Five hundred fortieth post is all About Man

five hundred and fortieth post is about man

Five hundred fortieth post is all About Man. Here’s the story as an excerpt from my  The Staff of God Vol II. A number of Middle Eastern languages have the same symbol for numbers and letters. In this manner a numerical value can be equated with a particular number. This is called by the ancient Greek word, gematria.


Five Hundred Fortieth post is all About Adam or man.
Man equates with number 45. This number defines the 3 x 3 number square (see below).  The above is the key to Hebraic gematria. Here’s how it works:

Five hundred Fortieth Post Numerically Parallels the 5 Sided Pentagon

The gematria of the first man, Adam is 45.
This number has kinship with the 3 x 3 number square.
The sum of the numbers that comprise the square,
Being the sum 1 thru 9, totals 45.

The word for Adam is actually set up like the square.
Aleph = 1;  dalet = 4; and mem = 40.
Aleph + dalet  total the central 5.
Mem equals the sum of the perimeter of 40.

The square of three is like a lump of clay,
From which right and left limbs can be molded.
Using polarities up and down by hundreds
Example, 951 + 159, total 1110.
(That is the sum of 555 + 555)

Multiple balanced polarities  can take the shape
As with the 951 axis of the head and torso:
438 + 672 can be viewed as  the left and right arms.
The reverse 834 + 276 can be the left and right legs.
(all sums equal 1110.)

Five hundred fortieth post

The 3 x 3 number square utilizes opposite polarities by number. Man’s  polarities are left and right: Arms and legs swing back and forth while walking.  Power in martial art utilizes strength through polarity: One arm thrusts forward while the other goes backward in a set manner.

Here is an internal. The 1st sentence of Genesis uses three polarities. One is obvious and two are hidden:

  1. By single numbers the perimeter is 40.
  2. Double and overlap the perimeter numbers. You get 440.
  3. Triple and overlap the perimeter numbers corner to corner. You get 2,220. The total of the 3 perimeters is 2700.
  4. Add all three totals The 1st sentence of Genesis totals 2,701. Thus, 40 + 440 + 2220 = 2700. We add the One to the opening sentence of the Torah.

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