THe confrontation scene between Octavian and Cleopatra is unforgettable drame

Rose and Lilly Point to our Floral New Opera

Rose and Lily Point to our Floral New Opera: The Cup of Cleopatra

Water Lily, Flower, Red, Aquatic, Plant, Bloom, Lake
A water lily, In Our opera, The Cup of Cleopatra, (formerly Octavian and Cleopatra) the ghost of Caesar calls her “My Lily of the Nile”. It was produced at the Palladium Theater in 2003. later presented at the Player’s Theater in Sarasota as part of our musical, Three Queens.

A key element of ancient philosophy was based on the fusion of numbers 5 and 6 and the flowers these numbers represented.  The rose has 5 outlining petals. The lily has 6 petals. The rose is yin, and 5 is a yin number. The Lily is yang as six is a yang number.  How is it that these numbers are fused?  By the ubiquitous use of the megalithic yard by the goddess cultures. Here’s how:

  • 5 x 6/ 5 + 6  (or 30/11) = 2.7272…which translates to one megalithic yard
  • Another megalithic standard is the megalithic mile of 2.727272… English miles or 14, 400 feet. Thus, 14,400/5280 =2.72727…English miles

John Michell, in his City of Revelation, further discusses the fusion:

  • The six sided figure of the hexagon symbolized the macrocosm
  • The five sided figure of the pentagon represented the microcosm.
  • Thus 272 represents the successful fusion of heaven and earth. the model of this fusion is the “Heavenly Jerusalem”.


  • 4:47


  • Click on the 4.:47 number and then youtube to sample our production at the Palladium Theater. I must share with you a part of Sharon’s beautiful lyrics in this segment. Cleopatra realizes that her being alive would jeopardize the life of  her children. This was true especially due to Roman politics. Octavian already had promised to give her children a home in Rome. To Cleopatra, that was more important than her own life. Sharon writes and sings as Cleopatra the following.  You will  hear it sung on this youtube presentation, “It is time to end this life. All that can be done was done. This goodbye is expressed with all my love. We shall meet after today, when we’ve sent you on your way. In the next world, we shall be close as we have ever been.” For the ladies, reincarnation was real.

We are merely the creators. If benefactors had not helped our operatic and instrumental composers, our culture would the the poorer. Verdi, Berlioz, Tschaikovsky, Debussy, Haydyn, Mozart…… all received the help of generous patrons. Music adds beauty to life.- David.




I heard 100's of Hollywood stiries from Rubinoff before blogging was invented.

Why Am I Blogging Like Crazy?

Why Am I Blogging Like Crazy? I think I have quite the story for an answer. It is best told by alluding to Rimsky Korsakov’s Scheherazade Opus 35, a Symphonic Poem. The sultan, Schariar, took a vow to put all his wives to death after the nuptial night. He thought that all women were false and faithless. Scheherazade developed a tactic to keep herself alive. Every night she would tell the sultan a story that was so fascinating that he couldn’t wait for the next night for another story. After 1001 nights, the Sultan repudiated his vow and kept his wife alive and quite well. Why 1001 nights? We have a mystical number that is the product of three highly charged numbers: 7 x 11 x 13 = 1001. My book of preference for this part of the blog is The Mystery of Numbers by Annemarie Schimmel.

Scheherazade would relate a different story every night to keep herself alive.
Scheherazade was the ultimate blogger before computers were even invented with her  stories.
The Blue Sultana by Léon Bakst


