Godly circle is hidden and coded

Godly Circle Diameter 66/ Circumference 207

Godly Circle Diameter 66/ Circumference 207.


A circle (black), which is measured by its circumference (C), diameter (D) in cyan, and radius (R) in red; its centre (O) is in magenta.

circle is a simple closed shape. It is the set of all points in a plane that are at a given distance from a given point, the centre.  It is the curve traced out by a point that moves so that its distance from a given point is constant.

How the ancient four elements structure the circle: Four elements were known in antiquity.  They were recognized through the Middle Ages:  (1) Earth (2) air (3)  fire and (4) water.  In the 21st century, we laugh at this. After all, we know there are 92 re-generative and re-occurring elements. But in the process, we have overlooked a lost and long fogtteen code: The 4 basic elements of organic chemistry are carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. These are the actual elements behind the enigmatic, alchemical four just listed.

  • The source of fire on stars is hydrogen, atomic number-1
  • Our air is comprised of mostly nitrogen, atomic number-7.  Nitrogen accounts for 78% of the atmosphere, oxygen is second in size with 21%.
  • The hardest earth substance is diamond. It is consists of compressed carbon.  Carbon’s atomic number is -6.
  • By atomic weight, our water is mostly oxygen Water’s formula is H2O. One atom of  oxygen has 8 protons and 8 neutrons. Two hydrogen atoms only have 2 protons, i.e. one per atom. An atom of oxygen is approximately 16 times heavier than an atom of hydrogen.

The atomic number total of the chemical four elements is:  1 + 6 + 7 + 8 = 22. Twenty-two, by the four elements,  goes around the zodiac three times. Thus, 3 x 22 = 66.

Godly Circle on the Tree of Life

The three tenses of time in Hebrew equate with 66. This is by the ancient rules of gematria. Look this term up on Wikipedia.

(1) “Was” (past)  It is spelled with Hebrew letters (hei-yud-hei) with a gematria ( numerical equivalency) of 20;

(2) “Am” (present)  (hei-vav-hei) with a gematria of 16.  

(3) ” Will be” (future)  (yud-hei-yud-hei) with a gematria of 30.

The total of the three tenses becomes 20 +16+ 30 = 66. We have just seen how both the “elements” and time are equated with 66. Space and time, in this manner, equate with #66.

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Godly Circle of 66 Diameter 207 Circumference  on theTree of Life

  • The Hebraic parallel is The Tree of Life. It has 10 emanations that are depicted as circles. As mentioned, at one time letters and numbers shared the same symbol, The Hebrew word for circle( ( galgal)  equals 66.  Hebrew  is written right to left. Gimmel (1st letter) = 3;  lamed (second letter)= 30.  Since these letters are repeated (as pictured) in the Hebrew word, galgal, 2 x 33 =66.
10 Sephirot
Diagram of the Hebraic Tree of Life

So where is the 207 Godly circle circumference 207 of diameter 66? By tradition, what is not pictured on the Tree of life is En Sof. It is conceived as being over the highest emanation- the Crown.  Ein Sof, or Eyn Sof (/n sɒf/Hebrewאין סוף‬), in Kabbalah, is understood as God prior to any self-manifestation in the production of any spiritual realm.  Ein Sof may be translated as “unending” or infinity.[1]

As spelled in Hebrew אין סוף‬,  has a numerical equivalent of 207. “Sof” means ending. In nature everything transforms. When something ends. something new begins. If we make the 66 value for the word circle, into a diameter, the circumference becomes 207.

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Number 66 also identifies a key road in the U.S.A. Is this merely a co-incidence with the zodiac?


An example of mathematical love in architecture.

Alexander the Great and Judea Made Peace Through Music

Alexander the Great and The High Priest of the Temple Jerusalem. Alexander  conquered Persia. Jerusalem was was part of the Persian empire. He left Judea alone when he visited it in 332 B.C.  In Jerusalem in met with the high priest. Then he bypassed Israel to conquer Egypt. Question: What caused their peaceful relations? Answer: Both civilizations were built on the same musical tone of the diatonic scale. Many physicists, including Issac Asimov (On Physics), list the vibrations per second of this diatonic scale. These vibration numbers were translated into units of measure by the various cultures. The numbers were used not only in architecture but in philosophy.  People who share customs and common ideas usually avoid war; at least with each other..


