Hunab of 3.41 Feet of Central America

Hunab of 3.41 Feet of Central America. Measure Proves a Pre-Genesis Citadel in Mexico.  It also proves the extreme antiquity of the 12 inch foot. This is in the site called Teotihuacan. Its Citadel with the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon are traceable to about 100 AD.  However, many think the actual site and its foundations are a lot older. The unit of measure used is called the “hunab”. It was discovered by Hugh Harleston Jr. The first part of what you will read here is copied from one of my blogs: Measure Proves existence of a  Pre-Genesis Citadel in Mexico.   This measure is found extensively throughout Central America. One hunab = 3.41 feet. If you learn to read numbers as words, the hunab comes to life. The double service of numbers and letters in antiquity is called by a Greek name – gematria.  Here is the parallel between the hunab and the pre-Genesis world:

The site uses a very ancient unit of measure found in Genesis called the hunab
The Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico was measured by the Extremely ancient hunab that existed before Genesis.

Measure Proves a Pre-Genesis Citadel in Mexico

  • The name of the pre-creation God was Emesh  אֶ֣מֶשׁ: “Laban said unto Jacob: The God of your fathers, Emesh, said to me…” In Hebrew “Emesh” literally means “yesternight.” Reference Genesis (31:29).
  • אֶ֣מֶשׁ – Alef = 1; Mem = 40; shin = 300. Total is 341 by the rules of gematria.
  • אֶ֣מֶשׁ- The three Hebrew letters of  Emesh  are the the “mother” of all the Hebrew letters. They are the three classification headings for the  the remaining 19 consonances of the Hebrew alphabet.
  • Finally, אֶ֣מֶשׁ, (Emesh)as explained by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan in the Sefer Yetzirah, elucidates on how this word also represents “Gloom, waste, and desolation” of yesteryear.  Rabbi Kaplan’s reference is to Job 30:3.  However it also refers to the state of chaos as depicted in Genesis 1:2: Now the earth was unformed and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep...”. Some manner of worldwide cataclysm had taken place. God, before that time, was called upon by the name, Emesh.

The Following is an Excerpt from my unpublished book: The Sacred Engineers’ Philosophy- the Pinnacle of Thought in the Unified Culture of Ancient Builders

This book was written as a conversation between myself (David) and two seekers of knowledge. They are Seeker I and Seeker II. The diagram similar to the one above was shown to me while I was hiking around Oquaga Lake. The Oquaga Spirit would accompany on walks.  She was an Indian spirit from the Lennie Lanape tribe. Her triangle  had an altitude from “C” drawn as a  perpendicular line that bisected line AB. The two shorter legs were 12 inches each. The hypotenuse is  16.97 inches. ( The picture of the  above lengths of the legs of the right triangle are approximate).

So, Based on this 12 inch foot, where is the 3.41 foot hunab?

The diagonal of a square is always longer that any side by √2. Thus, 12 x  √2 = 16.97″.  Thus, 12 + 12 + 16.97= 40.97 inches.  Finally, 40.97 ÷ 12 inches per foot = 3.414166…. feet.  This was taken as 3.41 feet. Conclusion: The 12 inch English foot actually existed in the Biblical world of yesteryear, before creation as described in Genesis.  The perimeter of the 12 inch x 12 inch x 16.97 inch right triangle gave birth to the 3.41 foot long hunab. I think this proves without a doubt that a massive cataclysm took place leaving only ruins and traces of the former civilization of Emesh. We need a strong vision of peace in order to avoid such a cataclysm again. 


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