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Rhapsody for Golda

Golda Meir’s story told in a one-woman musical


Book & Lyrics by Sharon Ohrenstein

Music by David Ohrenstein

Short Description:

A girl named Golda, armed with only a belief in herself and the cause of Zionism, embarks on what becomes a heroine’s journey to shape, build and save Israel. 

A Spirit guide named Zion helps her through relationships, heartbreaks, and the defeat of her inner and outer enemies.


This original musical by Sharon and David Ohrenstein was first presented at the SaraSolo Festival in 2017. 

With encouragement from many professionals, Sharon and David streamlined the story, cut numbers, added others, sharpened lyrics and created more theatrical arrangements. 

Sharon plays a storyteller who takes on six different characters including Golda from the ages of 14 – 70 yrs. Besides

accompanying the songs, the piano becomes a seventh character in the storytelling. 

Musical motifs such as “She’ll Be Comin Round The Mountain” and “Rule Britannia” are used for mood and comedy while others signal character changes. 

At the piano will be David.