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Four Tiered Spiral Holds the Ages of Mankind

Four Tiered Spiral Holds the Ages of Mankind. This blog is about the spiral and time. My last post was about the circle and time. A number of Greek philosophers thought the circular theory held sway over the spiral.  My post specifically mentions these thinkers.  Here is the internal link to the circle post: Defining Time in Antiquity- was thought of as Circular or as a spiral? A number of other cultures used the model of the spiral to explain time. The 1st example is the Hindu.  Here is the four tiered spiral. The overall cycle was 12,000 years. It was called the Mahaijuga cycle. Here is the breakdown within the full cycle: Krta yuga is the 1st stage. It lasts 4,000 years. The 2nd age is called Treta yuga. It lasts 3,000 years. Stage number three of the Dwarpara yuga. It lasts 2,000 years. Finally comes is the Kali yuga. It predictably lasts 1,000 years. Between each pair of these well defined cycles are a twilight and a dawn. Simply doing the math we see that the four cycles only add up to 10,000 years. A twilight a and dawn on either side of each cycle adds the remaining 2,000 years. The four tiered spiral also appears in many Mediterranean cultures. They are referenced in the featured picture. First comes the The Golden Age is the only age that falls within the rule of Cronus. Peace and harmony prevailed. Humans did not have to work to feed themselves: The earth provided food in abundance. They lived to a very old age. They were also blessed with  youthful appearance and eventually died peacefully.  During the silver men refused to worship the gods and Zeus destroyed them for their impiety. In the bronze age men were undone by their own violent ways. they dwelt in the “dank house of Hades“. This Age came to an end with the flood of Deucalion. Finally comes the iron age. During this age might makes right, and bad men use lies to be thought good.  Humans no longer feel shame or indignation at wrongdoing.

Lucas Cranach the ElderThe Golden Age

The Four Tiered Spiral Stems from the 4 x 4 number square

The center of the 4 x 4 number square is the 1st square, in order of size, that has four numbers at the center. Genesis 1:1 expressively calls this square for Creation. Genesis replete with its use of number squares. Click on links to find out how.

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Fourfold orientation comes from the magic square of Jupiter

Fourfold Orientation Comes from a Number Square

Fourfold Orientation Comes from a Number Square.  Even numbered squares of antiquity have 4 central numbers.  The 4 x 4 number square is key.  It is the first even numbered square.  The compass also orients by fourfold. It is an instrument used for navigation and orientation that shows direction relative to the geographic cardinal directions (or points). Usually, a diagram called a compass rose shows the directions northsoutheast, and west.  On the compass it is as abbreviated initials N,S,E,W:

  • The number square balances and orients by numbers.
  • The compass balances and orients direct or geography.
Fourfold orientation is even more basic to the 4 x 4 number square than to the compass.
Four at the center also characterizes a compass rose.

Fourfold Orientation and How the Central Numbers Hold All Potential

The four numbers at the center of the 4 x 4 number square are are:  6, 11, 7 and 10. Do the following operations:

  • Draw a diagonal so that 6 and 11 are crossed by a diagonal line.
  • Then cross 7 and 10 by another.  Multiply these two sets of central numbers. We get 66 and 70.
  •  Then add both sets together. Thus, (6 x 11) + (7 x 10) = 136.
  • Next, add all the numbers from one to sixteen. Their total is also 136.

This means the center of the 4 x 4 number square computed in such a fashion, holds the entire sum of numbers of that square. This is also true for all even numbered squares. It is a mathematical law.

Creation in Genesis draws on the featured picture. Our Creator describes his work on each day as “good.” In Hebrew letters doubled as numbers. They shared the same symbol. “Good” in Hebrew is Tov (טוב). Viewed as numbers, these letters total 17. Hebrew words are read from right to left. The first letter is 9. The second is 6. The third symbol is for #2. Thus, 9 + 6 + 2 = 17.  Next, look at the featured picture. Any two opposite numbers around the perimeter total 17. Examples: (1 + 16) or  (12 + 5) or (8 + 9). This was God’s favored number square for Genesis. Thus, having a “good day” is having a productive day. Is that good for business or what?


Related image
This fun picture expresses one of the 4 seasons, Fall!

Fourfold Orientation is also Basic to Mankind

A fourfold compass regarding the psyche is basic according to Carl G. Jung. It explains the means through which the conscious orients to experience. Below, the seasons, is another.