Shakespeare refers to the 7 ages of man. Countless writers have discussed changes in life every 7 years. Maybe that’s where the myth of 7 years of bad luck comes from from breaking a mirror? The Torah states that that seventh generation after Adam, Lamech appears. He lived 777 years and would be avenged 77 fold (Gen 4:24).
Eleven is the number of the sacred marriage between heaven and earth. Heaven = 5 (yin).  Earth = 6 (yang). 5 + 6 = 11. In the medieval ages these qualities were symbolized flowers: The rose has 5 strong petals and the lily has six.
Finally thirteen is a powerful mystical number. Paul Hoffman talks about it in the Smithsonian Magazine, February, 1987. He states it: “costs Americans a billion dollars a year in absenteeism, train and plane cancellations and reduced commerce on the thirteenth of the month.”
Conclusion: Why Am I Blogging Like Crazy? There are so many great things to be blogging about. Perhaps when I reach 1001 blogs, I’ll stop? Certainly if I did, It would be paying tribute to Scheherazade and the great Russian composer, Rimsky-Korsakov. Please keep watching for my poetry book, the Oquaga Spirit Speaks. The book will be posted as a product on Its some 100 pages of poetry and pictures were given and  dictated to me by a female spirit from the Lennie Lenape tribe on Oquaga Lake. The book parallels Thoreau’s Walden, except it is in poetic verse.
Here’s  a sneak preview in Early in August: “Leaves are full of holes; By bugs they’ve been quite eaten. They flap in gusts of wind like flags all weather beaten.” The poems were all written on the lake in the Catskill Mountains where her tribe, the Lennie Lenape lived.



Magic square summary came on Oquaga Lake

God’s Gateway to Our Planet is a Grid of Numbers

The picture is sunset on Oquaga Lake where the Oquaga Spirit resides. The spirit, a female, American Indian spirit from the Lennie Lenape tribe was the inspiration.   A book of poetry, The Oquaga Spirit Speaks, will be featured soon on the products page of  The book was dictated , word by word, by this spirit. Also, Sharon and I wrote major works on Lake Oquaga including our full length, orchestrated opera- The Cup of Cleopatra. Contact us for production costs and details. This spirit also instructed me on the 3 x3 number grid pictured below. As I wrote in the poetry book:

  • What a communicator was she, This sprite both blithe and free. So much she needed an ear, She ignored my tranquility.

God’s Gateway To Our Planet is a Grid of Numbers. Specifically, it is the smallest of the 7 number squares of antiquity. However, this 3 x 3 number square grows into the largest of the 7. Why are numbers of such importance? They provide the Gateway. She also enlightened me about the 3 x 3 grid.


  • At one time letters and numbers were represented by the same symbol. In English we currently have letter “A” and #1. Contrast this to Hebrew and ancient Greek.  An example being, symbols for the letter Hebrew Alef and the Greek Alpha were also the symbols for #1.
  • Every letter and consequently word or phrase  had a numerical equivalent.
  • Words were also implied by numbers. In our modern way of thinking we separate words and numbers. Consequently, words use the right side of the brain and numbers, the left. In this regard, could say that our advanced civilization has schizophrenia. That wasn’t always the case.
  • A gift from the Oquaga spirit of the Lennie Lenape tribe

Great consideration was given to the numerical equivalents of Holy names: Basic names of God harmonize with the 3 x 3 number square. Here’s how:

Hebrew AlefBet


 In Hebrew count letters as well as read from left to right. A two letter name for God found in the Torah is “Yah”. Please follow the letters above as I describe the following:  Yah is spelled with a Yod and Hei. They are the symbols for 10 and 5 respectively. The 15 total of this name can be found in 8 ways by straight line of three numbers on the magic square: Three by vertical addition; three by horizontal addition; and two by diagonal addition.

Another key name of God is spelled with a double “yod”. It is a standard substitute for the sacred and unutterable four letter name. Again, count the letters of the above alphabet starting left and going to right in the alphabet.  “Yod” is the 10th letter. Two “yods” = 2 x 10 = 20. Look at the perimeter of 8 numbers around the central 5. Even numbers are distinct from odd numbers. Even numbers occupy the corners. Odd numbers are found in between. With odds, 1 + 3 + 7 + 9 = 20.   With evens: 4 + 2+ 8 + 6 = 20.

