PATRA Opéra Comique in Two Acts in English

Music by Sharon & David Ohrenstein     Original Libretto by Sharon Ohrenstein

PATRA has been chosen for a Seagle Music Colony Fall 2019 Workshop as part of their American Center for New Works Development. 

Date TBA.  PATRA is an extensive rewrite of Octavian & Cleopatra

The current length is approximately 2 hrs.  

This melodic opera-comique has a small cast of five singers and a female dancer:  

PATRA – mezzo soprano; 

OCTAVIAN – bass-baritone; and 

IRAS – soprano;

CHARMIAN – mezzo soprano;

MARCELLUS – tenor; 



The last days of Cleopatra are filled with daring, intrigue, and love possibilities. When the villainous Octavian lands in Egypt to assert his victory over Antony and Cleopatra, Patra will do most anything to save her children and herself. She disguises herself as a hag; foretells Octavian’s future; takes a drug to commune with the dead; seduces Centurion Marcellus whom her drugged mind thinks is Antony; meets with Octavian; and initiates an encounter with a cobra. When Octavian tries to take advantage of her, she sings of love. Octavian exits without a word. He has fallen in love but tragically does nothing. The love-struck Marcellus offers her a way to escape. Yes, she dies but not how you think.  Her death changes Octavian from lead to gold as he vows to become the man she would have loved the most.

Permission granted to use The Musicians of Amun: From Cairo With Love and Khedr.