Torch is Handed to the Next Generation

Torch is carried by the next generation

Torch is Handed to the Next Generation. Seated at his portable piano is blogger David. He is thrilled to accompany his daughter Kathryn Parks and actor-singer. Mattthew Ryder for the televised broadcast.  David also greatly admired the accompanist, Peter Madpak, who did the show at the Venice Theater. Kathryn’s and Matthew’s caberet has highest quality singing and acting. Their voices are totally pleasant and enjoyable. If they ever are not, it is done strictly for the comic effect that the song demands. Their music covers the various aspects of love. In my humble opinion, their two act caberet could have been even longer. The audience loved it. They got several standing ovations at the performance at the Venice Theater. In short, it’s potentially a great money making crowd pleaser! In the picture below, we are rehearsing for our television appearance.

Torch is Passed on to the Next Generation
Kathryn Parks and Matthew Ryder in their new production. Kathryn’s dad, David, at the piano.

Carrying the Torch on ABC Suncoast View

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The song we  performed on Suncoast View for the morning and evening news was People will say We’re in Love from Oklahoma. 
Image result for Free usable picture from Broadway show Oklahoma
 The Venice Theater performances were August 25 and 27th. Saturday was standing room only. Thank goodness the beautiful and what’s pleasant in music have finally returned. I feel that Kathryn and Matthew are at the vanguard of this new push for genuine entertainment. New Broadway and older selections are well represented in their caberet. It is entitled, Songs to Sweep You Off Your Feet.  The show features many Broadway styles.  We hear Tonight from West Side Story. We get to enjoy Kathryn singing If I Loved You. She and her mother (my wife) , Sharon, were recently the female leads in Carousel at the Players Theater. For an unforgettable treat, listen to the youtube connection below. It is so moving that every  night the audiences could not hold back their tears. A newer song in “Songs to Sweep…” is One Second and a Million Miles from The Bridges of Madison County. How about enjoying an Old Fashioned Wedding from Irving Berlin’s Annie Get Your Gun. Yes, our family plans on continuing to make people happy through music.  Keep checking our events on Alot is about to be posted.  Also, don’t miss our newly scheduled musical, Golden Roads. Announcements will be made shortly.
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