Clues Dead End as in the movie-National Treasure

Clues dead end when looking for sources. of antiquity

Clues Dead End As in the Movie-National Treasure. For 15 years I thought the prototype of the cosmos was the 5 Platonic solids. They provided so many answers. Then, after following a path, it dead ended.  An example was my excitement over discovery of ancient cycles of time. Ancients used astrological ages.  An age is a time period in which astrologers claim a primary line of thought runs with people. This realtes relating to culture, society, and politics. There are twelve astrological ages corresponding to the twelve zodiacal signs in western astrology.

  • 2,160 years equals one astrological age.
  • Another, how there are 1440 minutes in a 24 hour time frame.
  • Another, is the Babylonian’s measure of time called a shar. It equaled 3600 years. The Sumerians defined a “load” by this figure.
  • UnitRatioMean ValueSumerianAkkadianCuneiform
    grain1/18046.6mg ±1.9mgšeuţţatu𒊺
    shekel18.40g ±0.34ggin2šiqlu𒂆
    pound60504g ±20gma-namanû𒈠𒈾
    load360030.2kg ±1.2kggun

What are the Platonic Solid Parallels to the Above?

Platonic solid transformation is by numbers.
#1 = tetrahedron. #2 = cube. #3 = octahedron. #4 = dodecaedron. # 5 = icosahedron.
Platonic solid transformation by numbers
  1. As per the chart above: A cube totals 2160°.
  2. An octahedron has 1440°.
  3. An icosahedron has 3600°.


Octahedron Unifies Space Time in Ancient Cultures – DSO Work

Clues Dead End on National Treasure

In the movie, Ben Gates comes from a family of treasure hunters. Now his grandfather believes that the forefathers buried a treasure.  It is somewhere in the country.  Clues are everywhere.  But, unfortunately, they are highly cryptic and scattered all over the place.
Movie national treasure.JPG

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