To draw a conclusion, we must regard the following:

  • Holy sites all over the ancient world were built by this number square. They were built by this code so they would be holy. I’ve already blogged about many of them.
  • Numerous authors, including John Michell, clearly state and explain how the Temple of Solomon was built by outlay, design  and mathematics this number square. It hides a Masonic symbol.

Watch for more blogs in the future. Here’s another bonus. David playing Debussy’s Claire de Lune. An excerpt from my one hour of Debussy recorded at the Glen Ridge Performing Arts Center in Sarasota, Fl. The hour of Debussy will be available shortly on as a product. Or, you can hear me play nightly at the Gasparilla Inn in Boca Grande, Fl on their vintage Steinway grands.

Minute Waltz (Mischa Kottler Version) – YouTube (Kottler was my instructor) Enjoy an incredible “Minute Waltz” by Chopin

                                                                                   David Ohrenstein plays Debussy

Two ancient reads from one diagram.

Musical Tones and Linear Measures

Musical Tones and Linear Measures. They run parallel.  All musicians who  practice  major and minor scales; or play music in the 12 basic key signatures are working with the stuff that our cosmos is made of. The 7 known planets were represented by their own unique number square.  The simplest and first number square that can be constructed is 3 x 3. Its traditional representation is in the featured image above.   It is the basic grid of  truth found wherever there are advanced civilizations. Many cultures of antiquity used the featured image above to arrive at measures for their holy sites. Musical vibrations per second come from this same grid. These include A-440 and E-660. This has been the subject of many of my blogs.  My poetry book, The Oquaga Spirit Speaks will be available shortly on the products page of A female spirit from the Lennie Lenape tribe shared the secrets of this number square with me. For years I worked as a piano player in upstate New York where the tribe was once located. She also dictated the entire book of poetry. As I say in the poem called “The Oquaga Spirit”: So much she needed an ear, she ignored my tranquility.”


Planet, Saturn, measures, Saturn'S Rings, Solar System, Aurora
The 3 x 3 square of numbers (featured image) was believed to invoke the  qualities associated with Saturn. Saturn was thought to set boundaries and limitations. It was the giver of law. However, once you know the hidden codes that lie in its walls, it is the most liberating of all the number squares. 


  • The Egyptian cubit of 1.2165…feet; the 1.71818…foot Egyptian cubit; the 1.728 foot Egyptian cubit.
  • The 12″ foot, 36″ yard, 660 foot furlong, 16.5 feet rod, 1.760 yards in a mile, the number of square feet in an acre- 43,560.
  • the Chinese p’u of 9 inches, Akbar’s yard of 33″ the Roman pace of 2.433 feet

Our civilization will once again be able to harmonize in a wonderful and enjoyable vision. The basic paradoxical truth is this: That which sets laws and limitations can also offer the most freedom, harmony and joy. It truly is like a “grain of mustard seed.”



Commemeration concert

Eightfold Noble Path is Paradise In Buddhism and Judaism

Eightfold Noble Path is Paradise In Buddhism and Judaism. In the featured picture, Rubinoff and I are working on the eightfold noble path of musical phrases. He made a fortune in the 1930’s playing the violin. He was also about beautiful melody.

Temple, Buddha, Buddhism, Religion, Spiritual
The Eight spokes on the wheel symbolize the eightfold noble path of Buddha.

The wives and sons of Abraham depicted on the 1630 Venice Haggadah. Keturah stands at far right with her six sons. She was Abrahman’s Wife after Sarah. ‘Katurah is referred to in Genesis 25:1. She named their 1st born son Joktan after her own father’s name.  Issac was Abraham’s 1st born son by Sarah.  The distant past is not documented. It is like a puzzle that must be pieced together. So, here I go:

The 8-fold Noble Path Leads to Paradise

I this blog I will point a out parallel between:

