Mathematical Love is Found in the Golden Section

Mathematical Love is More Prevalent Than You Think

Mathematical Love is More Prevalent Than You Think. The Egyptian and Hebrew civilizations placed the mathematics of love in their buildings. However for this particular blog, I will consider how the key word expresses mathematical love with the Hebrew language.

The Hebrew verb for “Love” is  אָהַב (Ahav).  The three letter verbal root for love is spelled Alef (אָ), which is also the symbol for number 1; Hei (הַ) which is also the symbol for number  5; and Veis (ב), which is also the symbol for number 2. The Hebrew verb for love has the same factors as this ratio.  The phi of natural growth from people to galaxies uses the love numbers as  phi= (√5 + 1) / 2. This equal 1.618… to 1. The 3 factors for love and phi are the same. Here are the first few of the series. As the numbers grow by successive addition, as 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55… the larger divided by the smaller gets closer and closer to phi. Phi is an infinitely large number that cannot be reached. It is just like people. We can strive for perfection but are never quite able to reach it.

golden mean architectureJohn Lemieux/Flickr

In Hebrew, to make “love” into a noun,  the letter   “hei” is added  at the end three letter verb. Keep in mind that in Hebrew the letter on the right is the 1st letter. The language is written backwards from English. Therefore, the letter that ends the noun is on the extreme left. אַהֲבָה   Hei (הַ), like before, is also the symbol for number  5.  Thus we have another  5  to add to the 8 of the verb. 5 + 8   = 13. Look at the Fibonacci series just given above: All three: 5,8 and 13  are members of the series.

Da Vinci
Mathematical Love as phi is found on Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa

A closing note:  Phi (uppercase Φ, lowercase Greek Phi normal.svg or Greek phi Didot.svgAncient Greekϕεῖpheî[pʰé͜e]; modern Greekφιfi[fi]; English: /f/[1]) is the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet. Note, phi is the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet. It just so happens that #21 is the 8th number in the Fibonacci series. Eight is also a Fibonacci number.


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Ahav, “love”, is a Signpost that Points to Wisdom

Ahav, “love” in Hebrew, is a wisdom packed verb. Certain words are like signposts on the freeway. They can give you instructions or point you in a certain direction. I’ve already blogged about the first word of the Bible. It translates “In the beginning…..” One of the blogs talks about how, with its 3 letter root, “in the beginning”  could also mean,” in the net.” Of course, many of my blogs on DSOworks are about “number nets.” Ahav (love) is a very special word. It is spelled (right to left) with an aleph, veis and hei. These are also the symbols for numbers 1,5, and 2 respectively. These three numbers form a ratio called the “Golden Section.” This expresses a mathematical ratio that characterizes the development of life. By extension, we can say that love nurtures life. The formula is given below. As you can see, all three letters of the verb are represented by number.

Ahav is presented as a word to meditate on. Its meaning is here.
Ahav uses the factors of phi: 1,2, and 5,


Here’s an Excerpt From an Upcoming Book, Ahav: The Creed of Love (not yet published)

“Ahav” contains the following elements in its sound. It is like a Hindu or Buddhist mantra in this regard.

  1. “Ah” is the sound of love, caring, release, relief and relaxation.
  2. “Ha” is the sound of joy and laughter.
  3. “Aha” is a combination of love and joy which can manifest as laughter. “Aha” is also  a suddenly enlightening moment.  What is the outward manifestation one one who has found happiness?  Love, Laughter and joy
  4. Finally, “v” is the sound of vibration. It produces the sound that sends out these qualities of  love, laughter and enlightenment to the Universe.
  5. “Ahav” verbalizes the factors of the Golden Section given above. Thus, the mantra encourages healing and longevity.

Feel the love, joy and illumination that comes with this word. Say “Ah” at least five times when as you rise in the morning. Then read the comics or some jokes before breakfast for “ha” part. Say the combination “aha”.  Finally, vibrate it outward  by vocalizing the “V”. This shares it with the Universe.  “God is love” is the credo of every major religion. This knowledge belongs to all creeds of mankind. I learned what you have read on Oquaga Lake in Deposit, New York.There a felt an intense spiritual presence. I have just published a book of poetry called “The Oquaga Spirit Speaks.” It is now available as a product on

"Ahav" is love. This pictureis at Scott's in the Catskills. They have a sign over their door "Love is Spoken Here."
“Ahav” is the Hebrew vocalization of “the verb, “love”. The Scotts posted a sign over their lobby entrance:  “Love is Spoken Here.” My experience at their Lake House with this sign changed my life. Picture is from  Oquaga Lake.



Lovespeak as "Love is spoken" at Scott's Oquaga Lake House

Lovespeak at Scotts Oquaga Lakehouse in Deposit, NY

Lovespeak at Scotts Oquaga Lakehouse in Deposit, NY.  As you walk into their office, above the door is a sign. It reads “Love is Spoken Here.” For about 15 Summers seasons I had been the piano player at Scotts Oquaga Lake House.  We resided at Bluestone Farm, close to the lake.  It is actually near the summit of Bluestone Mountain. The mountain is a stone quarry. It provides bluestone rock for fireplaces and stone fences. When our daughter got married, we marked the place settings on flat pieces of the stone.  Incidentally, Stonehenge is built from the same substance.


