How I Encouraged Dave’s Marriage

Newlyweds Darlene and Dave
Newlyweds Darlene and Dave

How I Encouraged Dave’s Marriage: The ways of love are unknowable.  Dave went on a concert tour, and on a cold, snowy night in February; he was playing at a Lion’s Club in Hilliard, Ohio- a suburb of Colombus. At the insistence of Mark Azar, then a 10 year old boy, he and his mother came to hear the  Rubinoff and His Violin at that  concert. Earlier Mark had heard the maestro play for his school, as Dave gave free concerts for the children in the vicinity of his engagements.

Darlene fell in love immediately on hearing this grand violinist.  Then, after the concert, she wrote the following note on the back of her business card for little Mark to give the Maestro: “Dear Mr. Rubinoff: Tonight, at age 44, I know what love at first sight means. If I were free to do as I please, I would follow you everywhere.  Mother of eight- Darlene”.

Dave came back to Detroit to work with me and said; “I’m 73 and have just met a wonderful woman who is 44. Do you think I should marry her?” Without any hesitation I said “Why not?  Mr. Rubinoff then said, “She has 8 young children”.  I felt that Dave was in love with her, so I said: “It will be wonderful. Do it!”

And so, it was wonderful.  I feel that the Azar family, by their love and kindness, extended Mr. Rubinoff’s life by more than a dozen years. They also welcomed me into their household to work with the Maestro and treated me as one of their family.  I am forever grateful to the Azars.   (Stay tuned for more Rubinoff blogs)

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