Cosmic eight

Cosmic Eight Unites Spiritual and Physical Realms

Cosmic Eight Unites Spiritual and Physical Realms. This statement implies numbers are the highest reality. This view is reminiscent of the ancient Pythagorean School. “Harmony of the spheres” was the name applied to this concept. [93]  It maintained that the planets and stars move according to mathematical equations. Ratios of these motions corresponded to musical intervals. Music was created by the motion of planets an inaudible symphony.[93]  . Music of the spheres usesmot only  harmonic, but also mathematical or religious concepts. 

Cosmic Eight Has a Special Place in Pool

Cosmic eight connects the physical with the spiritual.
Cosmic eight sits at the tip of an inner triangle. Numbers take on a life of their own in the game of pool.

The 1st and primary or strongest overtone is the octave.  Appropriately, Dr. Billiards gives a relevant demonstration of the nature of harmonics below. The note one octave higher (eight diatonic tones)  than the fundamental or primary note is the 1st overtone. You can hear its strength on the youtube demonstration.

Piano string harmonics and chords
YouTube – Jun 1, 2007

So What are some examples of the Cosmic Eight?

  1. Eight numbers the measures in a phrase of music .
  2. It defines the fundamental overtone of music.
  3. Eight electrons in the outside orbital of an atom has greatest stability.
  4. At the Great Pyramid each side of the square based is 8 Great Cubits. A Great Cubit = 55 smaller Egyptian cubits (1.71818…) feet.
  5. One of the 5 Platonic solids is the cube. Eight corners give it definition. A number of holy sites were conceived as cubes.  A prime example is the Ka’aba of Islam.  Also, the back 3rd of the Temple of Solomon was  where the Holy Ark was kept. It possibly was cubic.
  6. Eight, as an octagon, is considered  to be a compromise between the circle and the square.
  7. The Hebrew verb for love is Ahav. Spelled with Hebrew letters. its gematria is eight. [אהב]. Gematria is the doubling of letters and numbers with the same symbol. Aleph is 1. Beis is 2. Hei is 5. Love, therefore, totals 8. Notice, Ahav’s 1,2, and 5 are Fibonacci numbers. God is love as John stated.  Why not call on our Creator as love, or the Hebraic Ahav?  Below # 8, & #9 are internal links on the subject.  My insights came in the mountains by Oquaga Lake pictured below. I was the house piano player at Scott’s Oquaga  Lake House. The lake was the former home of the Lennie Lenape tribe.
  8. Ahav, “love”, is a Signpost that Points to Wisdom – DSO Works

  9. Ahav Archives – DSO Works

Conclusion: “8” is where the spiritual meets the physical as depicted in the featured picture. It’s the point at which love and Creation meet. Isn’t this the best place to be?

Image result for picture of Oquaga lake
Oquaga Lake is the former home of the Lennie Lenape tribe.

Octahedron Unifies Space Time in Ancient Cultures

Octahedron Unifies Space Time in Ancient Cultures. It does so from an Earthly viewpoint. First of all, what is an octahedron? It is one of the 5 regular polyhedrons. The other 4 are the tetrahedon, icosahedron, cube and dodecahedron. However you view any one of them, it is totally symmetrical. . Together they are also called the Five Platonic Solids. How is the octahedron identified? By its number corners, edges and faces. It has the following:

  • 8 faces
  • 6 corners
  • 12 edges
  • These total 26 topological features. See the featured picture above

(dual polyhedron)

The octahedron has a non- identical twin brother (or sister). It is called a cube. They don’t look alike. But consider this. The cube has:

  • 8 corners
  • 12 edges
  •  6 faces

The twelve edges are the same in both. Whereas, the number of faces and corners trade places. They are as closely connected as twins. The octahedron pictured below contains a cube. The 6 corners of the octahedron have their points touching the center on the 6 faces of the cube.  For that reason, they are called dual polyhedrons.

File:Dual Cube-Octahedron.svg

So How is it That the Octahedron Unifies Space Time?

Unfortunately, the Egyptian Library at Alexandria was burned down. Its wisdom describing prehistory was destroyed.  Both the cube and octahedron were considered to be harmonious figures. This thought actually goes back to at least 11,000 B.C. Why harmonious? Because of the numerical relationship of its topology.

  • 12 is one-third greater than 8
  • 6 is one-third less than 8.
  • Eight is the number that defines the musical octave. That is the most harmonious and fundamental overtone of the entire overtone series. Guy Murchie thoroughly explains this in his two volumes of The Music of the Spheres.

How Does This Knowledge Date Back to Prehistoric Times?

The holiest sites of antiquity were designed as cubes or square base pyramids. The square base upright pyramid is found in the top half of the octahedron. Although the bottom half is not there, it is implied. As a cube, the Biblical Holy of Holies was set in back third of Solomon’s Temple. The total  rectangular perimeter of  the temple was 60 x 20 cubits.  The 20 x 20 cubit back  third becomes cubic. Also, the Ka-aba in Arabic literally means, cube. 

Much of the  world order of antiquity was destroyed. The cause was invaders from Afghanistan. The invaders were called Kurgans.  Riane Eisler discusses this her The Chalice and the Blade.

An award winning book by a great author

What was the purpose of these Holy Sites? – To spread harmony and peace throughout the world. This was effected by their geometric harmony. Since many were destroyed, war has ensued. In unity we find peace. In division we find war. The octahedron unifies space time. It defines space as a geometric form.  How does it define time? Each vertex of the regular triangles holds 60°. The 4 upper triangles of the octahedron have a total of 12 vertices. 12 x 60° = 720°. The lower 4 triangles total 12 vertices. They  also total 720°. The upper 4 triangles represent the 720 minutes in 12 hours of daytime at the equinox. The lower 4 triangles represent 720 minutes contained in 12 hours of nighttime also marked by the equinox.

