Indian Summer as Related by the Oquaga Spirit

Enjoying an Indian summer at Bluestone farm

Indian Summer as Related by the Oquaga Spirit. Oquaga Lake is imbued with a spiritual presence. It is a spring fed lake perched high in the Catkskill mountains. I sensed the spirit was  female and from the Lennie Lenape tribe. This particular tribe was matrilineal. She dictated poetry every summer. Many of my blogs on  share her wisdom about number squares. Soon I’ll be starting a 2nd website called Reviving She taught me about the “grain of mustard seed.” It is the 3 x 3 number square which grows like a luxuriant plant. It is the smallest of number squares.  Yet it grows to infinity. The 3 x 3 square  hides lost number codes. These codes were part of the knowledge once found at the library of Alexandria in Egypt. The poem below is an excerpt from The Oquaga Spirit Speaks. It is a product on DSOworks.

The matrilineal Lennie Lenape tribe dwelled around Oquaga Lake. They were part of the Indian Algonquin nation. I felt a spiritual presence the entire time we lived by the lake.

My Poem as Dictated by the Spirit Called Indian Summer

Fall blew in today
Overtaking summer.
While summer took her time,
Fall was a quicker runner.

He came with trumpet fanfare
Running on a cool North breeze,
Falling many leaves
Bending branches on trees.

Summer was caught by surprise
By autumn’s sudden sprint
As he whoosed right by her
Brushing her leaves with tint.

Under grey sky cover
With thick and fluffy clouds
This challenger ran right by
To cheering fans and crowds.

But wait, says Summer she,
He cannot keep his pace:
This young impetuous challenger
Thinking to win this race.

Summer, a wise old Indian,
Will wait ’till Fall slows down
Then run as fast as she can
Before he turns around.

She’ll then regain the season
Warming hill and tree,
A beautiful Indian summer
For all of us she’ll be.

Image result for pictures of Oquaga Lake
The incredible beauty of Autumn on Oquaga Lake


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