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Taking Stock of What You Have

Taking Stock of What You Have. Are these words familiar? They come from Irving Berlin’s musical, Annie Get Your Gun. The song iis “I Got the Sun in the Morning.” The sentiment is you have everything when you have the Sun in the morning and the Moon at night. In the song Annie Oakley assess her life. She lists what she lacks. Then she takes stock of what she has. The conclusion:She has ” A healthy balance on the credit side.” The song on youtube with the Broadway star, Ethel Merman, will make you happy.


 The lost concert by this grand master lasts about 45 minutes. It is filled with previously untold stories about musical personalities. My daughter recently took the time and trouble and posted it. Enjoy!
 Victor Herbert brought Rubinoff to America in 1911. I worked with Rubinoff for some 20 years as his arranger and accompanist. “Ruby” lived with Victor Herbert. At the time Victor Herbert was the conductor of the Pittsburgh Symphony. Every Sunday, Herbert had soirees at this home in Pittsburgh. Famous people from all over the country would come to these parties. There, Rubinoff met Irving Berlin. Berlin told Rubinoff, Americans love the new sound of jazz. They love music because it goes from the heart to the feet. The long haired music goes from the heart to the head. That Sunday night Rubinoff could not fall asleep. He kept saying to himself; “Americans like jazz”. He stayed up all night and wrote “Fiddling the Fiddle.” First thing the next morning he calls Irving Berlin up. He immediately wanted to see him. Berlin told him over the phone, not today, Ruby. I’m too busy. Rubinoff said, then I’ll play it over the phone for you. Berlin said, “Okay.” Berlin published it. Fiddlin’ the Fiddle sold over a million copies. Enjoy us playing it on youtube with the other exciting selections. We played it live at Scott’s Oquaga Lake House in the Catskills in 1984. You can hear a tremendous thunderstorm in the background. By the way, my lyricist, bookwriter wife, Sharon Lesley escorts him and his 2 million dollar Stradivarius violin on and off the stage. Also, check out our original and unique musicals and the products page. They finally fit the tempo of the times. We are looking for a producer. Thank you-David.
Irving Berlin divulges the secret of happiness.
ETHEL MERMAN sings I’ve Got The Sun In The Morning from Annie Get Your Gun live 1966 4:21

A New Verdi Street for the Sarasota Opera House

A New Verdi Street for the Sarasota Opera House. Opera is alive and well in Sarasota, Florida. This master opera composer was all about melody and drama. This first operas were in the two part bel canto style. At first he wrote what is referred to as “cabalettas” . His melodious arias often ended with special closing sections. These sections have quick and uniform rhythm. Many of my blogs are based on the upcoming forefront use of melody. Beautiful music will replace rhythm songs as our main musical thrust. This used to happen in 10 years cycles. I’ve already blogged about how Hoagy Carmichael  set the pace in the 1930’s with his Stardust. Rhythm, as in Rap and Rock n’ Roll, has dominated for over 50 years. Our  Sarasota Opera House is now on Pineapple  subtitled Verdi Street,  Sarasota now leads the way by pointing to the return of melody. Verdi Street is a banner for the return of melody.


.portrait of Giuseppe Verdi

Image result for Pictures of Sarasota Opera House
Extended stage and orchestra pit at the  Sarasota Opera House.

Verdi Street  Commemorates the Complete cycle of Verdi’s operas

Maestro Victor DeRenzi is having his 34th season as the Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of Sarasota Opera. His goal was to perform the complete Verdi opera cycle. This should be completed this season. The street sign was subtitled, Verdi in a new street post, by the city to honor this accomplishment.

Without financial supposrt and backing, the world would have little to no culture. I have blogged about that many times. Take Verdi for example: In 1830, he gave his first public performance at the home of Antonio Barezzi, a local merchant and music lover who financially supported Verdi’s musical ambitions. One of my goals to is contribute beautiful music for the return of melody. My wife and I have written 4 major operas and musicals. Each one has taken two years. This has been mostly done by our own efforts and expense, The list includes: The  Princess and the Peasant, The Cup of Cleopatra, Golden Roads and Three Queens. She is the lyricist and book writer. I am the composer. Samples can be seen on our products page. Our theme is woman rulers who have contributed to civilization.