  1. Sensation is sense perception. It tells you something exists.
  2. Thinking tells you what it is.
  3. Feeling determines whether or not it is agreeable.
  4. Intuition tells you where it came from and where it’s going.

Many blogs will appear about the fourfold orientation.


Ireland preserves ancient number square tradition

Fourfold Celebration While You’re on the Subject

Fourfold Celebration While You’re on the Subject. Why fourfold? The answer goes back to at least Mesolithic times. That is, 9,000 B.C. Number squares were at the basis of ancient cultures. The 1st possible odd number  square is 3 x 3. It has one number at its center. Then comes 4 x 4. It has 4 numbers at its center.Below are the classic outlays of these number squares.

Related imageImage result for 4 x 4 number square on DSOworks

Genesis 1:1  is based on these 2 number squares. God described everyday of creation in the Torah as “good”. In Hebrew the  letters double as numbers.  An example: There was no separate “A” and #1. The Hebrew “aleph”  “אָ”,was both “A” and #1. In this manner, the  word for good, Tov, totals 17. Look up the Greek word, gematria. It defines the common  shared symbols by number and letter.  In Genesis everyday of creation is  described “Tov”.  (good), טוֹב.  it is formed by the math 4 x 4 number square.  Any row of 4 numbers totals 17. Also:

  • All potentialities for creation lie at the 4 fold core of this number square;
  • The numbers 1 to 16 total 136. Add them one after the other.
  • Now look at the square’s 4 central  numbers. Cross multiply each set. Then add them. As-  (10 x 7)  +  (6 x 11) = 136.

Next consideration.  The he 3 x 3 number square defines limits. It confines as it is, at least on appearance, the smallest number square.  On the last day of creation, God used the adjective “very” with the word, good.

“טוֹב “מְאֹד, “Very” has a 45 gematria.

Genesis I: 31 And God saw every thing that He had made, and, behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day. Very “מְאֹד” in Hebrew has a 45 gematria. The numbers 1- 9  total 45. It defines the 1-9 square of three. God limits by this number square. Fourfold blossoms into full potential. The 3 x 3 number square is the smallest. When creation is finished, God draws on the 3 x 3. It limits. Thus, the final day is described as: טוֹב מְאֹד. “Very good.” He created, but he also stopped.

The Fourfold Celebration of Black Elk

Fourfold is at the basis of the vision of Black Elk. We find another fourfold celebration, He was from the Sioux Oglala tribe. Here is a small excerpt from one of my earlier blogs. For the full story click on the blue heading.

Black Elk of the Sioux

Black Elk was a medicine man for the Oglala Sioux Indians. He related his story to John Neihardt.  In 1932 Neikhart published Black Elk Speaks: This is an excerpt. “Younger brother,” he said, “with the powers of the four quarters you shall walk”… (quote from an ancient grandfather speaking to Black Elk  in Chapter 3 of Black Elk Speaks). Never overlook the wisdom of our own American Indians.


Nucleic Acids as RNA-DNA are structured by a number square.

Nucleic Acids are Based on the 1st Number Square

Nucleic Acids are Based the 1st Number Square. Three by three makes the 1st number square.  1 x 1 is defines the  center of all odd numbered number squares. At the center of all even number squares is 2 x 2 center. Thus, the squaring of the first two digits as 1 x 1 and. 2 x 2 creates these centers. The 1st actual independent number square is 3 x 3. Being a odd number, one number (5) sits at its center. It sets the pattern in motion.  #5 is the prime center of all number squares.

Nucleic acids are structured by the 3 x 3 number square.
In Mesolithic and Neolithic times number squares and knowledge went together. Their union made for a peaceful civilization.

Others first patterns with number 3 include:

  • In two dimensions the triangle is the 1st polygon.
  • In three dimensions, the tetrahedron (pictured below) is the 1st regular polyhedron. This “Platonic solid” is the basic builiding block of the Universe. Plato, of course, had access to Egyptian knowledge. Egyptians had knowledge from Neolitic times.
  • Related image
  • Another threefold event is: Action- Reaction and a stable Resultant. The resultant is stable  only if action and reaction show up as positive and negative helixes of triangles (See Synergetics by R. Buckminister Fuller section 108.01-.02).

Be it 3, 3², or √3, – all were understood and worked with in prehistoric times. We briefly discussed 3 and 3 x 3. How about √3? The square of three is also coded by hundreds. When it is, the central number becomes 555.