Conclusion: Look for harmonious  models. Base civilization on  these models. Peace follows. The ancients did in through geometry. The same can also help us today.



Tick Tack Toe is the Method by Which Alchemists turned lead into Gold. Here's how:

Dozen – Why Does This Number Have its Own Special Name?

Dozen – Why Does This Number Have its Own Special Name? Most likely you’ve looked at the featured picture. Most likely you have said:”Where’s 12? What does this have to do with 12″? I see 9 boxes and 9 numbers.” Take another look.  In the framework of the tick tack toe board, two vertical lines that  cross two horizontal lines. This creates:  6 horizontal line segments and 6 vertical line segments. Consider the following:

  • This 12 line system can be bent around to form a cube. The same 12 lines  can be bent around to form an octahedron. Both of these solids consist of 12 lines as seen in the picture. These  regular polyhedrons are 2 of the 5 Platonic solids.
A dozen lines characterize two of the five regular polyhedrons.
A dozen edges can form the cube or its “twin” figure”, the octahedron. These two figures use “harmonic” proportions according to the ancient Greeks.


First of all, the cube and octahedron are harmonic figures. Consider the following:

  • The cube has 12 edges, 6 faces and 8 corners.
  • The octahedron had 12 edges, 8 faces and 6 corners.

Now I will explain why they are harmonic. Greek philosophers believed figures were harmonic if their extreme numbered features related to the middle one by the same fraction. In the case of 6, 8 and 12; Number 8 is one third greater than 6. Number 8 is one third less than 12. That explains why many temples of the ancients were conceived as cubes or square based pyramids. Of course, a square based pyramid is the top half of an octahedron. Their object was to spread harmony through musical ratios throughout the country side. Yes, life was difficult. We had no modern medicine. But civilizations still manged to last for a long time. Egypt has a span of 10,000 years. John Michell and Christine Rhone discuss this in their book: Twelve-Tribe Nations and the Science of Enchanting the Landscape.

The Dozen is amply explained in this wonderful book.
Twelve Tribe Nations is a Fascinating Story About the Dozen



Besides Harmony, How Does A dozen Relate to Music?

Within the scope of an octave are 12 half tones. Any octave is divided into 12 equal semitones. However, a dozen relates to more than music. It relates to sacred building. Consider that the Holy Muslim shrine, the Ka’aba is cubic. The back third of Solomon’s Temple, where the Holy of Holies was kept, was cubic. Again, the cube is defined by its 12 edges. Also consider the following:

  • In the packing of spheres, 12 spheres totally encompass a central sphere. Atoms pack in this manner. Twelve around one make a complete system. There’s your dozen.
  • In Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking, Synergetics, Buckminister Fuller describes how there are 12 vectors of restraint. These are based on the tetrahedron. They define a minimum system. They have 6 positive and 6 negative vectors of restraint that stabilize a system. See 401.00 in his book.
  • Now, take a second look at our featured picture. It has 6 vertical lines.  They are the two trisected vertical lines into 3 parts. These are positive.  The board also has 2 trisected horizontal lines. These become the 6 negative lines.

Conclusion: Somehow and  somewhere,  someone in Neolithic times knew and worked with the 3 x 3 number square. It unifies the sciences and arts. It gives all mankind a common vision. That is why I been blogging so much about this square. It believe it truly can help to  initiate a new era of peace and plenty. Music of the ancients totally comes from the mathematics and hidden number codes of this simple number square. Read my other blogs on the subject.


A Cube and 26-The Deity Does Enjoy the Shape of Dice

A Cube and 26-The Deity Does Enjoy the Shape of Dice.  A concordance can be defined as  an “harmonious agreement in ideas, feelings, etc” . This is Webster’s definition. I will present a concordance of #26.  An ancient Egyptian tradition believed that  numbers had personalities.  Most of us today think: “Numbers are numbers”. “Words are words.” There is no connection. Therefore, an emotional response to numbers seems ridiculous. It’s possible to call that attitude: “schizophrenia: ” The brain has two sides. They are verbal and mathematical. Why not use them together?

The Holy of Holies (where the ark of the covenant with the Torah was kept) was in the back third of the temple. This third, looking at the full height in the picture, can be seen as outlining or implying a cube.
    • The cube is also the overall shape of the Ka’aba, the Islamic sacred shrine
    • The cube is one of the 5 regular polyhedrons. It has 26 features
    • The cube is dual* to the octahedron. The octahedron also has 26 features: Mark a point in the center of each face of the cube. Connect these points and you have an octahedron.

The duality between the cube and octahedron are demonstrated

  • When bisected, the octahedron becomes two square-based pyramids. The Square based pyramid is a sacred temple design all over the world.
  •  The sacred, unutterable 4 letter name called the Tetragrammaton, has a numerical equivalent of 26  Strong’s Hebrew:. יְהֹוָה (Yhvh) In Hebrew yud =10; hei =5; vav = 6; and the final hei =5. This totals 26.


By common number, being 26, “the Blessed Name”  is associated with the cube. He seems quite comfortable in that residence be it in Islam or Judaism. Also, the  octahedron with its 26 features, when bisected into a square base pyramid,  makes another comfortable dwelling. A pyramid built at ground level, implies an inverted pyramid underground. This completes the octahedron.