five hundred and fortieth post is about man

Five hundred fortieth post is all About Man

Five hundred fortieth post is all About Man. Here’s the story as an excerpt from my  The Staff of God Vol II. A number of Middle Eastern languages have the same symbol for numbers and letters. In this manner a numerical value can be equated with a particular number. This is called by the ancient Greek word, gematria.


Five Hundred Fortieth post is all About Adam or man.
Man equates with number 45. This number defines the 3 x 3 number square (see below).  The above is the key to Hebraic gematria. Here’s how it works:

Five hundred Fortieth Post Numerically Parallels the 5 Sided Pentagon

The gematria of the first man, Adam is 45.
This number has kinship with the 3 x 3 number square.
The sum of the numbers that comprise the square,
Being the sum 1 thru 9, totals 45.

The word for Adam is actually set up like the square.
Aleph = 1;  dalet = 4; and mem = 40.
Aleph + dalet  total the central 5.
Mem equals the sum of the perimeter of 40.

The square of three is like a lump of clay,
From which right and left limbs can be molded.
Using polarities up and down by hundreds
Example, 951 + 159, total 1110.
(That is the sum of 555 + 555)

Multiple balanced polarities  can take the shape
As with the 951 axis of the head and torso:
438 + 672 can be viewed as  the left and right arms.
The reverse 834 + 276 can be the left and right legs.
(all sums equal 1110.)

Five hundred fortieth post

The 3 x 3 number square utilizes opposite polarities by number. Man’s  polarities are left and right: Arms and legs swing back and forth while walking.  Power in martial art utilizes strength through polarity: One arm thrusts forward while the other goes backward in a set manner.

Here is an internal. The 1st sentence of Genesis uses three polarities. One is obvious and two are hidden:

  1. By single numbers the perimeter is 40.
  2. Double and overlap the perimeter numbers. You get 440.
  3. Triple and overlap the perimeter numbers corner to corner. You get 2,220. The total of the 3 perimeters is 2700.
  4. Add all three totals The 1st sentence of Genesis totals 2,701. Thus, 40 + 440 + 2220 = 2700. We add the One to the opening sentence of the Torah.

1st sentence of Genesis Archives – DSO Works


Reincarnation Can Be Read in Numbers Here

Reincarnation as per the Great Pyramid is Upscale

Reincarnation as per the Great Pyramid is Upscale. Can numbers be read like words? What if at one time they were? Nowadays numbers use one side of the brain. Words use the other. At one time they were represented by the same symbol. That is called by the Greek word, gematria.

Today,  language functions include grammar, vocabulary and literal meaning. These use one side of the brain. Numbers and music, on the other hand, tend to favor the other side.  Words are typically lateralized to the left hemisphere. This is true especially in right handed individuals.[3] Language production is left-lateralized in up to 90% of right-handers.  It is more bilateral, or even right-lateralized, in left-handers.[4]

Image result for Wiki Commons picture of a left handed pitcher
Odds are a left hand pitcher thinks more with the right side of the brain.

So What Can Numbers of the Great Pyramid Tell Us of Reincarnation?

First, we need to look at perfect numbers. Read the internal link below. You’ll see how 28 is a perfect number. Also, ancient civilizations did not recognize zero as an independent number. Why is this important? The height  of the Great Pyramid originally was 280 shorter Egyptian cubits. That cubit is 1.71818… feet. Twenty-eight is the essential number. However,  a 5 cubit tip has been missing since time immemorial. Legend has it, if it ever would be restored, a Golden Age would return. This event can be read by numbers. Twenty-eight is perfect. The Great Pyramid would be perfect when 5 cubits are added to its 275 cubit truncated height. Thus: 275 cubits + 5 cubits  would equal 280 cubits.

Let’s Continue Read its Numbers to Arrive at Reincarnation

The Pyramid’s square base is 440 shorter cubits on each side. The Hebrew language gives us a clue as to the meaning. In Hebrew the word for death is pronounced, “mate”. In the game of chess, losing is called checkmate.


A selection of black and white chess pieces on a chequered surface.
Reincarnation can only happen in the next chess game.

Mate is spelled with two Hebrew letters as mem and tav (מת).  Remember, the letters double as numbers. Mem is the symbol for 40. Tav is the symbol for 400. Thus 40 + 400 = 440. Here is how death, reincarnation and perfection can be read at the Great Pyramid.  Death is horizontal- flat out.  That is the 440 (mate) position that measures each side of the flat square base. We strive for perfection by rebirth until we reach the height of perfection. That is incorporated by number 280. Again, 280 cubits is the height with the restored tip. Twenty-eight is a perfect number. So we are reincarnated until we go as high as we can go in the ancient Egyptian view. Then, there is no need for more incarnations. 


345 Triangle Reading Pythagorean Style


345 Triangle Reading Pythagorean Style. The smallest consecutive integers that the Pythagorean triangle works with is 345. See picture below. Ancients “read” numbers. We, today, only see numbers as quantities, not qualities. Uniting numbers an words was termed “gematria.” The word first appeared in English in the 17th century. It was translated from of works by Giovanni Pico della Mirandola.  It is derived from Greek. However, it is also in Jewish mystical text of called the Kabbalah. The term does not appear in the Hebrew Bible.[1]

The Pythagorean theorem: a2 + b2 = c2

Animation demonstrating the simplest Pythagorean triple, 32 + 42 = 52.