  • View the square above by 3 numbers at the time. Pair them by opposites. Also, any three numbers that cross the center is its own complementary 555 number. Their sum is always 1,110. Example, 492 + 618 = 1,110.  Or, 951 + 159 = 1,110. The average of the two triple numbers becomes  555. 

Finding to the 320 Proton Total of the 5 Nucleic Acids

Now, here is where RNA-DNA come into play by √3: Take the 555 of this 1st number square. Divide it by square root of three. The quotient is 320.4294… The number of protons in the nucleic acids is 320. In Neolitic cultures, the square root of three is at the basis of many sacred sites. The vesica piscis (vessel of the fish) demonstrates this square root.

320 is the number of protons inthe 5 nucleic acids. If the shorter width of a vesica is 320, the length is 555..
Two circles interlock on the Chalice Well’s cover at the Glastonbury Abbey. The overlapping part forms the shape of a fish. The length is longer than the width by square root three. This can become 555 length and 320 width.


Th 3 x 3  number square is the number square of man. In this regard click on the following blogs on They are free. Share with friends!

Secrets of Genesis

Mankind: 120 Years For a Life Span According to Genesis

Where did my insights comes from? Beautiful Oquaga Lake. It is the home of the Oquaga Spirit. Everyone should make a trip to this  most sacred and isolated place of incomparable beauty. Enjoy the poetry given to me by this spirit.  The Oquaga Spirit Speaks  is  a book of poetry available on

Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor, water and nature
Fishing for the truth (and fish) and beautiful Oquaga Lake.


Gauges of antiquity also come from an isosceles Right Triangle

Gauges of a pre-Genesis Lost World are Uncovered

Gauges of a Lost World are found in an  Isosceles Right Triangle . The shorter legs in this triangle are each 12 British inches in length. A foot long ruler graphically illustrates the length.  Why did I say also? At the turn of the 1900’s Jay Hambidge made a significant discovery. He discovered an ancient canon of measures.  They were derived from a square that measured one Egyptian remen on each side (1.2165 feet). The quote of measures below is  from, Peace Can Be Uncovered by Discovering the Distant Past.  This is the title of my post on Currently I have over 240 posts.

Jay Hambidge multiplied the  remen by the square roots of 2,3,4,5,etc…… He found that:

  • 1.2165 x square root of 2 =1.72 feet.One royal cubit
  • 1.2165 x square root of   3 =2.107 feet. One Palestinian cubit.
  • 1.2165 x square root of 4 = 2.433 feet. One Roman pace.
  • 1.2165 x square root of 5 = 2.72 feet, One megalithic yard.
  • 1.2165 x square root of 6 =  2.98 feet (virtually one British yard).

These same measure labels are close to duplication the isosceles right triangle in the featured picture.

Gauges of antiquity lie within the cnfines of a 12 inch foot
Even the gauge of a  classical caliper can also duplicate a multitude of measurements derived from the British 12 inch foot in the remote past.

Remen is the measure of each side of the initial square marked by AKB and the ight end of arrow "V1". The half diagonal of the initial square, AKB and 4th point,( the right end of line V1,)  is 1.118 tones longer than any side. Each side of the initial square gauges a remen of 1,2165 feet.  The half diagonal is not in this particular  illustration. The half diagonal is elaborated on in City of Revelation by John Michell. Above picture is the  Jay Hambidge drawing of the dynamic rectangle from “The Elements of Dynamic Symmetry,” Dover Art Instruction, 1926. Lines  BC and AC in the Golden Triangle are both 12 British inches. The hypotenuse becomes longer by the   √2 = 16.97 inches.  Next, draw the altitude of this triangle. This is from corner “C” to the line that bisects AB in the featured picture. We’ll call this point “D”. It is virtually 8.5 inches or ½ the length of the hypotenuse. .   We have the following figures for comparison to the Hambidge model:

  • AB + BD = 1.707 feet. Hambidge’s figure is 1.718 feet which is hishorter Egyptian cubit
  • AB + AC = 2.707 feet. Hambidge’s is 2.72 feet which is his  megalithic yard.
  • CD + CA = 1.207 feet. Hambidge’s is  1.2165 feet which is the Egyptian remen.
  • Most remarkable: The perimeter around the triangle is gauges 3.41 feet. This is the Central American measure of the Hunab. I have blogged about how this measure most likely preceded the formal creation in Genesis. It is not in Jay Hambidge’s canon. It equates by gematria (341).  Aleph, the 1st letter= 1. Mem, the second letter = 40. Shin, the third letter = 300. Thus 1 + 40 + 300 = 341. Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan disucsses Emesh in Sefer Yitzirah: The Book of Creation-in Theory and Practice. Chapter 3, section 2. 
  • Strong’s Concordance
    emesh: yesterday

