Travel on the Golden Roads of Golda Meir

Travel on the Golden Roads of Golda Meir

Travel on the Golden Roads of Golda Meir. We are honored to travel on the Golden Roads of Golda Meir. Our new musical is taking us on a journey as bookings keep coming in. The musical has a strong parallel to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. There is one main difference, however. For Dorothy, in the Wiz, the Yellow Brick Road led to Oz. The wizard would in turn would lead her home. In our Golda one-woman musical, the Golden Roads are home sweet home.

Yellow brick road
Cowardly lion2.jpg

Dorothy and her companion befriend the Cowardly Lion, while traveling on the Yellow Brick Road–illustration by W. W. Denslow

The road is first introduced in the third chapter of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The road begins in the heart of the eastern quadrant called Munchkin Country in the Land of Oz. It functions as a guideline that leads all who follow it. The  road’s ultimate destination is the imperial capital of Oz. It is called Emerald City . It is at exact center of the continent.

In a similar way,  Jerusalem is thought of as the center of the world in many traditions. Golda Meir helped pave the way for thousands of  immigrants after World War II. Golda Meir’s Golden Roads were real. In Parliament she helped  pass the Golden Wegen (Golden Roads) Initiative of 1949. She wanted Israel to not only have roads, but that they be beautiful. They had to have trees and flowers. This is most remarkable for a desert-like country. It just had had swamps,  sand and rock for  terrain.


David and Sharon currently have 2 Sarasota bookings. (1) They are opening the Sarasolo Festival January 28 at the Crocker Church in Sarasota. (2) Their Longboat Key booking is Friday March 24 (see featured picture). We  are honored to bring the Golden Roads to Sarasota. Get your tickets now. Seating is limited. 

SaraSolo Festival 2017 is one of Sarasota’s most exciting new arts festivals. It provides a unique theatre experience, which celebrates the solo artist, showcasing an eclectic mix of 45-90 minute solo performances by 22 national and international artists – featuring music, dance, cabaret, comedy, performance art, stand-up, and storytelling, as well as historical, biographical and poetic plays–

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