Sousa Paves Path for Public School Concerts for Rubinoff

Sousa paves path for concert violinist David Rubinoff.

Sousa Paves Path for Public  School Concerts for Rubinoff. John Philip Sousa.  What’s my connection to this blog?  I arranged for and was the piano accompanist for Rubinoff and His Violin (his professional name).  John Philip Sousa (/ˈssə/;[a] November 6, 1854 – March 6, 1932 was known primarily for American military and patriotic marches. Because of his mastery of march composition, he is known as “The March King”. Sousa was also a great educator.

Sousa Paves Path for Rubinoff and School Concerts

Sousa took a keen interest in promoting good music in public schools. That’s the reason for this featured picture. Sousa planted the seed that gave birth to this picture. Rubinoff performs for a packed house of enthralled high school students. He was responsible for bringing quality music to thousands of students of all ages throughout the country. This was before in school music education was a standard. With so many school music programs being trimmed today, we need to bring these concerts back to the schools.  Good music must survive!

Sousa Paves Path
Maestro and most Honorable John Philip Sousa  helped to set a course for Rubinoff’s career. Sousa Paves Path. 

H0w Did Rubinoff and Sousa Become Acquainted?

Victor Herbert was the Pittsburgh Symphony's first official music director.
Victor Herbert was the Pittsburgh Orchestra’s first official music director.

Important people of the day loved and promoted great music and great talent. If they saw someone had genius, they would lend a helping hand. Musical genius needs support and backing. This happened to Rubinoff. Victor Herbert was on Sabbatical. He went Good news: to Warsaw. Rubinoff was giving his graduation concert at the conservatory. Internal link immediately below explains the story.

Warsaw Concerto Archives – DSO Works

One thing led to another in Rubinoff’s exploding, volcanic rise to fame and fortune. He Lived for his first years in Pittsburgh with Victor Herbert. Dave apprenticed with this great composer of operetta. Herbert was then the conductor of the Pittsburgh Symphony. Here I quote Rubinoff’s book, Dance of the Russian Peasant. ” He (Herbert) would have Sunday night parties, where I met many stars of the day: Caruso, Mme Schumann Heink, Irving Berlin. Will Rogers and Ira and George Gershwin.”  One of the guests was John Philip Sousa.

Good News: Our glorious American past is actually being revived thanks to the curator of the Ted Lewis Museum in Circleville, Ohio- Joseph Rubin. He put together an incredible concert that featured the music of David Rubinoff. I (David Ohrenstein) was asked by him to perform with violinist Steven Greenman, Below is our youtube excerpt recorded live in the dedication concert. I’m seated at the piano. Enjoy and share. Most of all, let  curator and maestro Joseph Rubin know how much you appreciate his wonderful patriotic and musical  efforts. Underneath are two links. The lower is to the Ted Lewis. The David Ohrenstein Archives has the link to our concert.

David Ohrenstein Archives – DSO Works

Image result for David Ohrenstein on youtube
youtube link is on the David Ohrensein Archives internal link above this picture.

Ted Lewis Museum Link

Image result for picture of the Ted Lewis Museum

The Ted Lewis Museum

Celebrating the life the preserving the legacy of one of the greatest entertainers of all time, Circleville’s own Ted Lewis (and much more, I might add).


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