    Original Word: אָ֫מֶשׁ
    Part of Speech: Adverb
    Transliteration: emesh
    Phonetic Spelling: (eh’-mesh)
    Short Definition: yesterday

Teotihuacan and many sites in Central American were measured by the hunab. Ref. Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids by Peter Tompkins. Hence my theory is: The Golden Isoseles  Triangle was used for measure a world that was destroyed i.e. before creation found in Genesis 1 :2- When the world was “unformed and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep.” When measure was once more standardized, it used the canon of measures rediscovered by Hambidge.


common musical geometrical ratios

Tens: Here’s the Formula on How Tens Grow into Infinity

Tens: Here’s the Formula on How Tens Grow into Infinity. On my last blog on featured the 3 x 3 number square. Ironically it is the smallest of the number squares. Yet, it is the largest. It can grow into infinity. In Genesis it is one of God’s favorite numbers.   The grids for all number squares outline a net. Take the first sentence of Genesis. I will alliterate the Hebrew. It states: “Be-ray-sheet” (in the beginning), God created the Heavens and the Earth. Substitute “be-reh-shet”. The first sentence becomes: “In the net God created the Heavens and the Earth.” The root letters in Hebrew for “in the net” and “in the beginning”  are the same.  They both share the basic three letters in Hebrew: reisch, shin and tav. Even first word of the Torah is incredibly profound.

Tens are a favored number in the Hebraic Torah
Tens are a featured number in the Torah. Any opposite numbers on  the square below equal 10.

Tenfold in a Formula by Which a Tiny Number Square Grows into Infinity

Here is a quick review of the last blog. Please read the entire blog for maximum benefit. Look at the number square above as I describe the numbers.

  • Any two opposite numbers total ten. Here some pairs: 4 +  6 = 10. Or, 9 + 1 = 10.
  • By two numbers at the time: 49 + 61 = 110. Another, 29 + 81 = 110. If it crosses the center, it’s dual to itself: 59 + 51 = 110. Or, 15 + 95 = 110. This number, 110 can be pulled out of the square in 16 different ways.
  •  It also works three numbers at the time: 492 + 618 = 1110. Or, 951 + 159 = 1110. This number can be pulled out of here it 8 different ways.
  • The above maneuvers entailed a straight treatment of the numbers: All in a row. But when you twist and turn the numbers, they grow to infinity in their balance. This is the “grain of mustard seed” that grows into the largest plant. The Gospels refer to it.  In this manner the smallest number square defines and describes infinity.
    • Thus, 4,927 + 6,183 = 11,110.
    • 15, 943 + 95,167 = 111,110.
    • Or another two sets of 5 numbers, 81,672 + 29,438 = 111,110
    • Or, let’s go bigger: 38,167,294 + 72,943,816 = 111,111,110


One pair of opposite numbers as described above. Each single pair totals (10¹) or simply, …………………..10
Two pairs of opposite numbers as described above. Each double pair totals (10¹ + 10² ) or…………………110
Three pairs of opposite numbers as described above. Each triple pair totals (10¹+ 10² + 10³} or ………1,110

Perhaps you can see why I used bowling pins as the featured image. But, let’s continue with  another next two examples:

Four pairs of opposite numbers as described above. Each pair of four total (10¹+ 10² + 10³ + 10 to the 4th) or 11,110.
Five pairs of opposite numbers as described above. Each pair of five totals 10¹+ 10² + 10³ + (10 to the 4th) + (10 to the fifth) , or 111,110.
The list keeps going on to infinity. The great irony number squares is this: The smallest of the number squares is not only the largest, but it is also infinitely large. 

God is everything. From the smallest to the largest. He makes his appearance through this “grain of mustard seed.” What  happy days these are as  this knowledge spreads across the globe. Also,   I plan to continue blogging until the realization that we are all one with Him becomes known.-David.

