Halloween, A Brightly Lit Moon and Black Cats Dashing By

Halloween, a brightly lit Moon and Black Cats Dashing By. Happy Halloween. Yes, the Oquaga Spirit seems to enjoy Halloween. The Spirit offered me a poem for my book entitled, The Oquaga Spirit Speaks. I call it “Autumn’s Party”. I’ve memorized every poem in the book and daily practice their recitation. My goal is to one day tour the world reciting the poems of this spirit.  I sense she is  from the Lennie Lenape tribe. She would accompany me on my hikes around the mountains. Later I would recite the poems at the public libraries in the Catskills and on group hikes. It’s all part of a book of poetry that the spirit dictated to me over several years. At Scott’s Oquaga Lake House I was the pianist for their occasions for some 15 years, It was there I made the acquaintance of the spirit. The spirit dwells on and around Oquaga Lake located in the scenic Catskill Mountains.

The Oquaga Spirit hovers over the lOquaga Lake perched in the Catskill Mountains
This is the Home of the Scott Family since 1869- and, the Oquaga Spirit who “ignored my tranquility” as she dictated her poems. Above, from right to left are Michael, Scotty (patriarch), Gary, Michelle, Patty and  majestic matriarch, Doris. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

It Must Be Halloween!

Memorizing poetry is  good for the mind. These poems also offer therapy. They have the ability to keep you happy even in these difficult times. It that way, it seems like the spirit’s poems have a healing quality. They are available on DSOworks.com as a product quite inexpensively.  If you are short on funds, be patient. Eventually they will all  be posted and blogged about, one at the time, for free!

The orange in the water is one of the colors used for the banner of Halloween
Oquaga Lake at sundown: “The Lake is like a kaleidoscope whose colors constantly change.”

Autumn’s Party

Autumn’s throwing a party
On a massive scale
With acorns, squash and pumpkins
Wine cider and ale.

Everyone’s preparing-
For that special night-
Ghosts, goblins, witches,
Things that cause a fright.

But, on the darkened evening
In the air is there’s glee,
As children don their costumes
Making revelry.

“Trick or treat’s” the cry
That fills the night time air.
And when you open your doors,
At devils and demons do you stare.

“Boo!” yells a ghost
Barely three feet tall.
“Careful,” you reply
“Or down the stairs you’ll fall.”

The barren, eerie trees
Against a brightly lit Moon…
Back cats dashing by
As overhead bats swoon.

Water a scary party,
Delight in fright it seems.
Orange and black banners?
It must be Halloween!

Make the Oquaga spirit be with you; and, Happy Halloween!   -David.

King Arthur: His Palace and the Megalithic Mile

Idylls of the King 3.jpg
Gustave Doré’s illustration of Camelot from “Enid”, 1867.

King Arthur: His Palace and the Megalithic Mile. Baffling co-incidences occur in the realm of ancient measurements including the use of the same measures in places separated by great distances. Take the megalithic mile which measures 14,400 feet. This distance is 2.7272…tomes greater than the 5,280 foot British mile. For that matter, one megalithic yard equals 2.7272…British feet (12 inches each).  Why 14,400 feet? Isn’t a shorter 5,280 foot mile easier for supposedly primitive people to use for measurement? Consider this: John Michell describes in his The View Over Atlantis how out of the 300 churches on the Ordinance Survey Sheet in the Stonehenge area, over 100 are separated multiples of the 14,400 foot geomancer’s mile. A couple of examples:

  • In the Glastonbury area the distance from the Tor (the area’s most sacred mount) and Cadbury Camp,the alleged site of King Arthur’s palace, is 4 x 14,400 feet.
  • Just in the Glastonbury area, the Abbey and Wells Cathedral are two geomancer’s miles apart.


Why 14,400? I’ve found two reasons.  The second is based on the first. The first is the 3 x 3 magic number square and the second are the five regular polyhedrons, popularly known as the Platonic Solids. I have documented in my works how the 3 x 3 number square is a numerical stamping block for the five Platonic solids.As a matter of fact, it is a stamp for most of the sciences and arts not only of mankind; but  I can say with assurance that if civilizations existed at peace on other planets, this 3 x 3 number square would be at their basis.

  • On the 3 x 3 magic number square, where any row of three numbers totals 15, this sum can be found in 8 different ways: 3 vertically, 3 horizontally and 2 diagonally for a total of 120. Squaring this number that characterizes this number square, we have 120 x 120 = 14,400.
  • Among the five regular polyhedrons, three (tetrahedron, octahedron, and icosahedron)  have a total of 32 triangles ( 180 degrees/triangle x 32 =  5,760 degrees. The cube has six squares at 360 degrees per square = 2,160 degrees and the dodecahedron has 12 regular pentagons so 12 x 540 =6,480 degrees. Add these figures and you have 5,760 + 6,480 + 2,160 = 14,400.

Our allegedly primitive ancestors took the 3 x 3 number square and built their civilizations using its properties as their engineering tool par excellence. Over time, I will keep on blogging about their forgotten wisdom.  Here is the tie in with King Arthur:  As the Lady of the Lake gave King Arthur the Excalibur sword, the Lady of Oquaga Lake showed me what I have come to know, and am sharing.  The goal, as per the 8th century Greek poet and philospher, Hesiod; is a lasting Golden Age of peace and plenty. My book, The Oquaga Spirit Speaks, will be available shortly and very reasonably, on this website. It was dictated to me, word by word, by the Lady of the Lake while living in the Catskills of New York.



Oquaga Spirit Speaks About Her Indian Tribe Where the Women Ruled

The Oquaga Spirit is a spiritual essence around Oquaga Lake located  on top of a mountain in Deposit, New York. The mountain range is called the Catskills; a once famous place for New York vacationers trying to escape the heat of summer. On Oquaga Lake you literally can forget about the rest on the world. Only the skies, crystal clear water and lush forests are there. The town  is called Deposit after the logs that lumberjacks deposited to be shipped down the Delaware River. We have spent over a dozen summers on the lake since 1983. I sensed that the spirit is an old female American Indian guide from the Lenni Lenope tribe. All the enlightenment, which I received by Oquaga Lake on the 3 x 3 magic square of numbers, came from this lady spirit guide.

Oquaga Lake Where  Lenni Lenape Tribe was Matrilineal

The Lenape kinship system is matrilineal.  Children belonged to their mother’s clan who gave them their social status and identity. Hereditary leadership was from the mother’s clan. Women had the power to remove anyone that they disliked. They not only managed the agriculture, but decided allotments of land by the needs of extended families. Married couples lived with the bride’s family and were able to receive help in raising their own children from the matriarch and her daughters.

Dan and Dad. Sunset at Oquaga
Poet David with son Daniel admiring sunset on Oquaga Lake. The Lenni Lenape tribe once made their home here.  Picture from The Oquaga Spirit Speaks.  The  100 or so pages of poetry were told to me on hikes through the wilderness around Oquaga Lake. She is a  female Indian spirit from the Lenni Lenape tribe.  They are a part of the Algonquin  nation. Check it out on the products page. The spirit will bring you hours of fun, solace and enjoyment. Poems and pictures will be featured in numerous blogs, one at the time. Also a second volume of the Oquaga Spirit’s  poetry is in the works. She also likes to speak in  iambic pentameter.