated, one is allowed for “colel”. Its 660 equals the sum of the product of the left and middle pillar: 540 + 120 = 660.
  • On the square of 3 x 3, featured image, the total of 15 can be found in 8 ways: Two diagonally, three horizontally and thee vertically. 8 x 15 = 120. That is the product of the pillar  numbers on the right as 3 x 5 x 8 = 120.
  • עבר The three letter root for Hebrew is ayin, veis and reisch. It totals 272. The universal measure of the megalithic yard is 2.72 feet It is derived from the equation 5 x 6/ 5 + 6 or 30/11 = approximates one megalithic yard. It means to pass or cross over as Abraham did when he came to Canaan. The right column on the Tree becomes 2 x 4 x  7 when the numbers are multiplied. The product is 56. We have just seen how five and six form the root of the word, Hebrew. The rose of 5 petals and the lily of 6 formed the basis of religious philosophy in the Medieval Ages. Read my blog on the subject
  • John Singer Sargent - Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose - Google Art Project.jpg
    ArtistJohn Singer Sargent
    There’s Philosophy in a Flower

    Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose is an oil-on-canvas painting made by the Anglo-American painter John Singer Sargent in 1885-6.[1]

Code: Does the Tree of Life Have a Message? The answer is yes. It beautifully presents key concepts by numbers in Judaism and the Bible.  Also, music is the guide that can lead us on the path of peace and beauty. Stay tuned for more blogs.



Learning piano with Mischa Kottler

An Untold Story of Liberace and Mischa Kottler

An Untold Story of Liberace and Mischa Kottler. Piano lessons with Mischa Kottler had many benefits. His waiting list for instruction was incredibly long. It often took two years to be accepted. If accepted, his schedule was so full,  often your lesson would be cancelled. But, Kottler was the best instructor available by far. In addition:

  • He was the official pianist of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Often he would be touring with the symphony orchestra
  • He was the head of the staff of piano instruction at Wayne State University
  •   WWJ radio became an NBC affiliate in March of 1948. They carried only the network’s news programs. They also produced their  own entertainment shows.  That’s how  Mischa Kottler at the Piano with Detroit Symphony pianist Mischa Kottler began,
  • He taught dozens of private students.
  • Kottler told me that his piano practice was 10 PM to 2 AM daily.  Seven days a week. He played piano well into his 90’s


Liberace Museum, Las Vegas, 20

Liberace 8 Allan Warren.jpg

When Liberace was starting out, he came to Detroit to look for work. He approached WJR.  There he met Mischa. Mischa immediately knew Liberace had a flair for the stage. He gave him a recommendation to go to Vegas. Kottler thus returned Rachmaninoff’s favor. When Kottler was starting out, the big “R” referred Kottler to the Paris Conservatory. It was presided over by the famed pianist,  Alfred Cortot.

Minute Waltz (Mischa Kottler Version) – YouTube (to be amazed beyond words, click on Mischa for youtube)

What goes around, comes around. You can hear me the famous Gasparilla Inn on Boca Grande. There, I play 6 nights weekly on 2 vintage Steinway grand pianos. Mischa kept two Steinways in his studio. He always wanted me to have a better instrument. I feel like his spirit was looking after me. I’m in my 7th successive winter season in Florida. See events on DSOworks.com for information and reservations. You just might meet presidents and heads of state from all over the world.  I feel  honored to maintain this great tradition.



Magic square summary came on Oquaga Lake

How Harmony and Measure Hide in God’s Hebrew Names

How Harmony and Measure Hide in God’s Hebrew Names: God has two primary names in the Torah. The Creator is called Elohim  אֱלֹהִים . The revealed God to Moses, Yahweh  as  יְהֹוָה.  Names are aspects of God. God has 7 primary names in the Torah. These have 70 manifestations. The total is  7 + 70 = 77.


  • Ancient Hebrew has no separate number system. A letter and a number shared the same symbol. Contrarily, in English we have letters of the alphabet. Then we also have digits.
  • Every word in Hebrew had a numerical equivalent. Thus, the Hebrew letters for Elohim total 86. The Hebrew letters for Yahweh total 26.
  • Letters in words were pyramided to obscure meanings: The the four letter name of God is an example that in pyramided style became: Yud = 10;  yud + hei = 15;  yud + hei + vav = 21;  yud + hei + vav + hei = the full 72. The total of the pyramided name of Yahweh is 72.
  • In the same manner, Elohim, when spelled with pyramided letters totals 200.
  • You can compare the concept of these secrets within secrets to the Russian Matryoshka doll.
  • Matryoshka set in a row. A secret with a secret lies hidden by one doll inserted into the other.

    These pyramided values of these primary names of God total 272 as 72 + 200 = 272.

  • The Tie in of God With Harmony and Measure

  • Plato discusses how 272 was the great number of harmony.  Read my previous blog on DSOworks.com entitled Harmony’s Number for the background.
  • In measure one megalithic yard = 2.72 feet
  • Multiply the two hidden names of God and we obtain the total number of 12 inch feet in the classic megalithic mile. It is found all over the ancient world: 72 x 200 = 14,400.

Finally, on the background of number 77 given above: In Hebrew the numerical equivalent of “luck” מזל. Numerically it totals 77. This number doubles God’s 7 primary names with 70 manifestations. In no uncertain terms, all luck comes from God. To have luck is to have the blessings of God. As strongly as we wish for luck, so should we court His blessings.  How Harmony and Measure Hide in God’s Hebrew Names– I hope your expectation has been fulfilled.