  • Tree of Life and the 8-fold noble path. תפארת is at the heart of the Tree of Life (see picture). Eight paths radiated from it. Its translation into numbers by Hebraic gematria is 1081. One was often added for the presence of the Creator. The number alludes to the octagon. An octagon has 1080 degrees. Count the paths. Eight issue from  תפארת.
  •  In the same manner Buddha has the eight fold noble path with 4 truths that lead to the central ideal state of mind, nirvana. The four truths are (1) Suffering is in the nature of things. (2) Suffering is caused by desire (3) The way to reid desire is the eight fold noble path. (4) With no desire there is no suffering.
  • The eight spokes of the 8 fold noble path represent the right (1) view (2) intentions (3) speech (4) action (5) livelihood (6) effort (7) concentration (8) mindfulness.
  • Finally, last but not least. Music places you on the path to Paradise. It is a system based on eights. We have the 8 bar phrase.  All the chromatic tones are found in the octave span. The primary overtone is an octave. Please, study music. Give yourself a piece of Paradise.

Now Why Does the Eight Fold Noble Path Lead to Paradise?

Think like an ancestors. Look to arithmetic for the answer. תפארת (Tifereth) is the Heart of the Tree of Life. Divide its number, 1081,  emanation by pi. You have a diameter of 344.0…The Hebrew word for Paradise is  . Its numerical equivalent is 344. Here is the religious parallel: The 8 fold noble path of Buddha leads to Nirvana. Eight emanations on the Tree of Life lead to Paradise. Here’s my take: It was a custom to send away sons that would rule. Such was the case with Abraham, Moses and Jacob. Sources, even in the Talmud, state that some of Abraham’s progeny went to the Far East. This parallel helps to affirm the connection that the: Eightfold Noble Path is Paradise In Buddhism and Judaism.




Enjoy David now playing at the Crab and Fin Restaurant

Great Hall of Buddha in Japan is built by Music

Great Hall of Buddha in Japan is built by Music. We must recognize sites built by measurements found in musical tones. Worldwide, sites took their vibrations per second.  They built holy sites by placing the numbers into units of measure. Music will now be the leader in the way back to world peace. Among such sites already blogged about are:


  • The Great Circle in Newark ,Ohio. Its diameter is 440 megalithic yards. A= 440/sec.
  • Lepenski Vir in Yugoslavia dating back to 5,000BC. One lenth and width of the rectangular base = 264 megalithic yards. Diatonic “C” vibrates 264/sec.
  • Distance from the Great Pyramid to the Sphinx = 440 megalithic yards. A=440/sec.
  • One length of the side of the Great Pyramid = 440 shorter Egyptian cubits (1.71818…feet). A= 440/sec.
  • The diameter of the circular Great Enclosue in Zimbabwe = 264 feet.  Diatonic “C” vibrates 264/sec.
  • One British furlong = 660 feet. Diatonic “E” vibrates 660/sec.
  • The English mile = 5,280 feet. The diatonic “C” one octave higher than the 264 “C” vibrates 528/sec. (review my blogs)

For almost 50 years, I complied a list of hundreds of sacred measures and measurements by music. They hold the key to a new Golden Age of Peace and Plenty. We can rededicate ourselves to music by helping to maintain and repair these “musical” sites. Beautiful architecture is music. Music speaks to everyone. It offers a unified vision for all mankind.  That’s why Biblical David was a musician first and a leader, only second. Thus, we see why the Great Hall of Buddha in Japan is built by Music. Keep watching the products page on My one hour of Debussy’s piano music (my recording session is the feature picture) done at the Glenridge Performing Arts Center in Sarasota, Fl is close to release. So is my book of poetry, The Oquaga Spirit Speaks. Oh yes, happy Valentine’s Day. I’m on a double shift for piano playing:   Central Sarasota Brookdale and all evening at the Gasparilla Inn in  Boca Grande. See events on DSOworks,com

Now the Great Hall of Buddha in Japan.

