Dance Steps of Canoes v. Motor Boats on Oquaga Lake

People Berries, an analgy from Oquaga Lake

Dance Steps of Canoes v. Motor Boats. You ask, how can canoes and motor boats dance? They “imprint” dance.  That is they leave either ripples, waves or rough water behind. Of course, that depends on the dance style. A favorite summer activity on Oquaga Lake is watching the boats in the water go by. You’ll see everything including:

  • Motor boats stopping to pick up their fallen water skiers in the middle of the lake.
  • Rubber rafts being towed by a speedboat going dragging 4 or 5 children screaming in delight
  • Show offs that ski holding only one rope with one hand (see picture below)
  • The real show off that places a stand up ladder in the water and manages to ski on that
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    Of course, the Catskill Mountains were known for ballroom dancing. Scott’s Oquaga  Lake House, where Sharon and I resided,  was approached to film Dirty Dancing with John Travolta. The owners turned the offer down. At the time, they were already quite busy.When we were there, the Oquaga Spirit chimed on the dancing thing. She definitely prefers a calm lake. The spirit whispered the following quatrain to me.

    Canoes waltz the water
    Speedboats are cha-cha choppy
    Canoes gently promenade
    Waves from motors are sloppy

    Scott’s Showboat of song can be seen docked in front of the Playhouse. Ballroom dancing took place on the 2nd level at the playhouse.  The bottom level was reserved for Patty’s Pub. It had the most beautiful view of the entire lake. The Scotts featured their guests at talent shows at the pub. Usually, after a beer or two, everybody had the courage to offer their talent.

    The fun at Scotts never stopped. So many of the regular patrons, and even the Oquaga Spirit hopes it will continue for many years to come.






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