Golda Golden Roads to be presented by Sharon and David Ohrenstein

Holiday Music Live With The Ohs: David and Sharon

Holiday Music Live With The Ohs: David and Sharon. Sample this rare combination on youtube. Enjoy the Ohrensteins this holiday season. On the sample, they have a double audience. The entire North Port Concert Band is seated behind them. A packed concert hall is out in front.  Sharon sings the classic Mel Torme and Robert Wells The Christmas Song. David plays a hot boogie-woogie beat as the backdrop. For their encore it’s White Christmas by Irving Berlin.

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Video for youtube the Holiday Season of the Ohs With the North Port Concert Band
Sharon and David bring the front and back of the house down for their holday concert. Watch as they perform both a packed house and the North Port Concert Band.


Book your date as soon as possible. Starting around December 20, David begins his 8th year at the Gasparilla Inn on the isle of Boca Grande. That gig keeps him occupied six nights a week until the beginning of April. Among the diners are former American presidents and heads of state from around the world. Harrison Ford and Barbara Streisand are counted among the hotel guests. Sharon will begin another season as a top rated instructor with Road Scholar. She teaches theater, film and opera, The fun thing is she takes groups to live events in all three types of classes  in the one of the cultural capitals of the South- Sarasota, Florida.


Triads are at the basis of our harmony in music.. My Boogie Man of the Opera starts with the Bach and goes wild from there,

Triads – Their Bond With Alchemy and Chemistry

Triads – Their Bond With Alchemy and Chemistry. The first hidden code of alchemy is that is the 4 elements. They are earth, air fire and water. Here is what they hide:

  • Fire is the code for hydrogen. The primary stellar source of fire is hydrogen.
  • Earth represents carbon. The hardest earth substance is diamond. Diamond is all compressed carbon.
  • Air is the hidden name for nitrogen. Our atmosphere has approximately 75% nitrogen.
  • Water is reserved for oxygen. By atomic weight, not by atom count , water is mostly oxygen. It is hydrogen hydroxide.

The alchemical four elements are really the basis of organic chemistry. Their atomic numbers, which define the elements are:

  • Hydrogen-1.
  • Carbon-6.
  • Nitrogen-7.
  • Oxygen-6

Now, let’s parallel the four elements to the four types of triads. Here is their definition by half tones.  These 1/2 tone distances are given from the note before. “X” represents the starting tone. Note: Our basic unit, the “one” is the half tone. Like the hydrogen. The diminished is “6” like the carbon. The major and minor are 7 like the nitrogen. The augmented is 8 like the oxygen.

Four elements, four seaons, four triads. Who's counting?
Classical sets of four really come from the centers of the even numbered number squares used Neolithic times. I blog all about these.


  • Diminished triad:  X-3-3 (total 6 half tones from the starting note). This is like earth or carbon.
  • Minor triad: X-3-4 (Total is 7 half tones from the starting note). These next two are like air or nitrogen
  • Major triad: X -4-3 (Total is 7 half tones from the starting note). Same as above.
  • Augmented triad:  X-4-4 (total is 8 half tones from the starting note). This is like water or  oxygen.
  •  The basic building block is the starting tone. It is the fire or hydrogen.
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     Here, I hope, is a treat. Blogger, David, is  playing his own take off on J.S. Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor. I play it  as a Boogie-Woogie. Nobody else has even attempted to  play it. The music is just too difficult. Classical players can’t cut the jazz. Jazz players can’t master its classical aspect. If you are daring enough, I offer it on the product page of Otherwise, simply sit back and enjoy me playing it on the Steinway grand at the Selby Public Library in Sarasota. I also offer piano lessons in Sarasota, Fl. Finally, since I think the Boogie is fun and engages the mind, feel free to share it with your friends.



The Phantom of the Opera is Now a Boogie?

The Phantom of the Opera  is Now a Boogie?  Yes, and the sheet music is available for purchase on this website. Longevity has come to the  Phantom of the Opera  originally written by Gaston Leroux  as a French magazine series in Le Gaulois.  His first installment appeared September 23, 1909.  Some 106 years later, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s  version is still the longest running musical in the history of Broadway.  As a composer, I have chosen to add to the crest of the Phantom wave with a little help from Bach through his Toccata and Fugue in D minor. I have turned “The Phantom of the Opera” into the “Boogie Man of the Opera” which is available for purchase here.  This work, with its “entertaining version of horror and villainy” not only found its way into the Hollywood film of the Phantom of the Opera (1962) (picture below); but also earlier in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931); the Black Cat (1934) and later in Disney’s film, Fantasia.

Erik, The Phantom (Lon Chaney) and Christine Daaé (Mary Philbin)

I took Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor  and made it into a boogie-woogie!

The Phantom of the Opera is Now a Boogie? I took Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor  and made it into a boogie-woogie!  Since Bach loved experimentation, most “long-haired”musicians agreed that he would have approved of the project. I was living at the time with my wife and three children in  Toronto in a duplex at 68 Thursfield Cresent.    During cocktail hour I played the piano at the Prince Hotel in Don Mills and at night, I went around the corner and entertained during the dinner hour at the Duncan House.  However, as that winter of ’87  was ferocious, we were often home bound which gave me plenty of time for the project.  I’m including an excerpt for listening.  Until this last year, I have been playing piano in the  summers regularly in New York at Scott’s Oquaga Lake House in Deposit, NY. where my Bach boogie continually receives bravos.  This winter I will begin my 7th year playing the vintage Steinway pianos 6 nights a week at  Gasparilla Inn on Boca Grande in Florida (click on upcoming events).  I frequently close my evenings with the Toccata and Fugue a la boogie for the amusement and enjoyment of  patrons.