Daibutsu-den in Todaiji Nara02bs3200.jpg

Great Buddha Hall (daibutsuden), a National Treasure
VeneratedBirushana-butsu (Vairocana)
FoundedEarly 8th century
Founder(s)Emperor Shōmu
Address1 Zōshi-chō, Nara, Nara Prefecture

The length is given as 275 feet. The Width as 165 feet. So, 275 feet + 165 feet =440 feet. The essential dimensions duplicate A-440 by number. The sacred tradition continues at the Great Hall of Buddha. Here are a few connections:

  • Solomon’s temple is rectangular in outline 20 x 60 cubits. With the 1.71818…cubit that equals a perimeter of 275 feet. That measures the Great Temple of Buddha’s length.
  • 275 cubits defines the height of the Great Pyramid
  • The lowest note “a” on the piano vibrates 27.5/per second
  • We still tune to A-440


Tempus fugit so keep yourself young

The Ghost of Green Gables at Scotts

The Ghost of  Green Gables at Scotts: Ghosts are known to haunt old places. Scotts has had no shortage of ghost sightings. It began at Scotts in 1869. The ghost at Christie Inn is already well known. She liked the top floor of the building. At one time Christie Inn was a ski lodge. Scott’s ghosts make for good stories. At Scotts and around Oquaga Lake they actually did terrible things to people that they did not like. Several movies could be produced based on actual happenings.  Sharon and I also stayed for several seasons at Green Gables (No picture is available yet). The apparitions in the featured photo above, however,  are from our opera, on the products page, called The Cup of Cleopatra (formerly Octavian and Cleopatra). Joseph Fast on the left plays the ghost of Marc Antony. David Powers plays the ghost of Julius Caesar. It length is two hours and the music is incredibly melodious and memorable.

Dozens of people witnessed the ghost at Green Gables in action. It happened during an after show party by a large dance company. Green Gables was our home away from home for many years.

Back to Green Gables. The Scotts had hired a night watchman who was a little  less than personal. Without getting into specifics, he also upset the ghost at Green gables. On a particular night, the Mitzi & Ed Waring Dance Company from North Olmsted, Ohio  were partying downstairs. They had just put on a spectacular show of dances from around the world. Check out their website. The audience loved them.


I had just entered Green gables to retire for the night. Suddenly I heard a continuous, loud crashing  noise that shook the entire large building. The entire party ran to the stairs. It was the night watchman. He managed to get up, but shortly afterwards, was to seen no more. I’m sure the Green Gables Ghost did it. The last I saw, the black marks from one of his boots are still over the banister-all the way down. The conclusion:

  1. Be careful which party you choose to crash!
  2. Beware of ghosts!
  3. Please, only go to a party if you are invited!


Sharon and I worked over two years, full time on our entirely sung musical. We produced the show ourselves  at the Palladium in St. Petersburg.  The presentation is on DVD. Our piano score is neatly and professionally written on Finale computer program. The orchestrations are almost finished. If you are or know of a producer who would like to make a positive contribution to the arts, please contact or have them contact us through DSO You may sample  contents of “The Cup”, free, under products on the front page of We have the following:

  • A Ladies trio entitled “It is Time to Say Good-bye” sung by Cleopatra and her two ladies in waiting.
  • A mens trio:” Go Back to Her” sung by the two ghosts and a reluctant Octavian
  • A duet between Cleopatra and the captain of the guard called “Come to Me”. The audience goes wild.
  • Everything is in full costume and set as per our budget at the time

Sharon and I believe that quality and meaningful musical productions are at least one way to better society for all of us. We will even dedicate the work to significant donors. Finally, please, share this with friends. Thanks.