Octavian and Cleopatra: a 2 Act Opera in English

2011-05-15 13.16.25

Product Description

Octavian & Cleopatra

Lyrics by Sharon Lesley     Music by David Ohrenstein

Octavian and Cleopatra Robby May; Sharon Lesley
This thrilling 2 act opera needs a sponsor, an angel, if you will. We have the video of a full production; complete with the ghosts of Caesar and Antony. and 2 ladies in waiting in this cast of 7. This we did on our own. Now we need help to circulate it. Please help us to continue the tradition. Every composer of the operas  that we now enjoy on stage has had major backing by a country or a rich donor(s). Our musical works offer heart warming, good and solid moral values together with beautiful stories, lyrics and most of all- a return to melody. We will include donors in our dedication. This work took us a full 2 years to write and produce. Here, Cleopatra played by author and lyricist, Sharon Lesley Ohrenstein; General Octavian by Robbie May.

Octavian and Cleopatra
Robby May; Sharon Lesley




The Zodiac Sign of Pisces and Their Music

The Zodiac Sign of Pisces and Their Music: What you are reading here are excerpts from my upcoming book, Music Under the Zodiac. I copyrighted it  in 1995, Library of Congress Txu 724-061. If you quote me, please give credit. The main goal of the book is to present a novel way to help students and musicians to interpret music. This is done in the light of the 12 signs of the zodiac. I use the zodiac as a  system to aid in  artistic interpretation. I do not work with prophetic aspects of the zodiac or astrology. What you will  read here is me simply having fun applying musical ability to the zodiac signs. In writing these blogs I consider each sign in two ways: As a listener and as a performer.  Keep watching for my ground breaking book,  Music Under the Zodiac under the products heading on All kinds of goodies are starting to show up there.

The Music Preferred for Listening to by Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces are inclined to listen to music that will stimulate their imagination. For this sign, sound is closely associated with visual images. Music expands their awareness as the eyes and ears connect. Pisces likes music that has a mystical feel to it. Compared to the other signs, preferred music can have a slower pace and be more lyrical. Pisces also enjoys counterpoint. Baroque music is high on the classical list. After all, the symbol of Pisces are fish swimming in opposite directions. Counterpoint is one line against another.

The Musical Performing Personality of Pisces

When playing in a group this sign needs to keep feelings under control. Remember, make the instrument laugh or cry. Not yourself. Playing a solo instrument like the piano is great. Guard against tendencies to play music under tempo. Use a metronome to set and keep the pace. As a soloist, keep building your self-confidence, By nature, they can belittle their talents. This is most often totally erroneous:  This 12th zodiac sign has tremendous artistic gifts. Preferred musical instruments include piano, cello, violin, and viola.





Looking for clues

Genesis: a la Sherlock Holmes

Genesis: a la Sherlock Holmes. First, the mystery. In Genesis itself, we have references to a previous world. God was called by the name “Emesh”. אֶמֶשׁ .The references in the Torah are noted by Aryeh Kaplan. He was a physicist who became a mystical and Biblical scholar. His text that I use for my source is his book entitled, Sefer Yitsirah.  The pre-Genesis world is alluded to and described as follows.

  • Genesis 1:2 It was unformed and void.
  • Genesis 31:29 “The God of your father, Emesh, said to me.”  This was alluded to by Laban.
  • Genesis 31:43 “And Emesh gave judgement.” This is alluded to by Jacob.

Keeping Sherlock Holmes on the Trail

In these blogs, I state a premise. This premise is affirmed by leading authors and archaeologists. The numerical essence of a deity (gematria) is found as the civilization’s key measure.  A ruler also ruled by setting the standards of measure. Invaders obliterate the old standards of measure when they conquered a country. That can make clues even more difficult to find.  The ancient foundations at Teotihuacan were also conceived by the “hunab” of 3.41 feet.  The ancient deity referred to is Genesis, Emesh, אֶמֶשׁ,  by using the rules of gematria, equals 341. Aleph = 1; mem=40; and shin = 300. Thus, 1 + 40 + 300= 341. The 3.41 foot “hunab” is the official standard of measure of various cultures in central America. Peter Tompkins, in his Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids, refers to the hunab’s discoverer: Hugh Harleston. Although Teotihuacan was developed in the 1st century AD, it was built on older ruins.  Some schools of thought believe its foundation may even be  even predate 4,000 B.C.

What Conclusion Might Sherlock Holmes Draw?

The conclusion is “elementary, my dear Watson”. There was “chaos” before the Creation in Genesis. Mystics explain that this happened because  the vessels on the Tree of Life did not interact. In keeping to themselves, the vessels could not endure the pressure that resulted. There needs to be a free flow from one vessel to the next. As a consequence they broke. Their shards became the root of all evil. As the vessels on the Tree of Life need to interact, so do people. That’s why greatest teaching of all our true religious leaders  is to practice love. If man becomes the vessel par excellence of love, then nothing will be shattered. We then can all enjoy a new era of peace and plenty.

Sacred Engineers Philosophy- what I learned of antiquity on this lake

A First Appearance by The Oquaga Spirit!