The Oquaga Spirit Speaks on Oquaga Lake to all that care to listen.
Beautiful Oquaga Lake where I, standing on the right, received enlightenment from a spirit that calls herself the Oquaga Spirit. Her poems are available on




My enlightenment took place by Oquaga Lake in the Carskill Mountains

Creation: Phi & Exponential factor are in Genesis 1:1

Creation: Phi & Exponential factor are in Genesis 1:1. בְּרֵאשִׁית, בָּרָא אֱלֹהִים, אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם, וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ. Translated to English, “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.” First of all, please review my blog on the ““The Broadway Marquee of Megalithic Measure“. The picture below is the “Broadway Marquee” of antiquity referred to. That particular blog shows a few of its hidden codes. Here is a brief review:

In Genesis 1:1 God sets this tiny grain of mustard seed as the tool of His Creation.
Creation: This is the Broadway Marquee of Megalithic Measure
  • In Greek and Middle eastern languages letters doubled as numbers. Therefore, every letter, word, phrase, sentence, etc. had a numerical import.
  • The 1st sentence of Genesis equals in Hebrew is 2701. One was often added by traditional of the Colel. I think “colel” represented the singular Deity, John Michell discusses the subject more thoroughly in his numerous works.   Work with your calculator to double check me. Add the numbers around the central 5. The eight numbers total 40. Then add them two at the time overlapping the numbers as 49 + 92 + 27 + 76 + 61 + 18 + 83 + 34 = 440. Now take the number three at the time. Overlap the third with the first number as: 492 + 276 + 618 +  834 = 2,220. They come to the same totals in reverse. Let (P) stand for perimeter. Then (p-1)   is 40 + (P-2)  is 440 + ( P-3) is 2,220  = 2700. Add one for the Deity and you have 2701.This number square defines the perimeters of Creation.

What Else Does the 1st sentence of Genesis Have to Say About Creation?

Those who know Hebrew can, and I’m sure will, double check my figures. To the best of my knowledge, they are accurate. Anyone can see the 1st sentence has seven words. Hebrew is read from left to right. The 1st letter of each of the first five words factor phi. That is the ratio by which nature unfolds by. If you never hear of it, check it out on line.

The number that nature loves to work with is called in Greek by the name “phi.”  The Greek letter phi (\varphi or \phi) represents the golden ratio. Its value is:

\varphi = \frac{1+\sqrt{5}}{2} = 1.6180339887\ldots.(this was copied from Wikipedia).

    Here are the factors of phi as found in Genesis. Take the first 5 letters (left to right) to get the picture.  Beis is 2. The 1st two words of the 7 letter first sentence each start with a “beis” or number “2”.   Aleph is 1: The next two words start with an aleph. The fifth word starts with a “hei”, the symbol for 5. Now, 1,5, and 2. Immediately, we have all 3 factors of phi: 1,2, and 5.
    The next mathematical “gem” of nature is the exponential factor of growth. This is also a key part of the math of creation. It places limits on how quickly system can grow. The factor is 2.72 (rounded figure).  Look at the first letters of the last two words. The 1st letter is a “vav” which is the symbol for 6. The last letter is a “hei” which is the symbol for 5. The formula for the exponential factor is 6 X 5/6+5 or 30/11 = 2.727272……..
    Pi is the classic circle and diameter as pictured below. The 7 words with “Elohim” representing the center becomes the 3rd mathematical gem. It also represents the central Sabbath surrounded by the other 6 days of the week. There is so much to blog about just on the 1st sentence of Genesis. More will appear, Keep watching.
Creation follows preset patterns
Creation follows an orderly model or pattern
This lake has a spiritual presence

Mankind: 120 Years For a Life Span According to Genesis

Mankind: 120 Years.  They question then  becomes what is the source of Genesis 6:3- And Jehovah said, My spirit shall not strive with man for ever, for that he also is flesh: yet shall his days be a hundred and twenty years. The Hebrew from the Torah of the Scripture are:  וַיֹּאמֶר יְהוָה, לֹא-יָדוֹן רוּחִי בָאָדָם לְעֹלָם, בְּשַׁגַּם, הוּא בָשָׂר; וְהָיוּ יָמָיו, מֵאָה וְעֶשְׂרִים שָׁנָה.

The source is found in the featured image given above. Hebrew uses gematria. That is the cross over been words and numbers. That cross over does not exist in  modern languages. Words are one thing. Numbers are another. Current languages use separate symbols for letters and numbers. Certain old languages, as Hebrew and Greek,  used the same symbols.

