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Hidden Periodic Chart Knowledge in God’s Primary Names

Hidden Periodic Chart Knowledge in God’s Primary Names. In Genesis God has two primary names.  The documentary hypothesis proposes that the Torah was compiled from various original sources, two of which (the Jahwist and the Elohist) are named for their usual names for God (YHWH and Elohim respectively). The Creator name was Elohim. The name revealed to Moses was YHWH.  Hebrew letters doubled as numbers. There was no separate number system. This is called by a Greek word, gematria. Thus, each name of the Deity has a numerical equivalent.

  • Elohim in Hebrew = 86. The spelling of elohim with Hebrew letters right to left  is alef (1); lamed (30); hei (5); yud (10); and mem (40). Their sum is 1 + 30 + 5 + 10 + 40 = 86
  • YHWH in Hebrew = 26. The name of God used most often in the Hebrew Bible is YHWH[n 1] י ה ו ה

The Hebrew letters right to left are :yud for(10) hei (5) (vav) 6 and hei (5). Their sum is  10 + 5 + 6 + 5 = 26.

Hidden Periodic Chart in the Names of God Decoded

The periodic table is a tabular arrangement of the chemical elements.   They are ordered by their atomic numberelectron configurations, and recurring chemical properties. This ordering shows periodic trends.  Trends include elements with similar behavior in the same column. Let’s take vertical column #1.

  • The system begins with hydrogen-1. The next vertical element is Lithium-3. So, 3-1 = 2. This is the first coding number on the chart.
  • Lithium is atomic number 3. Sodium is 11.  By subtraction 11 – 3 = 8. Sodium has 8 more protons than lithium.
  • Potassium has 19 protons. Sodium has 11. We see another 8 protons by subtraction. As, 19 – 11 = 8.
  • Next, Rubidium has 37 protons. Potassium has 19. We have our 1st 18 proton difference:  37 – 19 = 18.
  • Cesium is atomic number 55. Rubidium is atomic number 37. Thus, 55 -37 = 18.
  • That is followed by a 32 proton number difference. Francium is atomic number 87. Cesium is 55. Thus, 87 – 55 is a 32 number difference.

The primary vertical coding numbers on the periodic chart become 2, 8,18 and 32. The question now becomes how do we find 26 and 86 of God’s primary names in a coherent fashion by just using these numbers in sequence fashion? Consider the following:

  • (8 + 18) = 26 (YHWH)
  • (2 + 8) + (8 + 18) + (18 + 32) = 86. (Elohim).  By this pattern, Elohim even duplicates the double number sequence of the periodic chart. Thus God in the Torah is conceived by the same order as the perioid chart.

How did the hidden periodic chart happen?   Many conclusions pose more questions than they answer. For example: Was there an advanced civilization like Atlantis? Did their survivors see to it that knowledge was set in the Torah? Or, did aliens set the periodic code into the Torah? Finally: Is this co-incidence is an example of  the wisdom and power of the Almighty?


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How Harmony and Measure Hide in God’s Hebrew Names

How Harmony and Measure Hide in God’s Hebrew Names: God has two primary names in the Torah. The Creator is called Elohim  אֱלֹהִים . The revealed God to Moses, Yahweh  as  יְהֹוָה.  Names are aspects of God. God has 7 primary names in the Torah. These have 70 manifestations. The total is  7 + 70 = 77.


  • Ancient Hebrew has no separate number system. A letter and a number shared the same symbol. Contrarily, in English we have letters of the alphabet. Then we also have digits.
  • Every word in Hebrew had a numerical equivalent. Thus, the Hebrew letters for Elohim total 86. The Hebrew letters for Yahweh total 26.
  • Letters in words were pyramided to obscure meanings: The the four letter name of God is an example that in pyramided style became: Yud = 10;  yud + hei = 15;  yud + hei + vav = 21;  yud + hei + vav + hei = the full 72. The total of the pyramided name of Yahweh is 72.
  • In the same manner, Elohim, when spelled with pyramided letters totals 200.
  • You can compare the concept of these secrets within secrets to the Russian Matryoshka doll.
  • Matryoshka set in a row. A secret with a secret lies hidden by one doll inserted into the other.

    These pyramided values of these primary names of God total 272 as 72 + 200 = 272.

  • The Tie in of God With Harmony and Measure

  • Plato discusses how 272 was the great number of harmony.  Read my previous blog on entitled Harmony’s Number for the background.
  • In measure one megalithic yard = 2.72 feet
  • Multiply the two hidden names of God and we obtain the total number of 12 inch feet in the classic megalithic mile. It is found all over the ancient world: 72 x 200 = 14,400.

Finally, on the background of number 77 given above: In Hebrew the numerical equivalent of “luck” מזל. Numerically it totals 77. This number doubles God’s 7 primary names with 70 manifestations. In no uncertain terms, all luck comes from God. To have luck is to have the blessings of God. As strongly as we wish for luck, so should we court His blessings.  How Harmony and Measure Hide in God’s Hebrew Names– I hope your expectation has been fulfilled.