Vast Ancient Temple Plan is the Backbone of the Bible

Atlantis is Also Based on A Lost Temple Plan

Atlantis is Also Based on A Lost Temple Plan. The Indian, female, Oquaga Spirit of the Lennie Lenape tribe gave me a vision. It was a blueprint that Atlantis used the dimensions  of the Temple of Poseidan.  The exact spot of the vision: I was hiking by the concession stand near the 1st tee of Scott’s Oquaga Lake golf course. It is the highest elevation at Scott’s. One fine summer day the Oquaga Spirit illuminated the vision that you are witnessing in the featured image.   It does the following:

  • It lists the tones by numbers that translate into vibrations per second of the Greek diatonic scale. A-440, E-660, F-352 and others.
  • The diameter of the central circle was given as 352 in the vision. It defines the diatonic tone “F”.  In Hebrew this is the gematria of “milk and honey”.חָלָב, וּדְבָשׁ. The next 6 words of Judaism’s  key prayer define the oneness of God for Israel. When the holy name is spelled in  the Hebrew prayer books, it has a double “Yud”. Taking diatonic “F”  352 as a diameter, the circumference is 1106. The opening six words of the most sacred prayer 9n the “Siddur” also equal 11o6 by Hebrew gematria.
  • It is basically a solidified blueprint of musical tones of the ancient scale. Temples, for 1000’s of years were conceived by this plan. They will be the subject of future blogs, God willing.
  • File:Athanasius Kircher's Atlantis.gif
    The Temple of Poseidan, on the sunken island of Atlantis, uses the Ancient Temple Plan. On the Oquaga Spirit’s featured image, NT + OI = 1830. On Atlantis, complex was 610 x 3o5 feet. giving a perimeter of 1830 feet. The Oquaga Spirit’s Temple Plan specified the numbers to be used, not the units. The units used belong to the given culture. Only the numbers had to be true. The temple uses the 2:1 ratio if length to width. That ratio defines the perfect musical tone of an octave.


    Atlantis is Also Based on A Lost Temple Plan. But, the Oquaga Spirit Speaks names the book of poetry she dictated to me to be available soon on the products page of DSOworks. com, It can even be enjoyed by children. Watch for it. Any day now, I hope.

    Oquaga Lake
    “Perhaps when the wind changes the folks will catch the scent; of fun waiting to be had, whether in cottage, hotel or tent”. Words spoken by the Oquaga Spirit to appear in her upcoming words of poetry “The Oquaga Spirit Speaks” on
    In the rhymes of the Oquaga Spirit in her book of poetry entitled the Oquaga Spirit Speaks: “Perhaps when the wind changes, the folks will catch the scent of fun waiting to to be had; whether in cottage, hotel. or tent.” Sing a song and enjoy life on the famous Scott’s Show Boat of Song which “Gives lake house guests a melodious afternoon break. ” Keep checking  on products for date of posting. 




Ahav and Love. The Sign Over Scott's entrance states Love is Spoken Here

“Ah”- A Most Wonderful Syllable

“Ah”- A Most Wonderful Syllable. “Ah is the sound that summarizes the world’s religions. With its sound comes release and relaxation. Hold it up to a mirror and you have: “ha”. That’s the syllable of joy and laughter. Combing “ah” and “ha” and you have “aha”. “An “aha” moment brings enlightenment: Relaxtion, joy, enlightenment…from a tiny syllable. Can the answer to life’s difficulties be resolved so easily? Yes. Finally, let’s add a vibrating “v” sound to aha. We have “ahav”. Ahav  (אָהַב) is the Hebrew verb for love. It vibrates joy, love, laughter and an enlightened atmosphere into the cosmos.Very appropriately, Rabbi Michael Monk in his Wisdom of the Hebrew Alphabet calls the “v” sound and its Hebrew double, “Beis” which is the “b” sound, the letter of blessing.

Religions that Use the “Ah” Sound to call on God

  • The Hindu “Brahma”
  • The Muslim “Allah”
  • The Christian name for Jesus, “Yashuah”
  • Buddhist “Buddah”
  • The Shinto goddess “Amaterasu”
  • Hebrew “Yahweh”
  • Zoroaster’s “Ahura-Mazda”

An Excerpt From A Treatise Inspired by the Oquaga Spirit

The sign posted over the door at the entrance of Scott’s Oquaga Lake House simply states: Love is Spoken Here. Almost of of my thoughts and ideas you are reading on these blogs came from the female, Indian spirit from the Lennie Lenope tribe. At Scott’s she made love become a reality for me as she has for multitudes of others.