  • אָדָם – In Hebrew, generic man expressed as Adam, has a gematria of 45. That states, unequivocally, man’s source is the 3 x 3 number square. Total the numbers from 1 to 9. They equal 45.
  • מֵאָה וְעֶשְׂרִים שָׁנָה- These are the Hebraic “120 year words”. Look at the featured number square again. 

Her’s how 15 can be found in 8 different ways by single numbers on the same number square. That totals the 120.  Not only man(45) , but his life span(120 expressed in years) is thus connected to this fundamental number square of all number squares. The 3 x 3 number square is “The grain of mustard seed from which everything grows”.


  • The three vertical ways are: 4 + 3 + 8. Then 9 + 5+ 1. Finally, 2 + 7 + 6.
  • The three horizontal ways are: 4 + 9 + 2. Then 3 + 5 + 7. Finally, 8 + 1 + 6.
  • Then, we have the two diagonal ways: 4+5 + 6. Then, 2 + 5 + 8.
  • This, 8 x 15 = 120.

I have been shown how the cultures of antiquity used these number squares. My main source and guide was the Oquaga Spirit of Oquaga Lake. The “Lady of the Lake” as I call her. My family and I spent some 15 summers by this lake in the foothills of the Catskills.  The lake is on top of a mountain. This spirit dictated my book of some 100 pages of poetry with pictures now available as a product DSOworks. It is  called the Oquaga Spirit Speaks. The spirit showed me the source of “truth”. She revealed the hidden number codes in this basic number square. The essence of the  spirit is a female of the Lennie Lenpe American Indian tribe. The tribe dwelled around the lake at one time.



The site uses a very ancient unit of measure found in Genesis

Measure Proves a Pre-Genesis Citadel in Mexico

Measure Proves a Pre-Genesis Citadel in Mexico.  This is in the site called Teotihuacan. Its Citadel with the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon are traceable to about 100 AD.  However, many think the actual site and its foundations are a lot older. The unit of measure used is called the “hunab”. It was discovered by Hugh Harleston Jr.  The measure is found extensively throughout Central America. One hunab = 3.41 feet. The clue of the measure is given by this same number found in references in Genesis. In a concept called gematria, letters doubled as numbers. For example in Greek and Hebrew letters and numbers shared the same symbol. For example, alpha (Greek) and alef (Hebrew) were both letter “A” and number “1”. Thought  always involved words and numbers.


  • The gematria of  names of God were often  found in the  unit of measure that was used in for architecture. For example, I’ve blogged about  how the megalithic yard of 2.72 feet. It totals the the pyramided names in Hebrew of Elohim (200) and Yahweh (72).
  • God exists forever. The name of the pre-creation God was Emesh  אֶ֣מֶשׁ: “Laban said unto Jacob: The God of your fathers, Emesh, said to me…” In Hebrew “Emesh” literally means “yesternight.” Reference Genesis (31:29).
  • אֶ֣מֶשׁ – Alef = 1; Mem = 40; shin = 300. Total is 341.
  • אֶ֣מֶשׁ- The three Hebrew letters of  Emesh  are the the “mother” of all the Hebrew letters. They are the classification heading for the  the remaining 19.
  • Finally, אֶ֣מֶשׁ, as explained by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan in the Sefer Yetzirah, explains how this word represents “Gloom, waste, and desolation”.  His reference is to Job 30:3. This state of chaos is depicted in Genesis 1:2: Now the earth was unformed and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep...”


  • The God of Jacob’s fathers was Emesh.
  • Plural implies the existence of at least several previous generations of Jacob’s fathers.
  • Emesh has a numerical equivalent of 341 by Hebrew gematria.
  • The 12 inch foot measure is also of great antiquity. John Michell in the View Over Atlantis and John Berriman in Ancient Metrology are sources. Examples of the cubic inch of gold as a unit of weight are found in museums across Europe. The  cube as 12 edges  for a total of  12 inches or total length of one foot.
  •  I believe that in the use of the 3.41 foot hunab, this Central American tradition goes back to Jacob’s fathers, wih reference to Genesis 31:29.
  • Apparently, the world was in gloom because the vessels or emanations of the Tree of Life did not interact. We as the people of our planet, need to interact, share and co-operate. That is the way to reactivate the Tree of Life.  Away with gloom. Let’s have happiness and contentment.