As you walk into their office, above the door is a sign. It reads “Love is Spoken Here.” Here is the crux: Most of what I have been blogging about was discovered at Scotts.  The source is a female Indian spirit from the Lennie Lenape tribe. The following is the sequence of events that lead to the breakthrough:

  • That summer (1995) we experienced a terrible drought. Our well dried up. We had to move to a cottage on the wonderful lakefront.
  • While I took a brief repose, the spirit made its presence known. It spoke: “If you wish to know the secrets the past “Golden Age”, look at the 3 x 3 number square more carefully.”  My life has never been the same.
"Lovespeak is revealed at Scotts
The old Indian spirit from the Lennie Lenape tribe shared this source of ancient wisdom. Lovespeak comes from this source


I had been searching for the source of lovespeak for decades. The moment that the spirit showed me the hidden codes in the above number square, I recognized the measurements of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Then I realized one of the main reasons it was built: To demonstrate the numerous ways this mysterious number square functions. The Temple of Solomon was also measured by this code.  So were holy sites worldwide. I have already blogged about many of them. Now I ask all my readers: Are you ready for another Golden Age of peace and plenty? If the answer is yes, then heed her poetry. You can sample them on the youtube thumbnail below.  The poetry is entitled “The Oquaga Spirit Speaks.” It is available on the  as a product. The 100 page book is $2.99. Share the free thumbnail with friends. I’ve memorized every word.  The spirit is happy to come to your particular event; with me as her spokesman, of course.   -David.



Ahav and Love. The Sign Over Scott's entrance states Love is Spoken Here

“Ah”- A Most Wonderful Syllable

“Ah”- A Most Wonderful Syllable. “Ah is the sound that summarizes the world’s religions. With its sound comes release and relaxation. Hold it up to a mirror and you have: “ha”. That’s the syllable of joy and laughter. Combing “ah” and “ha” and you have “aha”. “An “aha” moment brings enlightenment: Relaxtion, joy, enlightenment…from a tiny syllable. Can the answer to life’s difficulties be resolved so easily? Yes. Finally, let’s add a vibrating “v” sound to aha. We have “ahav”. Ahav  (אָהַב) is the Hebrew verb for love. It vibrates joy, love, laughter and an enlightened atmosphere into the cosmos.Very appropriately, Rabbi Michael Monk in his Wisdom of the Hebrew Alphabet calls the “v” sound and its Hebrew double, “Beis” which is the “b” sound, the letter of blessing.

Religions that Use the “Ah” Sound to call on God

  • The Hindu “Brahma”
  • The Muslim “Allah”
  • The Christian name for Jesus, “Yashuah”
  • Buddhist “Buddah”
  • The Shinto goddess “Amaterasu”
  • Hebrew “Yahweh”
  • Zoroaster’s “Ahura-Mazda”

An Excerpt From A Treatise Inspired by the Oquaga Spirit

The sign posted over the door at the entrance of Scott’s Oquaga Lake House simply states: Love is Spoken Here. Almost of of my thoughts and ideas you are reading on these blogs came from the female, Indian spirit from the Lennie Lenope tribe. At Scott’s she made love become a reality for me as she has for multitudes of others.

I consider it the greatest honor of my life to have worked for and with the Scott family for so many years. They are wonderful people. I feel that going there is more than a vacation. It is a destination place for everyone. Come back from this pilgrammage feeling refreshed and renewed after communing with the Oquaga Spirit. This Indian spirit  from the Lennie Lenape Tribe is really there!
Related image
This seemingly insignificant song book from Scott’s has given more people more pleasure than you can ever imagine. The Oquaga Spirit goes with you on the ride. She tells you: “This celebration of music, A floating hymn of praise; will stay with all the tots into their adult days.”
Image result for Pictures from Scotts Oquaga lake House
The showboat docked at Scotts. It is best described by the Oquaga Spirit who says: “Around 9 pm the night does cast a hue around the lake and hills of velvety-navy blue.” (summer solstice scene)


Watch for The Oquaga Spirit Speaks to be available soon on as a product. Feel free to share this blog with your friends. Is this happy or what?


Our opera Octavian and Cleopatra is about the love that could have been between Octavian and Cleopatra and how he became a great ruler because of her

Love Describes Music, God and Creation


Our Music, Bodies, etc. Use the Same Numbers

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Our music, bodies, etc. use the same numbers. As Fibonacci  numbers develop by successive addition of numbers that are adjacent; man, music and even love, yes-love,  use the exact, same numbers.   When the larger number of the two in this series is divided by the adjacent smaller number; the ratio keeps getting closer to what is called the Golden Section or phi. This ratio never comes out evenly: It is 1.6180339… The Fibonacci numbers are named after an Italian mathematician.   Numbers that develop into this ratio, in order of size are: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21… The higher the numbers by successive addition,  the closer it comes to phi.

The Use of Phi in Music

The formula for the phi ratio is: square root of 5 + 1; whose total is then divided by two. The piano keyboard is set up by the Fibonacci series. We have two spacing of black keys. They are by 2’s and by 3’s for a total of 5. Taking C major as the prototype, from one “C” to the next is 8 tones on the white keys. Thus, from C to C’  in addition to the 1 octave we have, 2 black keys, then 3 black keys and 8 white keys. The total black and white keys are 13.


All tones have what’s called overtones that vibrate sympathetically with  the fundamental tone. The 1st overtone  is the octave of 8 notes. The second overtone is the 5th, Both overtones are Fibonacci numbers. Not co-incidentally, the Great Pyramid of Egypt uses the same numbers in its 5 to 8 ratio of its height to one length of the square base.


The factors of the Golden Section ( another name for phi) are 1,2 and 5 (as already described above). People have one torso, one head, two arms, two legs, five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot. We are the mathematical manifestation of the factors of phi.   Most significantly, love ties the whole system together: The Hebraic verb for love (pronounced, Ahav) uses three Hebrew letters.  Spelled out in English they are: aleph, hei and beis. Aleph is also the Hebrew symbol for 1; hei is also the symbol for 5; and beis is also the symbol for 2. What is the lesson? Life and music are all about love.