Public Premiere of Golden Roads Musical of Golda Meir

Public Premiere of Golden Roads Musical of Golda Meir. The word is out. Ticket sales are brisk. Everyone thinks we have a hit on our hands. This musical is happy, uplifting and meant to inspire. Also, this musical has elements of the beautiful music of the 1930’s. Like early 1930’s hit, Stardust, by Hoagy Carmichael, melody is of primary importance. David composes from the standpoint of melody, unlike many of today’s composers. Melody should be held as sacred. Rhythm is also enjoyable. However, in composition, it should be at the service of melody.   Since age 11, that has  been David’s style of composition. All have their own Golden Roads that lead to fulfillment of personal wishes and dreams. The formula is in the musical.

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Golda Meir and our Shakespeare -like spirit character called Zion frequently communicate in our new musical called Golden Roads


So, What is So Special About This Public Premiere?

The dynamic writing team duo of David and Sharon Ohrenstein will premiere a new musical, Golden Roads.
David and Sharon Ohrenstein, are a musical theater writing team. Sharon does the book and lyrics. David does the music.


  • We have a wonderful director, Carlo Thomas. “He went on to a career which included Opera (City Opera, Canadian Opera, Berlin Opera, The Spoleto Music Festival, where he was directed by Gian Carlo Menotti), Broadway (1776, Phantom of the Opera), Concert (soloist at Radio City Music Hall), Recording with the Fred Waring band – and anything that required music. With his life partner Timothy Gray (who with Hugh Martin wrote the score for the musical High Spirits – based on the Noel Coward play Blithe Spirit, and many more), Carlo was enmeshed in the theater scene. Listen to this extraordinary man tell the charming, funny and sometimes outrageous stories of a life and career dedicated to the making of beautiful music. 11-24-14 Audio Interview.”
  • Carlo introduced us to the use of musical motifs. We use them extensively in Golden Roads. The piano becomes a surrogate actor by using musical comments on stage. The technique was used extensively in The Phantom of the Opera. What a learning experience this was for us. We are honored to work with this man.
  • Sharon Ohrenstein

    GOLDEN ROADS: A New Musical About Golda Meir

    $15 General Tickets On Sale Now!

    Sat. 1/28 @1pm

    Sharon Ohrenstein (book and lyrics) performs multiple characters as Golda takes her extraordinary journey from Pinsk to Prime Minster of Israel. Her true love and spirit guide, Zion, follows her every move. Nobody Can Tell Me, I Do, We Have Returned, My Heart Is Always Home (composer: David Ohrenstein) are a few of the songs.

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