Oquaga Spirit: At last, the poetry book by The Oquaga Spirit Speaks has arrived.  Here is even better news. The price is only $2.99.  See the products page on DSOworks. This spirit dwells around Oquaga Lake. She will make her presence known to any receptive ear. This essence from the Lennie Lenape tribe talked my ear off.  I described her disposition in the poem, “The Oquaga Spirit”:

What a communicator was she
This sprite both blithe and free
So much she needed an ear
She ignored my tranquility.


The book’s 1st printing on this website  includes 99 pages of poetry and pictures.  Most pictures were taken by my family. The cover picture was taken by my daughter. She, like many other brides, loved getting married  at Scott’s, right by the lake.  Scott’s Oquaga lake House has been in business since 1869, It has been continuously owned and honorably run by the same Scott  family. Son-in-law, Gary Holdridge, officiated at our daughter’s wedding. He is a both a captain and justice of the peace.  A wedding on Scott’s Showboat of Song  is “As Good As it Gets.”  What makes this poetry book different from all others, you ask?

  • Every poem was inspired in or around the Catskill Mountains.
  • Most of the poetry was written while hiking in the early morning hours. As penned in the poem, “Get Thee A Walking Stick”:

He (the poet) beats the morning Sun
To catch beams of words.
Sometimes his eyes are blurry
The hour seems absurd.

  • The spirit teaches solid moral values. Even visiting ministers have quoted her lines.   I believe these two quatrains offer one of the reasons David wrote his psalms: To praise God. Here is an excerpt from the poem: Why God Created Man:

As a man needs praise 
For good things he has done;
God also needs to hear
About his stars and Moon and Sun.

Fulfill your reason to be
Ignore not Divine intent
Daily sing his praises
Fulfilling your covenant.

Where else can you add joy, happiness, revive pleasant memories, or celebrate life in a meaning full way for only $2.99?  Heed the words of the Oquaga Spirit. Read, and even memorize, her poems. Each one is a treasure. And yes, I’ve memorized them and practice their recitation, daily.  I would be happy to do live poetry with picture programs. Contact me through for dates, prices and availability. Also. I will be shortly posting a front page thumbnail of me reciting a sample of the poetry.

Fingers of Fog on Oquaga lake
The presence of the Oquaga Spirit on Oquaga Lake. It offers a present day taste of true beauty the way the American Indians once knew it.



I heard 100's of Hollywood stiries from Rubinoff before blogging was invented.

Drink Youth from the Fountain of Music

Drink Youth from the Fountain of Music. I’ve had three primary mentors in my musical career. All have been productive and producing well into their eighties and/or nineties.

  • Mischa Kottler was the official pianist of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra for some 30 years. He headed the piano department at Wayne Ste University in Detroit. When he visited us, at age 93, he was still able to play Chopin’s Minute Waltz which you can hear on the  youtube presentation just below. You’d believe he was a mere youth.
  • Mischa with David in our Sarasota home
    Mischa Kotller at age 93 had just flown in from Detroit, Mi. He sat down at our piano. Then he play Chopin’s Minute waltz as you will hear on youtube.
    Mischa and I in our Sarasota Home
    Mischa and I, in our Sarasota Home


    Mischa Kottler – A visit by the legendary piano instructor. Here’s how it all started: The phone rings.  I pick it up and hear, “David, this is your piano teacher, Mischa.” I was incredulous .  Having left Detroit, Michigan 10 years earlier, I remembered that Mischa Kottler was in his eighties  just before I had moved to Sarasota.  I said to the voice on the phone: “That’s a joke. Who is this, really?”  He said: “It’s me, really. And I heard that you have more children than I know piano concertos.”  Between that gruff Russian accent and his famous sense of humor, I knew it was him.

    Minute Waltz (Mischa Kottler Version) – YouTube (to be amazed beyond words, click on you tube words and watch)


 Youth and My Next Mentor, Dave Rubinoff

(2) David Rubinoff, the world renowned violinist, was another mentor. The 1st thumbnail on “Lost Concert Found” is of Rubinoff and I playing in New York. Immediately below is another presentation that features our work together. When he plays, youth hugs him.

Jeff Rudd prepared the above wonderful video for us. The pages of our history together unfold as you listen to Rubinoff’s Dance of the Russian Peasant.  It is a Carnegie Hall recording.

(3) My association with Ed De Mattia


What's in a lily?

