The Princess and the Peasant, expecially is a lovely, untold story, Formerly Elizabeth of Russia
Poster for New York Production The Princess and the Peasant is the First Picture of Elizabeth of Russia


Elizaveta leads the way. Robby May, Sharon Lesley. Ellie Pattison
Elizaveta leads the way.
Robby May, Sharon Lesley. Ellie Pattison



 Princess and the Peasant  is about one year in the life of party-girl Elizaveta Petrovna – daughter of Czar Peter I and Empress Catherine I.  When Elizabeth gets backed into a corner and faces the possibility of being arrested and possibly executed along with her friends and the man she loves for supposed treason – all because of the beautiful gown she wore to a party, Elizabeth has three choices.  She can go to a nunnery, marry a German Prince, or take the throne which is legally hers.   To protect her love Alexei, a peasant she has secretly married, she knows what she must do.  Yet, she pauses because she does not want to have to be like other royalty .  She asks, “Can a ruler rule without killing anyone?”  Alexei replies, “It must be possible.”  She vows to God that, if she is successful, she will abolish executions and avoid war.  She leads the Preobrazhensky Guards to the palace on the one condition that no one is to draw blood.  Her overthrow is bloodless and a new Empress is crowned.

Princess and the Peasant was Formerly Elizabeth of Russia

St Petersburg Times with Amy Schwatz- Moretti playing the Stradivarius

St Petersburg Times with Amy Schwatz- Moretti,

In 2003, Elizabeth of Russia was performed as an official event for the centennial anniversaries of St. Petersburg, Russia and Florida. 

Link – Dance of the Cossacks with principle dancers from the Sarasota Ballet 

Link – The Drinking Song 

Link – Dance of the Russian Peasant – played by Rubinoff and his Violin.  HisStradivarius violin, previously owned by the Romanoffs with the imperial crest in rubies and diamonds on it –  was featured in the show playing that piece.


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  We need angels for a venue and financial backing
. The show presents a beautiful vision of Russian culture; while stressing the importance of love and compassion in human relations.  The music is replete with arias that find expression through beautiful melodies. A number of directors have called “The Drinking Song” on you tube above, a hit song.

Romanoff Crest in precious stones

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