Cotton Club Rendezvous in the 1930’s

Cotton Club buddies

Cotton Club Rendezvous in the 1930’s. David Rubinoff and His Violin (seated at the piano) and Jimmy Durante met at the Cotton Club. Dave literally made a fortune playing his violin for the American public. Now he seems to be all but forgotten. I intend to change that. As his accompanist and arranger for some fifteen years, I have a lot to say about David. Last year I offered a concert with violinist Steven Greenman. It was under the baton of Joseph Rubin. Note my name at the bottom of the poster to the left.  I also gave a lecture about this great master. This happened in a little town called Circleville in Ohio. Dave knew, sensed and responded to the public need quality popular music

Cotton Club rendezvous
Rubinoff and His Violin documented musical life in America in the early part of the 20th century in his book, Dance of the Russian Peasant.
Look at this $2.00 and $2.50 price of dinner and entertainment. Rubinoff made as much as $500.000.00 a year during this same  period of time.

Cotton Club Rendezvous with Jimmy Durante

So, what is the story? First, I recommend reading my first internal link about the Cotton Club. Dave often shared a ride to the Club with the head of the Musicians Union, Jimmy Petrillo. Whom else would share a ride in Petrillo’s armored car?  None other than Al Capone. I quote his autobiography, The Dance of the Russian Peasant, that he dictated to his last wife, Darlene Azar.  

Cotton Club Carousing for Rubinoff and His violin


“In the 1930’s, in New York, I enjoyed the Cotton Club. There was always good food and entertainment. They (the band) always played Give Me a Moment Please, my radio theme song when they saw me arrive. (A personal anecdote: His beautiful, hand carved door would also play his theme song every time I rang it). 

I met many marvelous celebrities of the day like Cab Calloway, Lena Horne, Satchmo, Ethel Waters, Joe Lewis- the heavyweight champion of the world-Louis Armstrong, Jimmy Durante, and many politicians at the Cotton Club.”

More to come!

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