Pythagorean triple consists of three positive integers ab, and c, such that a2 + b2 = c2

345 Numbers Also Applied to Key Words

The 345 triangle described above sets the formula for all other right triangles. It sets the pattern of its mathematical law.  The name of Moses also uses the same 345 sequence. Reference the chart below as I describe his letters.  His three letter name in Hebrew is mem (40), shin (300) and heh (5).   The letters total 345.

By rules of gematria, “one” could be added or taken away from a words without changing its fundamental meaning. On the Hebraic Tree of Life, Paradise, emanation “6”, totals 344. The letters (see chart) are Peh (80), reish (200), daleth (4) and Samech (60). The Pythagorean Theorem is an equation of balance and mathematical harmony. Here is what I believe is a hidden meaning of the theorem. Three is the number of the mind. Four represents the body.  Five represents the soul. Squaring a number intensifies it. Thus, if you elevate your mind and body by  keeping yourself physically fit, you will then elevate the status of your soul.  This elevation is presented by the formula:  3² + 4² = 5².

worldly word

Worldly Word Reveals Knowledge of Ancient Egypt

Worldly Word Reveals Knowledge of Ancient Egypt. This blog is based on one word. It is the Hebraic word for “world.”  עולם.  How is this possible? In Hebrew letters doubled as numbers. This is also true of numerous Middle Eastern languages. There were no separate symbols for letters and numbers. They shared the same glyph. This commonality is called  by a Greek term – gematria:

Gematria /ɡəˈmtriə/ (Hebrewגמטריא‬ גימטריא‬, plural גמטראות‬ or גמטריאות‬, gematriot)[1] originated as an Assyro-Babylonian-Greek system of alphanumeric code or cipher.   It was later adopted into Jewish culture that assigns numerical value to a word, name, or phrase. The belief was that words or phrases with identical numerical values bear some relation to each other or bear some relation to the number itself.  It can apply to Nature, a person’s age, the calendar year, or the like…

universal Egyptian remen -Image result for picture of Ancient Canon of Measure by Jay Hambidge
Start with a square each side one remen. The Egyptian remen is approximately 1.2165 feet. Keep dropping the diagonal as pictured. You then duplicate the measures of ancient civilizations. This was discovered at the turn of the 20th century. Jay Hambidge wrote and lectured about his discovery. His magazine was called The Diagonal. 


Remen, Egyptian and where this Ancient Measure Came … – DSO Works

Universal Egyptian Remen is Found Throughout the … – DSO Works

So What’s with the Hebraic Worldly Word that Holds the Egyptian Remen?

The gematria of  עולם which means world, is 146: Ayin is 70, vav is 6, lamed is 30 and mem is 40. Thus, 70 + 6 + 30 + 40 = 146. One remen = 14.6 inches. In antiquity numbers were freely multiplied by powers of 10. Their concept of nfinity is blogged about on DSOworks. Also the inch existed in ancient civilizations. John Michell discusses, in his View Over Atlantis, how the standard of weight in the ancient world was the cubic inch of gold. To verify this, simply go to the British Museum. A number of specimens from various regions are to be found there. How did the Egyptian remen also become the 146 gematria for Hebrew word for world as the standard of worldly word measure? As the Egyptian link, the answer is Moses. He would be well versed in Egyptian mysteries. 

Image result for picture of author John Michell
An out of print book very well worth reading.


Colel Stems From Number Squares in Antiquity

Colel, as part of Megalitic culture, comes From Number Squares.  First, What is “colel”?  Consider ancient Hebrew and Greek cultures.  Numbers and letters shared the same symbol. When you spelled out a word, each letter had  also had a numerical value. Thus, the entire word had a value in numbers. Even phrases or sentences were conceived by numbers. This equation has a descriptive word in Greek. It is called gematria. By today’s standards this seems  odd.  But remember:  Words use only one side of the brain. Math and music use the other.  Using both sides of the brain together makes for wholesome thinking.

In our current age one side of the brain is at odds with the other.  Likewise, as a result- people, nations, even religions are in continual conflict.  Another  second strange concept  concerning gematria is that of colel.  It  is a rule by which one digit may be added to or subtracted from the gematric value of a word. From my research I have found that key numbers from number squares translate into words of holy import. These are often the often the various names for God. Here are some examples:

“Yah” is the shortest name for God. It equates with 15. Any row of 3 numbers on the square of three totals 15. This fills the square with the essence of God. The double yud is an abbreviation for “Adonay”. That equals 20. Look at the numbers in the same square around the central 5. The even numbers total 20. The odd numbers total 20.

Here is colel: We have nine containers for the numbers. Any opposite numbers total ten. This is the one extra that is used for colel.

Colel is the addition of one the value of a word. The number square has nine portals. Yet, any opposite number equals ten. This is true of all number squares.
Number squares gave rise to concepts of God in Neolitic times.

Another Example of Colel in a Number Square

The Tetragrammaton is Yahweh. It has four Hebrew letters,  yud, hei, vav, hei. By gematria it equals 26. The name equates with the 5 x 5 number square. Any two oppoiste numbers total 26. Here is the one extra for colel: We have 25 containers or squares for numbers. The four letter name totals 26. The plus one comes from the fact that opposite numbers total one more than the number of cells in the particular number square.  Those opposite numbers usually have a holy import.