Zodiac Dance Demonstrates Extremes from Ballet to Modern

Zodiac Dance is a fun 45 minutes of entertainment.

Zodiac Dance Demonstrates Extremes from Ballet to Modern. I thought it would be fun to write and premier a ballet on the zodiac. What a project!  First of all, for a number years I accompanied classes at the Florida Ballet Arts School in Sarasota.  Lynn Winslow, the artistic director, was quite kind to me.  My rhythm, back then, used to be sometimes, in places, not quite spot on. She would tell her dancers: “This happens in the real world. You sometimes have to make adjustments for the accompaniment in an actual performance.  This can be true of any live music.”. Thank goodness, my  rhythm, like fine wine, has improved with age.

I always wrote music. Actually, before I was an accomplished pianist, I composed difficult works. But what was it that got me interested in the zodiac? Like many before me, I worked out a connection between music, the planets and the zodiac signs. The connection was thought of some years previous to my ballet involvement.   The result was the World Premiere of the Dance of the Zodiac. In addition to an introduction and finale, it has 12 vignettes. One features each zodiac sign.

Zodiac dance is ready to make the rounds again.
The introduction was less structured. It was like the creation right after the big bang. Structure and keys came with the zodiac signs.

The Dance of the Zodiac had a full 45 minute presentation by the Florida Ballet Arts Ensemble under the choreography and direction of Lynn Winslow and S, Fairwhether. See newspaper article.


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