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Isaiah 45:2-3

A direct reference to the 3 x 3 magic square that I have been blogging about is found in Isaiah 45:2-3. The writer(s) of the Bible knew the  method to use in order unlock this most ancient and hidden code. The biblical translation of verse 2: “I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight; I will break in pieces the doors of brass, and cut asunder the bars of iron;” Verse 3: “and I will give thee the treasure of darkness, And hidden riches of secret places, That thou mayest know that I am the Lord, Who call thee by thy name, even the God of Israel.”


Isaiah 45:2-3  is not only a direct reference to the code, but also Isaiah also gives the method to use to break it open. The revelation of the code ourred on Blue Stone Mountain on Oquaga Lake and was revealed to me by a spirit that I know as  the Oquaga Spirit, I sensed that she was an old American Indian spirit from the Lennie Lenope Tribe that once lived in the area around Oquaga Lake. (see the 1st page). She also dictated, word for word, a poetry book that will be available soon on this website called The Oquaga Spirit Speaks. I will try, to the best of my recollection, to give the sequence and the manner my enlightenment happened.

  • Our family was staying in Blue Stone Farm on Blue Stone Mountain during a summer of drought. We were forced to move because our well dried up.
  • I was resting in bed and looking out the window at beauty the farm. Knowing that we were going to leave that day, the Spirit suddenly appeared and  said: “If you wish to know the secrets of the Universe, remove the grid around the numbers of the magic 3 x 3 square and you will find what you have been seeking.”
  •  I immediately read the numbers as hundreds, and saw that 951 + 159 = 1,110; 456 + 654 = 1,110. Then I saw that any number that does not cross the center must be read in reverse with its opposite number to get this total. Thus, 492 + 618 = 1110 or 438 + 672 = 1110. Because I been reading the books of John Michell for years, I immediately knew that the perimeter around the Great Pyramid is given as 1,110 megalithic yards. I knew then and there that the Oquaga Spirit had given me the answer to my years of searching.
Musical tones come from this basic number square and is a Universal constant
What the old female spirit from the Lennie Lenope Tribe used to answers my quest for the vehicle used by our Creator in His work.

Now, how is Isaiah 45:2-3 a direct reference to the code? The chapter number, 45, totals the numbers one to nine in the square. The verse numbers 2 and 3 total the central or key number of the number square. My blogs will continue to be about the enlightenment I received by the Oquaga Spirit. The date of the poetry release will be announced.



Oquaga Spirit Speaks About Her Indian Tribe Where the Women Ruled

The Oquaga Spirit is a spiritual essence around Oquaga Lake located  on top of a mountain in Deposit, New York. The mountain range is called the Catskills; a once famous place for New York vacationers trying to escape the heat of summer. On Oquaga Lake you literally can forget about the rest on the world. Only the skies, crystal clear water and lush forests are there. The town  is called Deposit after the logs that lumberjacks deposited to be shipped down the Delaware River. We have spent over a dozen summers on the lake since 1983. I sensed that the spirit is an old female American Indian guide from the Lenni Lenope tribe. All the enlightenment, which I received by Oquaga Lake on the 3 x 3 magic square of numbers, came from this lady spirit guide.

Oquaga Lake Where  Lenni Lenape Tribe was Matrilineal

The Lenape kinship system is matrilineal.  Children belonged to their mother’s clan who gave them their social status and identity. Hereditary leadership was from the mother’s clan. Women had the power to remove anyone that they disliked. They not only managed the agriculture, but decided allotments of land by the needs of extended families. Married couples lived with the bride’s family and were able to receive help in raising their own children from the matriarch and her daughters.

Dan and Dad. Sunset at Oquaga
Poet David with son Daniel admiring sunset on Oquaga Lake. The Lenni Lenape tribe once made their home here.  Picture from The Oquaga Spirit Speaks.  The  100 or so pages of poetry were told to me on hikes through the wilderness around Oquaga Lake. She is a  female Indian spirit from the Lenni Lenape tribe.  They are a part of the Algonquin  nation. Check it out on the products page. The spirit will bring you hours of fun, solace and enjoyment. Poems and pictures will be featured in numerous blogs, one at the time. Also a second volume of the Oquaga Spirit’s  poetry is in the works. She also likes to speak in  iambic pentameter.