Dancing With You (2014) Album

Dancing Near You - You Gotta Love
Dancing Near You - Dancing Near You
Dancing Near You - The Snows of Winter
Dancing Near You - The Mango Tango
Dancing Near You - The Neon Twirl
Dancing Near You - The Highlander Jig
Dancing Near You - Joining Hands for Life
Dancing Near You - Laughing Eyes
Dancing Near You - Waltzing with Kathryn
Dancing Near You - Dark and Dangerous
Dancing Near You - Sippin Monkey La Las
Dancing Near You - Breezin Along
Dancing Near You - Bubbling Baroque
Dancing Near You - Bolero Brilliante
Dancing Near You - The Masks of Drama
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A parade of ballroom dancing instructors from around the USA walked up to our 2nd story mountain summit peak apartment called Green Gables at Scott’s Oquaga Lake House in Deposit located New York in the Catskills. My wife and I have worked during the summers for the wonderful Scott family since 1984.  Their resort has continually been in business since 1869. All my poetry in my book “The Oquaga Spirit Speaks” (also available on this website) was written while hiking around their resort. It’s just an old fashioned beautiful type of place. Incidentally, the movie, Dirty Dancing, was filmed in the Catskills.

Among the expert instructors that come to Scotts to teach ballroom dancing at the same time give us imput on our CD while we were creating it were:

(1) Desiree Smith a professional dancing instructor and 1st prize winner Ballroom Champion in Kwazulu, Africa.  She later called our finished CD, Dancing Near You, “A masterpiece of music!  This collection is perfect for dancing, exercising, or just listening to and relaxing (quotes appear on the CD jacket)”.

(2) Kevin and Adrienne Fee of Dance Harmony in Pleasant Gap, PA wrote:”David and Sharon have a marvelous sense of melody and rhythm. Their ballroom compilation is a must addition for both the competitive or social dancer.”

(3) Ann Basso of the ABC School of Dance in Rockville MD said: “The original and unusal melodies combined with distinctive rhythms make these pieces very danceable and also allow for creative possibilities in choreography. The are fun, inventive, and interesting- not your typical old school dance music.”

(4) Tom Woll of Tom Woll & Assoc. Dance Instruction; Fairfax Virginia states: “David and Sharon have always made fantastic music for listening and dancing. This instrumental CD represents one of their best compilations.”

David composed the music and Sharon arranges his music for chorus, chamber music groups and concert bands, did the instrumentation using advanced Garritan Instruments on the Finale computer program.  Many of the guests at the Scott’s Oquaga Lake House have tell us that they listen to  the music over and over and their way to the resort in order to place themselves in a “Catskill State of Mind.” We hope you enjoy your CD. They make perfect presents for friends.

PS: Here’s a quatrain from the Oquaga Spirit Speaks. He prefers triple meter when he dictates his poems to me:  If it’s life you wish to live and enjoy it to the marrow; then get thee a walking stick and hear the morning sparrow

Our best-   David and Sharon



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