Buckminister Fuller, David and His Sheild

Buckminister Fuller is a “comprehensive engineer”. How does everything interact was his question. Synergetics, his masterpiece, is such a book. It is not for the faint-hearted.

by Aubrey Schield on Mar 17, 2015
Experiencing autumn satisfies an inner longing

Walking Through A Frosty, Autumn Fire

Autumn of 2014 was the last time I communed with the Oquaga Spirit on Oquaga Lake. Our family had many summers together at Scotts Oquaga Lake House in 
October,before the hard frost hit; we would pack our bags and return to Florida. I this regard we may have lived like some of the North American Indian      tribes. The featured poem for this blog- "Walking"- is not in the upcoming book. The poem, however does give a sample of the spirit's communication.


A blanket of pure white frost
Glosses over the fields
As the Sun glistens upon it,
Scintillating colors it wields.

Green that once graced the summer
Is now frosted by the breath of cool.
Another season has made an appearance
As the thread of time unspools.

The frosty ground contrasts
The blazon leaves above:
Making a background of  white
Against the rainbow colors I love.

A bush beams in delight,
Proud of her new red heraldry.
She shows off  her brand new clothing
That even those faint of sight can see.

As the Sun continues to rise,
The frost begins to fade.
But the leaves maintain their inner warmth
On this masterpiece that nature has made.

Autumn, Leaf, Fall, Nature, Red, Season, Autumn Leaves

The Oquaga Spirit Speaks has about 100 pages of poetry and pictures. I hope to post the book on the products page fairly soon. The picture evokes an 
image from a poem called "Change": "September's maple tree has spiraled leaves in red. So intense in tone, they look as though 
they've bled." One of my own goals is to tour as a poet. I've managed to memorize every poem in The Oquaga Spirit Speaks. A free audio thumbnail is also in 
the works. On the way down to Boca Grande, I practice reciting the poetry. This I do, as is said in music, "molto espressivo"-"with much espression". Just as the spirit insists.     

the Pinnacle of Thought in the Unified Culture of Ancient Builders

A Code for the Cosmos, Sciences and Arts

A Code for the Cosmos, Sciences and Arts. This grid of numbers is the prime and most basic number square that can be built. Yet, it hides the most complex mathematical codes.  An American Indian, female spirit from the matrilineal Lennie Lenope tribe explained the code to me. The tribe lived around Oquaga Lake. Her spirit would visit me on my daily walks around the lake. Her book of poetry (The Oquaga Spirit Speaks) will soon be available as a product on

A gift from the Oquaga spirit of the Lennie Lenape tribe


This one square of numbers takes on three forms. It balances by ones, tens and hundred. Please read previous blogs. . It is a model for any “three in one”. Both Christian and Hindu Trinities partake of this model. It also finds its way into the Muslim and Jewish religions.  As this square balances in three distinct ways;  3 x 9 (boxes) = 27 boxes:

  • Muslims celebrate Ramadan on the 27th day of the 9th month.
  • The Christian Bible has 27 chapters.
  • The Greek concept of the 9 muses comes from this basic form.
  • The 1st sentence of Genesis in Hebrew the Torah, by numerical equation totals 2701. Again, please review previous blogs where this is explained. Perimeter 1 around the central five (by single numbers = 40); perimeter two by tens equals 440 (overlap the digits). Perimeter three by hundreds = 2220 (straight reads by hundreds across each side of the square). Genesis adds these three perimeters as 40 + 440 + 2220 =2700. Then one is added for the Hebrew symbol “aleph”א , that begins the sentence. Number 2701 has special significance on the Tree of Life, but that’s another blog.
    א  בְּרֵאשִׁית, בָּרָא אֱלֹהִים, אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם, וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ.1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. = 2701 by the practice called gematria

Only when you look past the visual barriers of the lines of the grid can you find the essence of  the “three in one truth”. Buddha confirms this when he stated: that the “Tathagata”, who realizes full truth, is the one that has acquired three bodies. This seed of the magic squares is found as  simple graph found under Buddhist spires.


Scotts Showboat of Song with blogger David at the piano and captain Gary at the wheel.Truly, the cosmos is beautiful!
Home of the Oquaga Spirit, Oquaga Lake. A female Indian spirit from the Lennie Lenope tribe revealed the secrets of the cosmos to me. I would play the piano under Scott’s employment.


rebuilt Steinway at the Gasparilla Inn

Space and Time Coalesce on Route 66

Space and Time Coalesce on Route 66. This wonderful road is full of adventure for the traveler and mystic. Distinctly American pilgramages took place on this road. Now it is mostly historic. Route 66

Who among us does not remember the song “Get your kicks on Route 66”. Or the television show, Route 66. It stretches 2,448 miles from Chicago to LA. Both 66 and 2448 are higher charged ancient numbers. Are you ready for this adventure? Please bear with me. First, enjoy the king.