Roatan Suite for Children depicts life on the Honduran island of Roatan through music. Children love to practice it. Everyone especially loves the “Iguana Farm.”

Roatan, home of Archies Iguaga Farm
Iguanas in Love. Yes, you see it all on the island of Roatan.


Roatan Suite of Piano Music for Children. This suite of music consists of my impressions of of the Honduran island of Roatan. Children love to learn the numbers. They will even memorize it before they learn to read the notes, they love it so much. For piano teachers it is a must for their students. I can’t begin to say how many students came to study piano in Sarasota with me over the years because of it. My hit opus, the Iguana Farm. 

Picture of an Iguana hanging on to a tree branch at Shermans Iguana Farm on Roatan Island.
My Roatan Suite features the Iguana Farm in the music of the same title. Every student of piano wants to learn it, regardless of age. In plain English, its “too cool.”

My  Newly Published Roatan Suite also Makes Use of the Tarantella  Dance Form

I compose music everywhere. Sharon and I were on the island of Roatan. We did the first and last show on the island. But that’s another blog. One of my piano students in Sarasota asked me: “Mr. Ohrenstein, why don’t you compose something for children?” So I did. Since, many chamber music groups have asked for the music. All the pieces are real “crowd-pleasers.”While on the island, off the coast of Honduras, I depicted its daily life in a dozen compositions. Their titles with a brief description is listed below. Shortly I will have a piano sampling for listening pleasure.


De Mattia Trio rehearsing selections from my Roatan Suite that features the Tarantella
The Demattia Trio rehearsing selections from my Roatan Suite that also features the Tarantella. Ed deMattia, oboist,  is a distinguished conductor. His nephew plays the French horn with the Cleveland Orchestra. Here is a listing of the dozen numbers that make up the suite of music. 
  • The Roatan  Rhumba- with  fun calypso rhythms
  • Island Dreams- expresses the hope that natives have for a better life. Many dream to work on the cruise ships.
  •  Iguana Farm (Disney would love to get a hold of this one. Ed played it with the pianist in the picture in a Cleveland concert).
  • Children on the Beach
  • Crazy Taxis on the Island. They are worse than the drivers at the Indy 500.
  • Sunrise Worker With Machete- the first perpetual motion Tarantella. It depicts the continual swinging motion of men cutting the grass on the mountains.
  • Sauntering on the West End. The beauty of the 1.5 mile walk defies description. The shops are are fun. One is even on a ship.
  • Fishing Fleet Expedition
  • Deep Sea Diving. Boy, are there colorful specimens below!
  • Town of Coxen Hole (named after the famous  pirate, Coxen).
  • Stroll on the Beach
  • Shimmering Water on the Gulf- Another Tarantella. It also uses the Perpetual Motion and rhythms of 6/8 meter.

My Iguana Farm is currently posted as a product. Even my beginner piano  students in Sarasota want to play the Iguana Farm. I teach it to them section by section by rote. What a hit!  When others hear  one of my students play it, I can pick up four or five more students. Sauntering on the West End is also quite popular.


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