Dedicated to my wife, Sharon, and three children – Abe, Kathryn, and Daniel, who enjoyed wonderful summers at Scott’s Oquaga Lake House with me.

Oquaga Lake is located up the mountain from Deposit, NY in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains just across the border to Pennsylvania.

This spring-fed lake is rated the cleanest in New York and at points is over 150 feet deep.

The lake’s diameter is about a mile across and its outline resembles a bear thus, the Native American name it acquired in 1903 is Oquaga.


Oquaga Spirit Speaks is now enlarged with this second release. It contains more poems and  2 or 3 color pictures per page. was spoken to me by a female Indian spirit. She was, most likely, was from the Lennie Lenape tribe. This book is different from other poetry books:

  • Almost every poem was dictated while hiking on the roads or woods around or near Oquaga Lake. Many poets, on the other hand, write by a desk or on reclining on a bed.
  • I sensed the Indian spirit’s companionship with every poem.
  • This amazing Spirit also illuminated lost knowledge and secrets I that I have been blogging about. She introduced me to the number squares and their hidden mathematical codes.
  • The Spirit also offered me incredible visions while I was hiking.Many have been already blogged about in my current 185+ blogs on DSOworks.com

A Description of My Own Life at Scott’s Oquaga Lake House

At one time the Lennie Lenape American Indians dwelled around Oquaga Lake.  Oquaga Lake sits on a mountain. It is perched  over the town of Deposit, New York. The lake is spring fed.  Its water is clear and clean. Below is  a free youtube sample some poetry.  They offer a feeling of peace through nature.  In that regard, it is not unlike Thoreau’s Walden.    Scott’s Oquaga Lake House is mainly open for rooms.  Chestnut Inn is just about to open this season.  Hopefully, this poetry will help create more interest in this wonderful area.  In the 1980’s Scotts had about 600 visitors per week. It really can only be described in poetic terms.  My blogs on DSOworks.com are meant to fill out the whole story.  Scott’s, for me, was all about music. From the late afternoon until 11:00pm I played the piano. First on the show boat that went around the lake. That I accompanied an afternoon show.  At 6:15 pm I played for the dinner hour. Then off to the dance band, featured shows and the dance band once more. With my short windows of free time, I had to rehearse with the incoming entertainers. It’s a small wonder the book ever got written.




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