July Images as Communicated by the Oquaga Spirit

July images on Oquaga Lake

July Images as Communicated by the Oquaga Spirit. First, what and what is the Oquaga Spirit? The word “Spirit” (from the Latin spiritus meaning “breath”) appears in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament).  It is also in the New Testament. The alternative term, “Holy Ghost”, comes from Old English, spiritus.[8]

On Oquaga Lake, and on other lakes in upstate New York, the spirit seems to have an independent existence. I was just at Schroon Lake and felt its presence there. It feel it is a female spirit from the Lennie Lenape tribe. This branch of the American Indians once made their home in the area. If the spirit favors you, she is most kind. If not, there’s trouble.

Peaceful training as per the Oquaga Spirit

Oquaga Spirit Speaks Archives – DSO Works

I will share the first poem she gave me. Hearing the poetry actually recited is the most authentic way to enjoy the poems. Of course I have memorized every poem. I practice them daily for meditation. As I recite, I let the spirit use me as her medium. It becomes a zen experience. July Images, vocalized, takes on a life of its own. First, read and afterwards recite the lines from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s the Day is Done: Recitation by memory greatly animates the lines.

Then read from the treasured volume
      The poem of thy choice,
And lend to the rhyme of the poet
      The beauty of thy voice.
And the night shall be filled with music,
      And the cares, that infest the day,
Shall fold their tents, like the Arabs,
      And as silently steal away.

July Images as per the Oquaga Spirit

Here is the picture of July painted by the spirit. Every couplet is rhymed.  It was one of the 1st poems in my book. The Oquaga Spirit Speaks.  In the poems that followed, the 2nd and 4th lines of the quatrain carried the rhyme.

July Images
“June, July and August- It’s a giant stay and play. Boating, skiing, swimming: Just fun no summer dismay.

The summer green of July.
The whizzing by of a fly.
The purple blooms of clover.
The hiking gypsy rover.

July is in floral bloom
And overhead birds swoon.
A scented summer breeze
Wafts through the boughs of trees.

Moths flutter by
Passing the colorful butterfly.
The bumble bee’s in flight,
Giving children a fright.

Lilacs grace the road
As past them hops the toad.
Birds chirp all around
Eating wild berries that abound.

The lazy days of July
Make for rest, not try.
The Sun stays overhead.
The vacationer stays in bed.

July is summer’s crown
As long lit days abound.
The queen of siesta is she.
Cares, like kites, fly free.

Oquaga Spirit Speaks


Dedicated to my wife, Sharon, and three children – Abe, Kathryn, and Daniel, who enjoyed wonderful summers at Scott’s Oquaga Lake House with me. Oquaga Lake is located up the mountain from Deposit, NY in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains just across the border to Pennsylvania. This spring-fed lake is rated the cleanest in New York and at points is over 150 feet deep. The lake’s diameter is about a mile across and its outline resembles a bear thus, the Native American name it acquired in 1903 is Oquaga.

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