Harmony in a Neolithic and Modern Site


Harmony in a Neolithic and Modern Site. The south temple at Tarxien is one of the oldest temples that still exists. It dates back to 3,500 B.C. Neighboring inhabitants worshiped the goddess.  Over 5,000 years later, another site was built using the same units of measure, the old Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, England. Here’s how:

  • Plato refers to the 272 as the number of harmony in his Canon Harmonia was the wife of Cadmus. Her name in Greek was spelled with the letters that added up to 272.
  • It is a masonic number. A rod of brickwork is 272 square feet.
  • The old Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, England  is 272 feet long. Even though is is called “old”‘ it was built circa 1611, over 5,000 years after the Malta temple.
  • The triangle in the picture below holds my book:The Sacred Engineers’ Philosophy- the Pinnacle of Thought in the Unified Culture of Ancient Builders. It defines the basic megalithic yard of 2,72 feet.

The temple at Tarxien and the Hatfield House are part of the same tradition. This tradition encompasses many cultures worldwide.

Harmony as 272 is also Built into Ancient Language

  • The Hebrew word for “Hebrew” has a three letter root: ayin, reisch, veis. It means to cross or pass over; as Abraham came from Ur to start the Hebrew nation. The gematria of the three letter root in Hebrew is 272.
  • The three letter word for Arab in the  Hebrew language (which translates, evening) uses the same three letters, only re-arranged. Their numerical value by gematria is also 272.

The message is plain and simple: “Harmony” is the natural birthright not only of the inhabitants of the Middle east, but also for people from all  over the world.   Let’s rededicate ourselves to harmony in human relations.To this end a suggest using the wisdom of the ancients.  We could even refurbish some of the still standing sights of antiquity to focus on what we all have in common.

Book at Malta My Book, The Sacred Engineers’ Philosophy- the Pinnacle of Thought in the Unified Culture of Ancient Builders, above was placed  inside a carved  triangle  at the south temple at Tarxien. It defines the megalithic yard of 2.72 feet. In the same vein as the above  triangle that defines one megalithic yard of 2.72 feet; the more modern building, the old  Hatfield House in England has a length two hundred and seventy-two feet; or 100 megalithic yards.