  • As diatonic “E” vibrates 660 times/second;
  • The Parthenon’s rectangular outline (228ft x 101.25ft) is virtually 660 feet or one “English” furlong.
  • The Hebraic parallel is The Tree of Life. It has 10 emanations that are depicted as circles. In many ancient languages letters and numbers shared the same symbol, The Hebrew word for circle( ( galgal)  equals 66.  Hebrew  is written right to left. Gimmel (1st letter) = 3;  lamed (second letter)= 30.  These letters occur twice in the word. Thus 2 x 33 =66. The Tree of Life has 10 circles or emantions. Thus, 10 x 66 = 660.
  • A prominent measure, called the English furlong, is 660 feet.
  • I’ve blogged about the Glastonbury Abbey  in the town of Glastonbury England. John Michell, in The View Over Atlantis, explains the basis of its foundation: Two circles interlocking center to center of 660 feet each.
  • Image result for Glastonbury Abbey in England free painting of photo
    The Abbey blueprint was first conceived in the vessel of the fish (vesica piscis) of two overlapping circles each with a 660 foot diameter

    Related image
    The length of the vesica is defined by BA and the width by PO. The Abbey was placed in the turquoise area of the vesica.

Just as Alexander the Great and the high priest of Israel made peace through music, so can we all. It is time to refurbish this lost knowledge. Once we have an awareness, it would be good to rebuid and rededicate the structures based on music as I have described. It would give us a vision and mindset for a new Golden Age.

Tree of Life is Music: Here’s How

Tree of Life is Music. The Tree of Life is the central figure of the Cabala; which is the esoteric knowledge passed on to Moses by the Egyptian priests. Moses then presented it to the Hebrew nation. This was communicated to me by the Oquaga Spirit: A female American Indian spirit of the  matriarchal  Lennie Lenope tribe whose haunt is now around Oquaga Lake. My upcoming poetry book, The Oquaga Spirit Speaks, will be available on this website soon (DSOworks.com). Every word of the poetry was dictated to me by this spirit. As I wrote in the  Oquaga Spirit Speaks: “So much she needed an ear, she ignored my tranquility.”

Numerical codes are the key to finding hidden knowledge on the Tree of Life

  • The Tree of Life contains 10 circles in a pre-arranged vertical and horizontal pattern.
  • The pillar of 3 circles on the left is called the pillar of severity or harshness
  • The pillar of 3  on the right is the pillar of mercy or compassion
  • The pillar in the middle of 4 circles is an ideal blend of the two.  It heavily favors love and compassion which without we’d quickly destroy each other.
  • In Hebrew letters actually double as numbers. “Galgal” means circle in Hebrew and equals 66:   (gimel, (3) +  lamed (30) + gimel(3)+  lamed (30) =66.

Now here’s how the music enters the picture:

  • The central vertical pillar has 4 circles. 4 x 66 = 264. This specifies the number  vibrations per second of the ancient diatonic “C”.
  • The left and right pillars have a total  6 circles asw we combined them to balance their extremes. 6 X 66= 396. In terms of vibrations per second of the old diatonic scale, this is “G”
  • By division, of the larger by the smaller of the above tones we have  396/264 = 3/2. This is the ratio of the musical perfect fifth by which all other tones were derived.
  • Finally, the 10 circles together total 660 as 10 x 66 = 660. This is the diatonic “E” one octave higher than E-330 vibrations per second. .

Conclusion: Tree of Life is Music. That is why the Bible valued David first as a musician.  The music of the Tree of Life has the potential to bring harmony and peace into life.  Above is a view of Oquaga Lake on a cloudy day. As the spirit says:  “So what if it’s weary dreary on this dripping day. Make your own sunshine to chase the clouds away.” (from her poem “Weary Dreary”).