Keys to the Great Pyramid are on the Piano

keys how the piano keyboard is the drawing board for the Great Pyramid of Egypt

Keys to the Great Pyramid are on the Piano. Black and white keys form an interesting pattern. Within the scope of an octave are 5 black keys and 8 whites. Let’s use  the pattern of one “C” to the next. Look at the featured picture. “C’s” are immediately to the left of the 2 black ones. Count the white keys from one “C” to the next. There are eight. Now count the first black set. We see one pattern of two. The next pattern with the octave has three. Thus, 2 + 3 = 5. The basic ratio of white to black within the octave is 5 to 8. That describes the ratio of the base to the height of the Great Pyramid. Also, white key “A” vibrates 440 times per second. Count the white tones from the “C” under the “M” on the name, Yamaha.  “A” is the 6th one from middle “C”.  In doing this, count  the middle “C” as the first note. 440 is an essential Great Pyramid number. Keep reading.


keys on the piano and the keyboard have a lot in common
Keys. How the keyboard on the piano measures the Great Pyramid. Want to travel the world? Play the piano. I give piano lessons in Sarasota.

Now, what are the ways in which this magnificent structure duplicates the standard piano keyboard?

  • A Great Cubit is 55 smaller cubits of 1.71818…feet. The Great Pyramid has a height of the Great Pyramid is 5  Great Cubits. That numbers the octave’s black keys.
  • The length of a side of the base is 8 Great cubits. Its 8 to 5 ratio becomes apparent. The piano has 8 white keys for every five black within the octave.
  • The height of the Great Pyramid is 275 shorter cubits of 1.71818..feet. The lowest note on the piano, an “A”, vibrates 27.5 times per second.
  • The standard piano keyboard has 88 keys. 1st of all, Thoth, the Egyptian god associated with Mercury, is connected with number 88. This is thru what was called gematria. This is the ancient equation of numbers and letters. They shared the same symbols.
  • Second, Mercury completes an orbit around the Sun in 88 earth days. Play every black and white key on the piano. One note = one day of Mercury’s orbit.
  • Finally, “A” is tuned to 440 vibrations per second. This is especially true of older cultures. They used the diatonic scale. Each side of the Great Pyramid measures 440 cubits of 1.71818…feet.

Conclusion: Playing the piano should give you the same essential qualities and feelings as the Great Pyramid. In addition, playing music on  the piano can take you to to distant times, lands and places. So, enjoy life. Take the time to play music!


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