Wind Chimes as Described by the Oquaga Spirit

Wind chimes on Oquaga Lake

Wind Chimes as Described by the Oquaga Spirit.  They are thought to be good luck in parts of Asia. They are used in Feng Shui.  In antiquity, Roman chimes were usually made of bronze. They were called tintinnabulum.  Often they were hung in gardenscourtyards, and porticoes.  There,  wind movement could  freely cause them to tinkle.  Such bells were believed to ward off malevolent spirits.


A multitude of chimes are found around Oquaga Lake. At Scott’s, Patty Holdridge placed a wonderful set on the bottom patio of the Playhouse. It is located in front of the gift shop on the 1st level. They are on the extreme left side. The chimes are not visible on this picture of the Playhouse. Here is where much of the “fun” happens. Over the years, these chimes have become part of the life on the lake. The lake acts as a megaphone. Oquaga lake is so live that it is difficult to carry on a  private conversation. You’ll see a lot of whispering by those who know this. Those who do not, look out! Speak nice things only. I think that is a good idea, regardless.
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The water on the lake vibrates to the harmonious tones of chimes in the wind.

The Oquaga Spirit Loves Wind Chimes

I am writing this blog because of the Oquaga Spirit. The lake has a very active spirit. I believe it to be a female from the Lennie Lenape tribe. They once lived around the lake. The tribe was also matriarchal. This spirit made its presence known in my life quite strongly. Over many years, I was the piano player at Scott’s. My life was given an incredible thrust because of this spirit. She explained how the ancients used the 7 traditional number squares. Many of my blogs are due to her. She also dictated several books of poetry.

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 One of the books is in the picture to the right.

Cricket as Recorded by the Oquaga Spirit – DSO Works

Click on the internal link given above to see me reciting some of the poetry on youtube. 

Here are a couple of poems with the verses given that include wind chimes:

Ode to Oquaga
The wind carries the sound
Of chimes not Far away.
So harmonious are its tones,
It must be the Deity at play.

I feel a Drop of Rain

As I complete the returning trip
A monarch butterfly I see.
Wind chimes are intones nearby
As I finish this poetry.

I think that the spirit brings joy and happiness. These are the best things we can have; and they are free.

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