I consider it the greatest honor of my life to have worked for and with the Scott family for so many years. They are wonderful people. I feel that going there is more than a vacation. It is a destination place for everyone. Come back from this pilgrammage feeling refreshed and renewed after communing with the Oquaga Spirit. This Indian spirit  from the Lennie Lenape Tribe is really there!
Related image
This seemingly insignificant song book from Scott’s has given more people more pleasure than you can ever imagine. The Oquaga Spirit goes with you on the ride. She tells you: “This celebration of music, A floating hymn of praise; will stay with all the tots into their adult days.”
Image result for Pictures from Scotts Oquaga lake House
The showboat docked at Scotts. It is best described by the Oquaga Spirit who says: “Around 9 pm the night does cast a hue around the lake and hills of velvety-navy blue.” (summer solstice scene)


Watch for The Oquaga Spirit Speaks to be available soon on as a product. Feel free to share this blog with your friends. Is this happy or what?


Two ancient reads from one diagram.

Future: To Tell the Future, Look to the Past

Future: To Tell the Future, Look to the Past. Time runs in cycles. Chinese legends refer to an era of yin. Peace and harmony prevailed. Yang, describing our present era, is male. Yin is female.  Riane Eiseler pinpoints this time in her book, The Chalice and the Blade. That time was was 25,000 B.C. to 4,500 B.C. in the Neolithic goddess cultures. Metallic objects have been recovered from digs, but few weapons. Riane Eisler is a cultural historian. Her awards include:

  • 1992 Shaler Adams Foundation Award[1]
  • 1996 ERA Education Award
  • 2009 Distinguished Peace Leadership Award
  • 2013 International Women’s Leadership Pioneer Award[2


She discusses how starting in about 4500 B.C. invaders came from Afghanistan  in waves, over time. They brought down the goddess cultures. We’ve mostly been in a yang, male-dominated culture since. How may we re-enter this past and peaceful era? By implementing the 3 x 3 number square and its hidden code of numbers. The Chinese call it the Lo shu. This square is unique. It holds many hidden number codes. You will learn a few today. The codes were revealed to me by an Indian spirit. She resides around Oquaga Lake in Deposit, New York. Her tribe is called the Lennie Lenape. This spirit also dictated a book of poetry to me. It holds wisdom and joy of the American Indians. It will be available as the Oquaga Spirit Speaks on the products page of As  soon as my overwhelmed oldest son can post it. Here’s one secret way it was used. Please follow the numbers on the featured image as I describe this. We can obtain the  megalithic yard as follows:

  • perimeter-1 + perimeter-2 + perimeter 3;  divided by perimeter; then multiplied by the square root of five(the key central number of the square)  = 1 megalithic yard (2.7195… in feet taken as 2.72 feet). Here’s the specifics:
  • add the following numbers for the first perimeter total: 4+9+2+7+6+1+8+3 = 40
  • Perimeter two: 49+92+ 27+ 76+ 61+ 18 + 83+ 34 = 440
  • Perimeter three: 492 + 276 + 618 + 834 =2,220
  • Working the numbers backwards also  give the same total  which both ways is 2,700.
  • Now, divide the 2,700 total of the 3 perimeters  by 2220 (perimeter three). You get one Egyptian remen of 1.216…feet.
  • Take 1.216..feet and multiply =it by the central number, square root of 5 pictured above = 2.7195 or one megalithic yard.


Red Indian, Indian American, Girl, Female, Happy
The nobility of the American Indian
The Burg Khalifa Tower
The Burg Khalifa Tower animates the megalithic yard measure of antiquity one thousand fold. One megalithic yard = 2.7272…feet taken as 2.72 feet. The height of the Burg Khalifa is 2,722 feet.

We have the tools, the talent and the know how. Now, let’s all work together to bring peace among the inhabitants of our planet. As for the the future, everything will be wonderful!. Please do not be shy about sharing this blog.